Carriers able to block Windows Phone software updates as they see fit

Windows Phone Updates

Paul Thurrott has revisited his Windows Phone review, specifically the part that covers the update process. Now we're all more than aware of how awful previous Windows Phone updates have been (just take a look at NoDo) for some consumers, depending on what carrier their with, but it seems as though this isn't set to change anytime soon. Carriers will be able to block updates as they see fit (unsure as for the motive to do so) and leave users high and dry without the latest version.

Thurrott previously explained that carriers could "veto" an update, which would then be automatically offered to consumers the next time a software update is released. It seems that Joe Belfiore (who provided Thurrott with said details) was incorrect, due to the fact that carriers appear to have the ability to block updates galore. As an example: both 7740 and 8107 still haven't been delivered to some consumers.

We have touched on this before, with a post on the Windows Team blog detailing that carriers could block any updates as they wished, but ultimately consumers should receive all updates pushed out by Microsoft. All in all, a real pain for consumers. Looks like we'll have to take matters back to the drawing board to plan future wars against the carriers. Are you still missing an update (or updates)? Let us know in the comments.

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Carriers able to block Windows Phone software updates as they see fit


Same here.  Two were WP updates and one was an HTC update.  Smooth process when the carriers let it happen.

you meant HTC TITAN provided by your carrier?
I have an Unlocked TItan and it has all the updates ...

@issieman - in the USA one must generally get a carrier branded phone to have access to 3G and other features, the carrier unbranded phones generally only work on 2 of the carriers, and will only work in 2g mode.

Actually thats quite sad...
you guys must get together and do something...
I feel you guys are just being ripped off 

but how to know if it is 100% unlocked? I live in Jordan (Middle East) there is no support from any carrier in here for windows phones, using a sim card other than the T-Mobile one that it came with it.

Still waiting for the 8107 on Orange UK. Their twitter support guys said they are 'working on it' but have no info on when it will be released.

I've tweeted the guys at Orange a couple of times and still no updates. I'm on 7740.16 on my OUK branded Mozart. Had it network unlocked but not the software itself, so even on A1 AT or Vodafone UK I can't get the right updates.

Just so you guys know, on my VodaFone LG Optimus I got the updates very quickly everytime they were released (within days) whether it was NoDo, the interims, or Mango - or the post Mango update.
Its one of the reasons I am reluctant to leave VodaFone.

HTC Titan here on AT&T.  no updates yet...  :/  keyboard issue not too much of an issue here, but still apparent. 

Still on 7720. ATT LG Quantum. Fortunately, I don't need any of the current updates, but they really do need to fix this update problem. It's just got to change if they want WP to be successful. It's outrageous that for some the keyboard disappears, but the carriers don't care. There should be a class action suit. Then maybe they'll care.

I'm a Quantum owner on AT&T as well. Luckily for us, LG made it very easy to de-brand our phone so we can get the updates. You don't need any additional software, everything is built into the phone to do it. Just do some online searches to find out how to unlock the MFG menu and the correct registry string to change.

Thanks for the tip! I don't need any of the currently available updates, but I might revisit this when Apollo is released!

Still waiting for last update. Every time my keyboard disappear I just wanna break my phone in my hand but huh I have to be patient=/ (T-Mobile USA/ HTC HD7)

Seems so. Interop unlocked Focus rev 1.3 still 7720. My guess is ATT doesn't wanna give us Internet Sharing.

actually upgrading to 8107 will not give you "internet sharing". it will give you an error, something like there is no data connection when you try to turn it on.i actually have to revert back to 7720 on my focus s to get my interlop and tether back. tether > occasional disappearing keyboard.

Haven't had anything since Mango, and won't be updating my phone until they come with Apollo already installed. Just in case...

Sure hope they change there policy for updates. All phones should receive them as soon as Microsoft release them. I know a few that have the key board issue. And they are going back to the IPhone.

