Carbon for Windows Phone updated bringing filters, landscape composition and more

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The team behind Carbon for Windows Phone, the popular Twitter client which was born on webOS, has just released version 1.3 and the update has gone live on the Marketplace. This latest version is quite the update for those who were seeking landscape tweet composition, something our own Daniel Rubino also requested.

As well as the above feature, and numerous bug fixes and enhancements, the following is included in v1.3:

  • Timeline Filters/Mute for Users, Hashtags, and Services such as Foursquare, Getglue, etc…
  • Further Timeline scrolling & general performance enhancements
  • Read Later Enhancements: tap+hold on URLs in Tweet screen to save for reading later
  • Mark all Messages as Read by tap+hold on “.messages” pivot.
  • Saving to Instapaper & Read It Later now adds tweet details to saved URLs
  • Detect Images from URLs ending with .jpg .png .gif
  • Enhanced error handling with error messages along with option to Report Errors back to us
  • Added retweets to Lists timeline
  • Support for Japanese & Korean typefaces

You can download Carbon from the Marketplace for $1.99 with a free trial available.

Source: CarbonWP; thanks HD7guy for the tip!

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Reader comments

Carbon for Windows Phone updated bringing filters, landscape composition and more


Man I just bought Rowi this morning too (already own Carbon). Oh well, updated, will have to see which is best for me.

I'm not seeing the ability to use the app in Landscape mode (everything stays Portrait), or Landscape mode for composing Tweets? Is there a trick? ...and don't see a Setting to change or even lock. Anyone?
UPDATE: Got it working with a device reset, although > 1 line and the @tweeps starts to get covered up, but good addition!

Does it remember my place in the timeline when I launch it so I can scroll from oldest to newest yet?

This is a great Twitter app. Although I will never use the landscape compose feature, I understand many people wanted it.