Carbon version 1.2 now live bringing gesture and video previews

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Carbon version 1.2 is now live on the Marketplace after being submitted twelve days prior. We covered what's new in this update previously, which includes video preview (on the timeline) and a new quote screen gesture (tap on a tweet with two fingers). As well as improvements made to the app (speed, performance, etc.), the team has also introduced a trial mode that wasn't present in v1.1 - this trial has limited functionality but sports no advertising.

What else has been patched in version 1.2? Check out the bug fixes and changes below:

  • Read It Later bug that failed to save links to Read It Later service
  • Timeline context menu bug
  • Camera share bug that did not select pictures from Pictures hub
  • Broken image upload
  • List Timelines on Quickline Bug where it didn’t load older Tweets when tapping on “More”
  • Minor changes & bug fixes with Live Tiles
  • Default Image service changed to Twitpic instead of Twitter(to be reverted back soon)
  • Quickline bug that did not load all of the lists
  • General cache, and storage fixes/enhancements
  • Smoother Timeline scrolling experience and faster image fetching

You can download Carbon (and the trial) from the Marketplace for $1.99.

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Reader comments

Carbon version 1.2 now live bringing gesture and video previews


Was going to give it a try, until I saw the trial limitations. Might as well neuter Twitter, never mind not even getting a taste of features that might sway me to buy the app.

Just realised my country is one of the reason of CarbonWP 1.2 release delay. So I am in US Marketplace and downloaded CarbonWP Trial and I can't find a single thing that's offensive to my country. ಠ╭╮ಠ
Anyway, how limited is the trial? So far I only found multiple account is unavailable in Trial.

Accordinig to the description, the trial does not allow multiple accounts, retweeting, favoriting a tweet, attaching images, Quickline, or direct messages.

HD7guy. If you use Twitter a lot, this is the best client by miles. Lots of users agree. Its a dollar 99. not worth not having.

It may be the best client by miles, but the trial doesn't even allow retweeting, favoriting, or direct messages. These three are basic Twitter functionality, and IMO are must-haves even in trial mode.
Carbon-specific extra goodness should at least be given some exposure in the trial. As is, I don't even get a limited chance to get hooked without throwing out some cash. Every app that I have spent as much as $5.99 on at least gave a taste of everything they had to offer in their respective trials. This app's trial doesn't even cover the basics.

I have used the twitter client on the iphone and tweetdeck on the pc.....
the ones i see on the windows phone are not functional for me.. 
I need to be alerted  when i get mentioned in a twit or when someone responds to me. ....am still yet to find twitter client with a good notification feature.
Am open to any suggestions..