Microsoft does not issue the firmware updates, just the operating system updates.
It is true that the mobile operators are holding things up, but the update does need to go through the OEMs also

True - but an OS update and a firware update are two totally different things.  There is no reason why Micrsoft couldn't push out Windows Phone OS updates independent of carrier firmware updates.

the reason is ms and carriers are in agreement. carrires are allow to install bloatwares and other stuffs in exchange for selling/subsidizing windows phone. pushing out update without carriers consent might bork carrier bloatwares. in turn, broke the agreement. ms needs carriers not the other way around.
i left android because ms talk big bout updating on time and no phone left behind speeches got me aka not fragmentation. i should've known better. google's oems and microsoft are in part at the mercy of the carriers and we suffer. how in the world does apple do it? how did they bend the carriers to their wills?

That's ridiculous, the iPhone locks up and freezes on a routine basis and happens much more frequent than the wp7 keyboard issue. It has only occurred twice on my focus at least 4 mos ago and all I have is the mango update

Well, my wife's iPhone 4 has yet to freeze up. My iPhone 3GS (when i owned one) froze up maybe once in a blue moon. I can tell you the keyboard on my Focus drops at least once every time I write a message.and I do alot of texting, writing in Word or commenting on websites a day. So yea, this s@&% is past the point of unacceptable

I'm with you TonyDedrick. My Focus didn't seem to have this problem until I restored the OS after putting in a new memory card. Now the keyboard issue has come about.  While I don't think it's happening to me quite as much as your are experiencing, it does happen more in some apps than others. It's verry annoying that I'm stuck on 7720 when there is a fix out there. Come on ATT get your act together!

Still waiting for the keyboard fix from TMo. Wife's HD7 indicates she's got an update available, but I haven't checked to see which one.

I've had all the updates on my Omnia 7 so far, but then again Three seem to be good supporters of WP7 so I'm glad I'm with them.

So I know they say it can't be done, but can someone explain to me why Microsoft can't push the updates through the Zune software on their own?

Or at least let us dev unlocked folks grab the update? I agree. Its getting tough to stay on WP. Tempted to jump ship soon and that's a shame.

There is no reason a developer unlocked device shouldnt be able to grab the updates from MS. How are we supposed to test our apps on real word devices when the carriers hold the update hostage. No reason they couldnt do the same thing they did for the mango update where it was available to developers ahead of the general public for testing.
For AT&T being th epremiere WP partner they seem to screw over WP every chance they get.

I've been sitting on the fence in regards to pre-ordering a non branded Lumia 800 from Dick Smiths or waiting for Telstra.
I think I'll get the non branded one now. If I didn't want to reliably get security updates I'd buy Android.

They're doing this hoping to frustrate wp7 users and hopefuls to have something negative to say about wp7 making many purchase apple or Android. The conspiracy theory has been confirmed. This is straight up ridiculous

The newer phones come with updates preloaded. Therefore, there is no anti-WP conspiracy. Either the carriers are just taking too long or they want you to get a newer device so they don't have to support the older devices anymore.

Luckily, since I flashed the NODO ROM work around on my HD7 to debrand from O2 UK, I've had all the update when they are released....

Luckily, since I flashed the NODO ROM work around on my HD7 to debrand from O2 UK, I've had all the update when they are released....

I haven't got 8107 yet on my sim unlocked Vodaphone UK Omnia 7. Looking forward to not having to fight with my keyboard.

Ah!  Yes he did make that claim on the Windows Weekly podcast.  I take what he says about Windows Phone with a grain of salt.  He is not as informed about Windows Phone as he is with other aspects of Windows and even that is changing.  Thats why he is always frustrated and complaining, because he is not in the know when it comes to Windows Phone.  If you pay more attention to the Windows Phone team, you will be more informed than listening to Paul.  I'm not being mean, its just a fact.

Yeah, I'm sure Verizon will be working real hard to get those updates out for the Trophy. Luckily I took matters into my own hands.

How did u do that, I have an HTC trophy Verizon that I'm not gonna let go of off or a droid or iphone and I would love to get security updates before Verizon gets their droid bull over with.

This is why I said F U to AT&T and updated my LG Quantum myself through the cab sender via XDA. I've been humming along on 8107 for months now.

I own a HTC HD7 on T-Mobile and my last update was the 7740, I have not received the 8107 update yet.

I have a HTC HD7 from T-Mobile in the USA, still on 7720.  Been a number of posts both on the t-mobile and htc web sites complaining about this but no reply from either company after almost 8 weeks

This is a pretty big betrayal of what was represented to us regarding how the OS would be updated.  If I need to hack around with the phone to get it current, I might as well jump to Android where I have more hardware and carrier selection.  Nice job MS.

