Carrier IQ being used by the FBI?

Carrier IQ

If you were glad that Windows Phone doesn't have Carrier IQ on board before, you may be even happier now.The software, found on Android phones, has come under scrutiny for allegedly collecting data on users, including keystrokes, URLs and messages. Microsoft has recently denied using CIQ on any of its Windows Phones. 

Now, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request was put onto the FBI regarding what information it has on Carrier IQ and the response is a bit troubling but not exactly defining either.  In essence, the FOI request was denied on grounds that it would interfere with ongoing investigations and that it is currently being used for law enforcement purposes--the question arises though, who's being investigated Carrier IQ or citizens?


The site MuckRock, who put in the FOI (kudos), seems to think it's the latter--after all, US intelligence agencies do have a history of using outside commercial companies for data collection. In addition, MuckRock notes "...the request was specifically for documents related directly to accessing and analyzing Carrier IQ data.", which hints at something more than the company itself. Of course with the recent outcries against Carrier IQs practices, they could also themselves be under investigation too, which would be ironic.

MuckRock plans to appeal the FOI denial and hopes to get further clarification on the matter.


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Carrier IQ being used by the FBI?


I don't know why you posted this.  To be honest, just because the F.B.I. denied this F.o.I. request only means that the release of such information would interfere in a current investigation.  They are not obligated to give reasons other than that.  They are not obligated to give details.  But before everyone freaks out, ever consider that maybe, just maybe, they are tracking so-called "terrorists?"  If that's the case, then the release of this information regarding Carrier IQ and the F.B.I. would only mean that terrorists would all switch to Windows Phones.
It's a known fact that every phone call placed within, going out of, and coming into North America is monitored for keyworks in multiple languages in an attempt to locate and track high profile criminals (a.k.a. "terrorists").  Same goes with text messages after they are sent and stored on our carriers servers.  So answer me this: Why is everyone freaking out about keystroke logging?

Fourth Amendentment? Due process?  Because tracking people without a warrant, which the authorities have been doing, is illegal?

And "terrorists" is a catch all term with little meaning. Study the FBI's history like COINTELPRO to get an idea--just because you are willing to surrender  your liberty and privacy to the govenment doesn't mean we all agree.

As far as message-interception and analysis, ever hear of CASL? I used to do work for them so I know a little about intelligence gathering in the US. My advice is to not put too much faith in your governemnt. 

Well, my point, which I didn't make clear, was this happens anyways in some form or another. The world seems to thrive on conspiracy theories of the big bad governments. Personally, if there's someone out there committing a crime and the authorities can track them, Im game. People scream "privacy act" and then prance around in there pink ballerina outfits when they haven't a *bleep*ing clue to any facts. Posts such as this only give you one theory, which people make into a great big story that isn't true, thus turning the proverbial mole hill into a mountain.

But you are right though. I don't put much faith in any sort of authority, while I do respect those authorities that are in place. That faith is reserved for God himself.

Screw every minute of that. If someone is committing a crime, authorities are supposed to root them out and catch them. Not blanket the nations cell phones with root kits. Then send advocates like you into the environment to downplay our loss of privacy and belittle those who might protest this intrusion. Screw that. Not my fault that your radio and TV programming got you more scared than a 13 year old with a bad report card.

@viper_crazy, Your response makes me even more glad I posted this information. 

The collusion of business and government is the biggest threat to freedom, imo, and mobile technology could be a dangerous vehicle for that. While we surrender some privacy when using a cell phone, putting in root kits without our knowledge that can be used against citizens is not my idea of freedom.

Respecting authority has nothing to do with it, it's do you trust them with that much power?

Just look at SOPA/PIPA--this stuff is serious business and you laugh it off. Hate to say it, but...maybe pick up an Android device and move to China? I hear terrorism is pretty low there due to their government. 

Somehow Im an advocate for this stuff now? Not exactly sure how you got that idea but okay....

@Daniel Rubino:
Don't get me wrong, I don't condone what they are/were doing. There's clearly a line that's been crossed, as you have brought to our attention. However, like I said, this happens in some form or another but the only time we complain about it is when its on our devices. Why don't we whine about it when out text messages are scanned after they are sent from our device? Or our phone calls? Or anything else we may send? Or is it one of those "what we don't know doesn't hurt us" senarios? Had you not found out about this, we wouldn't be having this conversation, you probably would have gotten a better nights sleep last night, and this world would be hunky-dory.

No matter what I say, you probably won't see my point.

@Techblogger - Now who's belittling who for their opinions??? Point a finger and someone and there will be three pointing back.

In any case, this story is inconclusive. The only fact we can draw from this is one guy put in a request under the Freedom of Information Act and was denied because it would interfere with an investigation. The rest of the story as far as privacy violations is leading and based on opinion. Like you said, "...with the recent outcries against Carrier IQs practices, they could also themselves be under investigation..."

Are you niaeve or just slow. Have you ever heard of community stalkers? There a civilian group of informants with questionable intelligence and ethics level. They are utilized by the FBI across the country for surveillance methods that has turned into full blown torture and harrassment with the implemention of electronic based weapons that are miniture microwave rigles. They are capable of placing audible noise and speech into the targets mind by bypassing the canal. In effect you think your going crazy. Imagine this happening to you by idiots who our goverment has given these weapons to to use in their citizen informants duties, or gangstalking. Families are forced into homelessnessm poverty and are driven to violent acts, thus giving the FBI and other intelligence communitites a reason to beg for more funding for a situation they create. WAKE UP!! Do the research, check the patents for these weapons and visit YOU TUBEm I suggest OSI. Organized stalking informers. You are so far off base its not funny. Carrier IQ is quite dangerous and is used against you at every turn.