Cartoon TV is back!

Just over a week ago, several apps were mysteriously pulled from the Marketplace. One of which was Cartoon TV. While MTV Newsm Colbert Report's The Word and Kayak.com are still missing, Cartoon TV has been re-released and is now available at the Marketplace.

Even better, Cartoon TV has returned as a free app. For those not familiar, Cartoon TV streams classic cartoons to your Windows Phone such as Betty Boop, Bugs Bunny, and The Flintstones.

No telling why it was pulled but it's nice to see it back. You can download your free copy of Cartoon TV here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to David for the tip!


Reader comments

Cartoon TV is back!


Honestly, could any ad be placed worse than in this app? I'd rather pay a few bucks than feeling constantly annoyed by misplaced ads. Not to mention that the earlier release of cartoon tv had to offer different channels where you were able to watch certain cartoons (Masters of the universe for instance).

It looks like the app but under the hood they gutted it. No more on demand cartoons, which kinda defeats the purpose. An app which delivers content you have little to no control over is not as valuable as one which gives you full media control. Wish I had purchased it before it was free!

I was going to complain because it's now free, but now I' glad I got it before they made it free. My 5 year old loves all the old cartoons, he's now getting hooked on thundercats.

WOW...that ad is really annoying in the videos...I was using the trial and by the time I decided to buy it, it was already pulled from the marketplace...I agree with above, wish I got it before it was pulled and free.

I actually paid for the original Cartoon TV app and lost it due to the timing of a hard reset. This replacement is just sad. Gone are the non-live channels that let you select individual episodes of various shows. The live channels that have replaced them give you no ability to select content and streamed two ads that weren't even child-centric before playing some random cartoon I've never seen nor heard of.I understand that in this age of DCMA, licensing can be dicey, but some explanation would be nice for those of us who ponied up the cash for the original. Heck, half the reason I bought it in the first place was for Thundercats...Oh, and I'm fine with the ad on the selection screen, but to have it running overtop the live stream (that ran its own ads anyway) is just bad form.You're better off paying for SuperTube. It allows you to find what you want (within reason) and you can choose to playback several in sequence (thus negating the "continuous stream" that is suppose to be the big deal of this app).Sorry to be harsh, dev. I'm sure it's not [all] your fault, but your previous offering was much more amazing than this.

I ran into a similar problem. I sold my Focus and bought a HD7S, and the app wasnt available. No wI downloaded this app and almost made me cry with how worthless it is. I hate ads as much as the next guy, damn you microsoft!!! Why cant I save my apps to my pc like iphone can?!?!?!?!?!?!

It's odd. I still have the full paid version on my Focus and it still has all of the On-Demand videos available. Watching Bugs right now...Perhaps a second, paid "Pro" version is still on the way? Hoping...

I too kept the old version... For fear of this very thing, actually... That is why I have such a problem with uninstalling apps on my device... Luckily, this doesn't really happen THAT often... This was quite a change tho... Hopefully that paid version will come about, as my wife decided to hold off on purchasing last time, and look at what happened... She was really disappointed... With a little one on the way, at least we have 2 versions!! Haha maybe that is good!! :)

I'm so lucky (for now) that I paid for the app at the beginning and have been greatly enjoying one of my favorites, Thundercats without the bothersome ads. I mean like WOW, they really gutted this app. For shame.

I'm currently running the Mango beta. When I revert back to my saved version of Nodo so I can get the production version of Mango I'm assuming all my apps will reload.When that happens will I get the version of this app that I paid for or will it load the stripped down version?

This free version is **** Where is the version I paid for. I reset my phone and now I can't get the good version back. What happened? Where is the explanation Patrick Fain. I want my money back. How could WP Central write this article like it's a good thing?

Wow I used the 4 letter "C" word instead of the 4 letter "S" word and it gets blocked like I was swearing in the first place. Wow WP Central

I hope there is a updated pay version on the way too. I don't mind the ad, at the beginning of cartoons but the banner ad during the cartoons are very obtrusive. The previous version sounds great being able to choose what you watch would be nice.

Ugh, I was feeling sorry for everyone who didn't get the old version and, today, I derped hard and accidentally factory reset my phone... I lost the app I paid for (and The Word app). I guess it's down again, too, since I can't even find the "crappy" version.

Hmm. I never bought the paid version. Didn't check this site for a couple days so I caught this news blurb a bit late, but as of today, 07/18/11, the link to the marketplace works, but there's no download button for some reason. When I search for cartoon tv on my phone, all I get is albums. Oh well.