My thoughts exactly.  If I had known the updates would be like this, I'd have gone with Android.  I've considered selling my Titan and getting an Android for a while now and with this news it seems like an even better idea.  Sigh.

Why can't they update phones directly through Zune instead of through carriers? That's a simple fix. Just submit it yourself. It is Microsoft's product after all.

AT&T Focus and Focus Flash still on 7720. I really don't understand why the carriers have so much control over an OS update. I don't have to wait on my ISP when MS puts out an update for my PC, nor do I need to wait on OEMs. They'll push there firmware updates when they're ready. It shouldn't be any different with a phone. I'm a huge supporter of MS, but this is ridiculous.

Well, I am on my 2nd Samsung Focus. 3rd Samsung phone, previous was the Captivate. Captivate was the poorest excuse for a "smart" phone I have ever known. The Focus is a different phone with new issues. Same old issue though, is AT&T initially refusing to even acknowledge the disappearing keyboard. Then, they do not how to resolve the problem, such as 8107. Then when calling Samsung, same kind of run around. The best all around phone was the HTC 8525, until I literally wore it out.

I have a Samsung Focus Flash and I am still on 7720.  I have checked via Zune and it says I have the latest version.  I was hoping the update headaches I experienced with my Captivate never getting the latest software were just related to Android.

Finally! I'm glad WPCentral took it upon themselves to publish the truth. I've been claiming (with reason) that this was the case for months, only to be told in comments that I was wrong and basically "Microsoft said it so it must be true." 8107 has been available for about 2 months, and 7740 has been available for nearly 4; yet, I and millions of customers on AT&T have received neither, for both first and second generation devices. I knew carriers could do whatever they wanted this whole time once I saw how Verizon handled the 7720 update.
But that being said, I had really hoped Apple had created a demand for something that the rest of the OS makers and hardware makers would finally get behind. Instead, they've become the exception rather than the rule. I'm truly disappointed that Google hasn't used their leverage to take control of software deployment, and make timely and uniform updates the expectation, rather than a pipedream only to be had for iPhones.
This is the Bell System all over again. If you're not familiar with Hush-A-Phone v. US, read this for a summary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hush-a-Phone_v._FCC  The real irony is that we own our phones now, yet the carriers still dictate if and when we can install updates on them. I know there's the CAB installer and other hacks on xda to install the updates manually, but that doesn't help the average smartphone user. They're experiencing bugs like the disappearing keyboard, and are still threatened by the same security concerns of a revoked cert (actually moreso, because those users are less likely to avoid dangerous websites), but the carriers don't care. Their users can suffer with bugs and use devices with known security vulnerabilities, because it's simply more important to sell another $500 phone for $50 and lock that customer in for another 2 years. So why waste months "testing" these updates, as they have been doing up until now? It's simply easier to sit silently and pretend the problems don't exist. The truly disappointing thing is that if Apple, Google, and Microsoft with their combined influence and hundreds of billions of dollars can't change the industry....who will?

It seems the time has come again for someone to take ATT to court over the unjustified update interferances. This is another one of those moments that could mean the difference between updates being a standard like with Windows on the PC and them being just a dream to lure in customers and then screw them over.
Imagine if the OEM could ban Windows PC updates, unthinkable, right? so why are we letting the Carriers ban Mobile updates?

As sad as it is, I do think only lawyers can change this now. After all, AT&T sent out an update (Mango) that caused a defect (disappearing keyboard) and refuses to fix the problem even though a fix is available. Class action.

Except, AT&T won a case in the US Supreme Court that no longer allows class action lawsuits when it comes to mobile devices.  Believe you me, I would love nothing more than to join a group suing AT&T over software updates.  Joe B needs to appologize for lying to all of us.

DVP on Tmobile w/Chevron official unlock and still missing 7740 and beyond. My whole point in unlocking it was to be off of the carrier track for updates... Shame in me. The DVP I have seems to never been branded. No logos anywhere, but still doesn't matter cause its tmo. Tmo also seems to be updating devices specifically also, 710 gets it but no one else?

