Carbon for WP7 Twitter app finally makes it to the Marketplace

Carbon v1.1

It's been a bumpy ride for Carbon, the popular Twitter app for webOS, to make its way over to Windows Phone. We had an early build of it a few months ago and since then the app has been polished and submitted to the Marketplace. Unfortunately, it was also rejected no less than four times causing the devs to become exasperated from the process.

Now, we're pleased to tell you that not only did it pass but it is now available. The app fetches for $1.99 and it is certainly one of the nicest Twitter apps on our platform. What's even better is the developers ended up submitting version 1.1 of the app, bringing even more functionality to the mix including the uber cool "inline images in your timeline". That feature means that if there is a pic attached to the Tweet, you can (optionally) have it show up as your scrolling through, giving you a quick-peek at the content.

In addition, you have TwitLonger support, font size control, everything is pinnable, background updates, read-it-later options and more, making this chock full of features.

Carbon v1.1

We've been running v1.1 for the last few days and are very impressed with it. For those of you who are Metro-crazy, this is certainly your Twitter app as it has a very minimalist/font-centric UI design. Plus it has multiple account support which is something we need around these parts, so with that, we give Carbon a big thumbs up for Windows Phone.

We'd also like to announce that version 1.2 should be out within the next few days which features some scrolling tweaks as well as "trial" support, so hang tight if you don't want to purchase right away (though we think it's worth it).

Pick up Carbon here in the Marketplace for $1.99 and let us know in comments what you think. Check our early-video preview after the break. (Thanks for the heads up, Derek B.!)

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Reader comments

Carbon for WP7 Twitter app finally makes it to the Marketplace


Can't download. Keeps error-ing out. Anyone have success in downloading/purchasing this yet?

If so, how does this hold up in comparison to Rowi?

Rowi was great for wp7.0 but has been stale for a long while.   This is 7.5 and throws in some nifty little tricks (like double tapping to quickly reply to a tweet feels awesome)  Quickline is a nicer & quicker (if more condensed) way of accessing your lists. Struggling to pick faults at the moment. 

I'm starting to think that unofficial apps for windows phone are better than the official ones. Like 4th & Mayor, and Carbon to name a couple.

SWEET trial version in a few days! i was devasted when i realized it didn't have a trial :( im going to pick between carbon and rowi 2.0. i don't think i can go wrong with either :)

No problems downloading in the UK.  This is simply awesome, and what I bought into Windows Phone for.  If you like Twitter, dont wait for the trial, got get it.
Mehdoh - love the interface, smoothness, the link viewing - but lacking multiple accounts & lists.
Rowi - What happened?  Great start, but Mango update well overdue, scrolling has got worse, great support but they need to get an update out there fast.  Only thing I see taking it back to the top is the nest integration with MetroTwit.  I don't open it anymore, it has become a chore.
Official App - Twitter letting it rot
Carbon - Only thing missing at the moment for me is push and link viewing (like mehdoh), but push is on it's way.  Theyre also making an Android app, so hoping this doesnt slow down what they've already done here, because this really is a credit to Windows Phone
Tweet It - Its a fun client, but not really a showcase app to me.
Birdsong - Smooth & Development resumed apparently but in it's current state its missing a lot, and the tweet size is a little large for my preference.  Uses too much screen space per tweet.

I have multi accounts (twitter and Facebook) and lists working in an early release of Mehdoh 2.0, not long, hopefully :)

Awesome (apart from the Facebook bit) supposed it would be wanted by some, but I prefer to keep them seperate, and the wp7 integration is enough for me there.  Glad you haven't given up on it, competition is always needed :) and for me mehdoh and Carbon are at the head of the pack.

Forgot MoTweets, hands down its still my favorite it has everything even an imagewall of all the pictures your followers are posting

So far I am liking it a lot, by biggest issue so far, is switching accounts. 
You need to load up the Menu, that shows all of your tweets, and followers etc.... and click on your display image. I would think they could add this to a menu or something. 
I loved this app on WebOS. So I am happy to see it is on WP finally. 
Rowi had promise, but didnt have Multiple accounts, Twitters App is a Joke. Cant believe they are still using that app. 
Carbon is a keeper though. 

It's okay but the "big" font is still far too small, looks nice though. I will carry on with Twitt for the meantime purely because the latter's bigger font is far more readable.

It hasn't made it to my neck of the woods I guess but can someone tell me why it was rejected 4 times. I'd like to know before I decide to buy it.

Is this twitter client necessary on WP? Because the OS itself allows to post messages, reply and follow tweets. Is n't the official twitter client enough for searching and following some one? I am trying to understand

Support for multiple accounts, live tiles, inline photo viewing.

OS itself works great, twitter app, not the greatest, its basic functionality hinders it more then helps it.

Yes the official client is enough for just the basics. I've been using the official one for months now, and it did pretty much everything I wanted it to. The main reason I used it was because it scrolled smoothly, looked clean, and loaded fast. But carbon is simply better. If your content with the official client then you certainly dont need carbon, but I can tell you once you get used to it you can perform tasks alot faster than on the official client.

I love the app its feature rich. I can't wait for future updates to speed the app up. Its slow at times

rowi 2.0 is pretty good and its upcoming main feature, synchronization with metrotube, will be a strong feature.
Features aside, carbon feels and looks great, and its first version is most definitely replacing rowi on my phone.

Where is Rowi 2.0? I've been waiting for it months now, when they tweeted release would be soon.

May give Carbon a try when a trail is available. (Sorry, Carbon devs, I've been burned on paying for two Twitter apps, and don't plan on chancing a waste of money on a third. The trial needs to deliver in a BIG way if you want my cash.)

Meanwhile, Mehdoh is my Twitter client of choice. Current version does do multiple accounts, though not cleanly at all.

They made the release candidate available two weeks agora. I suppose it is a question of weeks before the public release.

why all those dots before the pivot names?
I find very useful those boxes with number of new tweets beside pivot names in mehdoh or the list above the pivot in birdsong.

Those dots before pivot names (like .timeline or .mentions) are just a design choice. The developer group is called "dotline", so all the apps is decorated with dots and lines ;)

What to do when Marketplace doesn't acknowledge payment? Bought this morning, confirmation email and shows in billing records with MS...but not on the web Marketplace or the device itself. Grr....

Carbon is amazing. I love it. When ever I'm doing the power twitter thing I use MoTweets but it can be slow & painful to look at at times. What Carbon lacks in utilities which isn't very much, it makes up for in great looks & ease of use. Its sleek, sexy, fast, the notifications are perfect. A must have.

Just downloaded & installed this morning. I really like it more than the twitter app, seesmic (font too small) and tweet deck (my second favorite). Its smooth, fast and intuitive. A new favorite. Add send as text and perfect!

I like it so far. It's fast on my HTC and I like the images in the timeline. BTW metro doesn't equal black. Not speaking to carbon devs specifically but diff colors would be nice. Like what Twitter did with their WP app.

Carbon is my Twitter App of choice on WebOS.  It will be my first download when I make my move to WindowsPhone... whenever Sprint get's their poopoo together and work with Nokia.

There are a lot of twitter apps out there and sometimes they can be rather confusing but this is one app that is definitely coming on scene for the Windows phones that is right on time.

This sweeeet!!! I used Carbon on my Palm Pre & Pixi, and still use it's big brother, Graphite, on my Touchpad. It's one of the best webOS apps going. I'm sure it'll make a splash here on wp7.

Just got this on my hd7 and is anyone else having issue where the phone runs really hot when using this app, plus it killed 50% of a full charge in 1 hour!!!!
it seems a decent app, but I'm still drawn to MoTweets as my twitter app of choice