Canadian airlines will soon allow gate-to-gate electronics use


Canadians airlines will soon allow unrestricted electronics access to customers following a new ruling by Canada's Transport Minister. The move comes after the US FAA announced last year that customers can use their electronic devices during "all phases of flight."

While smartphones and cellular-enabled tablets need to be on Airplane Mode during take-off and landing, all other devices, like cameras, portable gaming systems, and laptops can be used at any stage of the flight, provided they are not transmitting or interfering with the flight's avionics. Transport Canada has stated that the use of electronic devices will be governed by individual airlines, but that each airline must "demonstrate that their aircraft are not affected by the use of the devices and that during critical phases of flight and during emergencies, all passengers are aware of and able to follow crew instructions."

Following the ruling, Canada's largest airline Air Canada announced that it was working on "finalizing measures to safely implement the new procedures," and that in addition to allowing customers to use their electronic devices, the airline is in the process of rolling out in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity. Another Canadian airline WestJet also welcomed the move and stated that it will have the necessary approval in place by "this summer."

Source: Government of Canada, Via: Engadget


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Canadian airlines will soon allow gate-to-gate electronics use


Good news but its upsetting that this change comes after US FAA approved it for US. We can think on our own.

Lufthansa allows it (in Europe) already. Makes travelling even more comfortable.
Actually I never understood why electronic devices in Airplane Mode weren't allowed before...

Because the old models of coffee makers were interfered with by cell phone signals, and would make "bad" coffee, the new models do not. 

Personally I could never tell the difference, but I'm all for better coffee, so whatever works.

Source:  I'm a Canadian who drinks coffee on airplanes.

But in Airplane Mode all mobile- and smartphones are sending less signals than an old digital watch. No reason to switch them off as long as other devices can remain on...

Anyway, it good they finally changed the regulation...

Devices were always allowed in airplane mode on the plane. This about the use of non-cellular devices being used on the plane now.

Dude everyone's waiting we know wp sales are at halt due to this issue. We know that Microsoft is working hard but don't about watsapp deva in fb inc that they cannot maintain our apps on time.

Because Schipol is an awesom airport! And Canada's airports suck (I'm Canadian so I'm allowed to say this)

I've never been to a major or even non-major Canadian airport that "sucked." I live in Calgary and have flown in and out of Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Deer Lake and St John's and not one, including Deer Lake (Gros Morne National Park) with its free wifi and rural Newfoundland charm, hasn't been much more civilized and less stressful than US counterparts that are arenas of panic and which feel more like prisons than airports.

Really, really, really looking forward to the new international terminal at YYC next year.


Well have you been to Schipol ? (thats the Netherlands not US)
And do any of the airport you mentione have:

• Beautiful colorful modern design
• Wide open spaces with designer sofas to lie on while waiting for connections
• A free library
• A museum
• Rentable Showers (so nice)
• Concession that make you want to stay in the airport for your next flight


I've been to Schiphol, and Frankfurt, Heathrow, Brussels, Hamburg and Tegel in Europe. Some are nicer than others. None can compare to Singapore for creature comforts, but I'll literally take ANY major Canadian airport over ANY American one. I also find any of Calgary, Vancouver or Montreal much more welcoming and comfortable than Frankfurt, which is bewildering, sprawling and ugly.

Toronto has showers- Van does in the maple leaf lounge, no idea about the rest of the airport. But in Canadian airports you're less likely than in eg FRA to find travellers who've gone from one 10 hour leg to a second 13 hour one (as with travellers from North America to India) so their priorities will be different. Doesn't make them better.

The new Winnipeg airport is a delight btw- gorgeous design, just stunning.

I've travelled with SAS (Scandinavia), Lufthansa, British Airways and Norwegian (air shuttle) lately - all except Norwegian allows use of electronics gate-to-gate (in Norway). Guess which airline I avoid using.

As someone who has flown many hundreds of times, I can't say that I like the idea of a few dozen laptops, etc. in the way during an emergency, on landing.

The article is wrong, only smartphones and tablets can be used at any stage of flight provided they are in airplane mode. Laptops and gaming devices still cannot be used during take off and landing.

Your ability to read is wrong. The article says "will be able to" so not right now. And if you check the sources, one of which is on the government site, you will see that the article is correct.

This is silly.
If you still have to keep your phone and tablet in "Airplane mode" during take off and landing why not keep the other devices from transmitting WIfi/cel/BlueTooth signals as well? I now which of my devices transmit (including my camera, tablets, phones, gaming system and smart watch) but not everyone does and their is NO WAY the flight attendant can know and remind users not to use these devices.

Seems simpler/safest to blanket restrict the whole thing than risk a technicall glitch in a flight. Airlines should just provide inflight systems allowing acces to internet froma locked network and ban everything else. You can get acces toa ll your files through a Cloud or a USB key. Less devices onboard also mean, less weight, les time in security lines. Travelling sans devices is also really nice as you don't have to worry about betteries, converters and getting robbed.


My 2 cents

I wonder if wearing a helmet to protect against flying devices in case of landing/take off difficulties will be allowed through security. My thought is that if your tray has to be stowed, your devices should too. I used to use the time getting to know the people I was sitting with, now I guess I'll just talk to myself and creep everyone out.