8107 on unlocked LG Quantum (was Bell phone, now on Telus in Canada).  Still no internet sharing, though, which brings the third party into this complicated equation; the manufacturer.  In this case, LG hasn't updated the firmware in this phone to take advantage of available OS features. I understand that the Quantum DOES have internet sharing enabled in Australia and/or New Zealand, and that it's merely a matter of LG caring enough to distribute updated firmware elsewhere.

I still have no updates on my ATT Focus since Mango. I hope WPCentral can exert some pressure on them and continue to monitor the dreadful update situation. If Microsoft don't kick out the carriers from the update process I will not be using WP for long.
It looked so promising with the on-time Mango update, but it has gone down the hill since then.
Just because the Samsung Focus is an older device does not mean they should ignore the updates for it. I plan to use it for at least 2 more years, but if Microsoft fails on the update front, especially with WP8 update, then after I am done with the phone they won't see another cent from me.

No update for my Verizon @HTC Trophy yet either. Still running 7720. Tried the install of 7740 & 8107 in the forums but the cab installer couldn't find the phone :-(

Was hoping that situation with updates was no longer an issue but it still is. The last time I hacked my Focus to get nodo on it there was an issue that jacked the software up and no way to revert back. Had to get my phone replaced, luckly it was under warranty. Now experinceing the disappearing keyboard and being two updates behind has me considering an iPhone as my next purchase. I'm not going to run around hacking or spending more money on an unlocked phone just so I can have updates.  What puzzles me is why from day one Apple had this in the bag and  no one else has.

Original Focus on ATT and still no updates. I was really hoping that Microsoft of all people could slap some sense into Ma Bell, but it looks like the monopoly is still running strong. If I didn't love WP so much I would switch to android, but ill take a keyboard that disappears on occasion any day compared to the steaming pile that is Android

I agree, just a keyboard issue  is not enough, to swich from WP, but the lack of updates from some carriers is worying, and the fact that Microsoft does nothing about it is even more disturbing. I will definitely be watching how each carrier treats the update process on WP and if ATT does not change I will be switching to a different carrier when my contract ends.
How the WP8 update flows out will be a decider for me, but if ATT waits until then then there is no chance I will renew my contract with them, even if I have to adjust/pay more with a different carrier. For me customer service is key when deciding where to put my hard earned cash and I am willing to pay more for good support for my devices.

No updates from at&t for my titan. I know why they do not want to push updates. They could sell you a new phone that has the update and force you into another two year contract.

When this happens people need to make their voice heard with their wallets and not return/continue with a carrier that employs these types of practices.
The only reason why the carriers keep getting away with this is because many people just don't care about proper support and are just willing to throw money away on a new device even though the old one is perfectly fine. It's just wasteful and people need to realise that they don't need a new phone every year.

The reason people put up with it in the US is because they have no choice. Look at all the replies. Only T-Mobile has released any updates and only for the newer devices. T-Mobile's coverage in my area and limited hardware selection do not make it an option for me. Just think it could've been even worse if AT&T's purchase of T-Mobile had gone through. The govt did their job on this one, thank goodness.

Does seem like an awful lot of people aren't getting updates, and maybe the carriers just can't be bothered with supporting phones over a year old. lets face it, they have most of us locked in for 2 yrs so why are they going to bother if they can get away with not doing it.
Like others i was misled (in the beginning) into believing that MS would control the update process in a similar way to apple, and not the will i /wont i get it android guessing game, dependent on your manufacturer and carrier, that now seems to have developed. This is one of the reasons i went with WP7 over a year ago.
And if this is the way it will continue its one of the reasons i will go elsewhere once my contract is up.

HD7 on Tmobile. If your writing something and the keyboard goes out just go to settings/applications/background and turn your background tasks off. You can then go back to what you were writing and your keyboard will be back. You can then finish without starting over. Once you finish you can turn everything back on. I use a mifi router. It flashes every time something updates. This problem also closes some apps. If I'm reading the USA today and a background task updates it closes and sends me back to the home screen. It sucks tmobile updated the radar and not the HD7.

We all need to file petition or something to let MS know that carriers should be left out of the update process...carriers won't definitely let the update roll out... If apple could do it across three carriers in the US then MS can certainly do it too.. Since the carriers cannot customize the phone OS how hard would be to push updates via Zune.

+1 for petition; no reason why Microsoft with all their might can't force the updates, they need to stop sucking up to the damn carriers, and need to wait for the carriers to come to them begging for new devices.
In reality it seems like Microsoft might be waiting to gain a bit more market share with WP7, and maybe if they are in a better position they will make updates mandatory and automatic with WP8 (at least we can hope).

HD7s here, and no updates in sight. I too thought MS was going to offer updates independent of the carriers but that is sire not the case. Not happy about it at, Apple is doing it right and that pains me to admit.

Nothing on sprint. perhaps calling and making point that sprint has not pushed update means less than 100% phone, I'll start paying less than 100% on my bill

Honestly if this is how updates are going to be with windowsphone, why bother. I got Mango with ATT and that's been it. You never know where you stand with updates. iOS is a dated OS but I know when an update is released I'll get it.

Btw my keyboard disappeared 8 times writing this reply.

8 times? That's brutal. I don't know how you deal with that. If I had this problem I would've ditched WP7.5 and gone back to WM6.5. Tilt 2 was very good, but slow and unstable at times.

I Contacted AT&T on Update 7.10.8107.79, and apperently they are not aware of this update at all.
"I apologize for any frustration this has caused.  After reviewing your question, if there is an update for the software issue you described, we have not been informed of the update available.  If there is one released it has to be approved by AT&T to make sure that it functions correctly on our network.  I apologize but there has not been an ETA on when the software update will be released.  I apologize for any inconveniences.  If one is available in the future you will be notified of the release via text on your phone."

Could the FCC help with this?
Meaning the FCC mandates that the carriers must support all relesed devices up to 3 years and include OS updates in a timely manner that doesn't cause problems with said carrier's network and that written documentation submitted to the FCC when the carrier denies updating a device with detailed explaination on why they will not update a device's OS....
I know we all don't want government intervention but if left up to the carriers they would never update any device older than 6 months so that you have to purchase a  new phone to get the updated OS.

Doubtful. We're on our own until/if MS fixes the situation. Therefore, you should always buy a phone that meets your needs as it is and not rely on promised updates. Additionally, never install a new update immediately upon release. Let testers do it and see if any problems crop up. Wait at least 2 weeks to be safe.

I undstand getting a phone that meet my needs hence I'm stuck on an HTC Touch Pro 2 cause VZW has their head in the sand about WP...
I'm in IT so I know all to well about waiting for the dust to settle before appling updates.
My issue is that patch MS releases to fix the keyboard dissapearing is a patch the carriers will say's na, well wait for the next major release before patching meanwhile pissing of users because the carrier is too lazy to test and release the patch.

Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Tango will release in April and will be sent to all existing Windows Phones. There is light at the end of the tunnel for you poor sods with keyboard and Exchange 2003 problems!

ATT told me to contact Apple when on their "chat"..  My pointless transcript follows
Thank you for holding Mr.HB2P, I had reviewed the device log I am very sorry but we do not have any information about the release of the recent software. I would recommend you contact Apple.
HB2P: I would but this is not an Apple.. It is a Windows Phone device. The update was released by Microsoft about 1.5 months ago to the carriers.
ATT: I am sorry, contact HTC.
HB2P: from my understanding and conversation with HTC it is a carrier issue and not a phone manufacturer concern.
ATT: I as of right now we do not have any information when the release date for the latest version of the softward.
ATT: We usually get notified about a 1 week in advance.
HB2P: How does a user find out how to get their phones updated... I'm not "blaming" the service department but it seems NO ONE is accountable to the customer.
ATT: You will received a text message on when it is available.
HB2P: Until then no one knows...???
ATT: AT&T and Microsoft have released software updates for the LG Quantum, HTC Surround, Samsung Focus, and HTC HD7S with Windows Phone 7. This update will install Windows Phone 7.5 (AKA "Mango"),
HB2P: I have Mango, I'm loooking for MS's updates to it.
ATT: As of right now there is no information when it will be released.

If you are on ATT and you want the latest updates   and Rogers has your same phone  there is a debranding procedure to change your rrgistry to Rogers CA and  get the updates 7740 and 8107 and then rebrand to ATT.  Its discussed here at WPC in the forums and there was an article in the news part as well if I recall correctly!

On Rogers network in Canada. They have done an excellent job of keeping the updates coming in a timely fashion. Been on 8107 for a while now. Typically, I hear about the update being released on Engadget, WPCentral, or Mobilesyrup.com and within a few days I check Zune and the update is available.

I'm very satisfied and happy with how Rogers has supported Windows Phone updates. And so ,sorry to hear about all the delays in updates encountered with our neighbours to the south. It is definitely not Microsoft or the OEM causing the delay.

Original Samsung Focus here. Can't wait until Rogers gets the Nokia Lumia 900 LTE.

If you're in the US, unless you're on T-Mobile, you don't get JACK!  AT&T and especially Verizon and Sprint just.  don't.  care.

What kind of rigourous testing are these carriers doing? WP7 is a miminmal OS and its not like they have to do some Carrier Specific Overhall... Just some registry edits and add some Crapware...Test it out.. Boots? Check, Crapware? Check, Makes Calls? Check, SMS/MMS? Check, Data? Check.
To me that seems like a week or so amount of testing... But then again they just hold updates back to allow new phones to sale. To me if an Unbranded version gets the update then it should be avaible in a couple of days maybe a week or two for Branded ones... Not Months.
Hopefully People keep unofficial .cab updates available. 

This whole carrier controlled updates is a bunch of BS.  If it was radio firmware or something I understand the Carrier being involved, but 90%  of the time these updates have nothing to do with their network....if nothing else these updates help improve network contectivity and function.  If the Carrier doesn't want to support it fine, let the OS and phone manufacturers handle it.  They are the ones after all that get the bad rap with they mess up an update and the phone starts acting buggy.  I'm sure Verizon and other have charge-backs to the OEMs for support caused by their phone "bugs".
/end rant from sulking Verizon Trophy owner

T-Mobile (US) on an unlocked Dell Venue Pro, still sitting on the original Mango update. Since Dell has released the update for the phone, it must be the carrier blocking the last two updates.

AT&T with Surround.......STILL running 7720, and just checked for updates a couple of days ago.....hoping Verizon gets a Lumia 900 equivilant.....though they probably suck too I'm sure....

LOVE my HTC Arrive but I loathe Sprint for delaying the last two updates. Since the company has publicly said they have little interest in WinPhone, I doubt I'm getting it any time soon. Conversely, I have little interest to stay in with Sprint when my contract expires.

Stuck on 7720 on my AT&T Focus. Infurated about it, but I hate AT&T more than MS...though it's close. I'd like to be excited about the Nokia 900 but on AT&T it's a non-starter.

I am sick of this. Why doesn't Microsoft just push the updates directly to the phone like they did for the Zune? Even with the software being tested before the carriers releasing the updates there were troubles like with NoDo. If Microsoft were to push the updates to the phone, the updates could reach the consumer faster than if we had to wait for the stupid carriers to release updates and patches to fix problems.
I have a Samsung Focus 7720 ATT.

Still running 7720 on my Sprint Arrive.  I feel that they've pretty much left me for dead in teh smartphone line.

I to have been "shafted" by AT&T !! Microsoft has done their work by addressing the fix and getting it to AT&T months ago but AT&T could care less as we have no "hammer" on them to demand they comply by keeping our phone current. I have Focus nothing since Mango.
Just imagine how many customers are out there that do not know what is wrong with their phone and why it is frustating them as they are not involed in tech enough to read forums like this and just assume WP phones and Microsoft suck.I am here to tell you it is the carrier after what I went thru with multiple stores and "associates" that tried to steer me away from this great operating system that could really take off if the carriers and their staff gave a rats patuddy about the customer .

Missing updates? Hell yeah. HTC Trophy on Verizon hasn't seen 7740 or 8107 yet. I said "f 'em" and did the CAB update to 8107. Thank god I'm dev unlocked or I'd be even more pissed.

I still have not received the latest update. Tmo needs to get crap together and think of customers that pay for a service, blocking a much needed service is NOT thinking of the customer.

I have a HTC HD7 from T-Mobile with build 7720. No sign of 7740 and I didn't even kew there was a 8107 build. Is it just me or anyone else with a HD7 from T-Mobile is still waiting for those updates?

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OD VERSION - 7.10.7720.68


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