Celkon preparing their own entry-level Windows Phone 8.1 device for India

Celkon preparing their own entry level Windows Phone 8.1 device for August

Yet another Indian smartphone OEM has revealed plans to launch a Windows Phone 8.1 device. A representative for Celkon has confirmed the company will start selling such a product but there are few details at this point.

Y. Pradeep, the Head of Digital Management for Celkon Mobiles, claims that the Windows Phone 8.1 device will be out sometime in August and that it will sell for around 10,000 rupees, or about $184. Pradeep did not offer any information on the hardware specs for the phone.

Celkon recently entered the budget smartphone business in India with the A35K, running on Android 4.4 Kitkat with a 1 Ghz processor and priced at 2,999 rupees.

This news comes on the heels of Micromax reportedly planning to announce two Windows Phone 8.1 devices on Monday during a press event in New Dehli.

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Celkon preparing their own entry-level Windows Phone 8.1 device for India


Kitkat on 1 ghz processor... R u serious man?? Get wp celkon... Better for u n please 1 gb ram, 1.2 ghz, 4.5" lcd, and ffc even its vga.. N price 6000/- with micro sd slot... I will throw my Lumia 625 n buy urs

Me too.. My Lumia 920 really sucks.. Sensors are not working, screen has burned automatically.. Phone is out of warranty, can do nothing.. Better buy one micromax phone, better hardware and cheaper..

Micromax "better" hardware than Nokia? (~.^)
Well that's new.
P.S. - "More" doesn't necessarily mean better, if that's what you're basing it on.
If it's based on your personal experience, then cool.

Exactly! And my Lumia 820 starts peeing at passers-by, and goes plop out of my pocket and starts sending Justin Bieber images to all my contacts! And then there's the burnt screen and dysfunctional sensors of course... Such a waste of money... Just buy a micromax and be happy! Why on earth didn't I think of that when buying my phone!

Nokia phones have 2 year warranties. The 920 was released in November 2012 - which means you have at least 5 months or so of warranty.
If you honestly thing this cheap piece of tat will offer a better smartphone experience, you're a fool! The 920 has so many good things going for it...and those issues you mention are ones which Nokia have resolved and issues which they are fixing free of charge.

I bought phone just a year ago, and screen is burned automatically, suddenly sensors stop working, then what do you say about Nokia hardware? And I search it on internet lots of guys have same issue,

Dude .. do you really give out your phone number for the whole world to see like this? just PM him or something if you want help


Go to your settings, and change your Language into English-US and your Region to United States. You will get Cortana afterwards.

Settings> Language > tap and hold English (united states) > move up.
Repeat that last step till English US is on the top of the list.
Now tapping the search button should bring up cortOna ;)

They make cheap-ass phones to sell to people who want to look cool by showing off the big-ass screens and to those who want everthing in a minimum price. Micromax, karbonn, lava, xolo and all these OEMs just want to sell products with bare minimum quality..

One of my friend used a Celkon mobile which was priced at ₹ 6999 an Android smartphone it was ! Believe me no one who wants a better product will ever opt for it twice ! Many OEMS are coming forward it may or maynt make WP platform more competitive but it will now going into masses for sure ! Hope it will bring developers more into our ecosystem !

And here starts the androidization of WP... These companies must be thinking android is saturated with OEMs... Nokia Lumia is quite famous with the youth here... Lets make an early entry into WP land and make some money... lets make some shitty phones and keep them cheap...

This. Especially now since licence fee are removed.

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Nokia, micromax,karbonn,lava,HTC , Samsung and nw celkon . This should seriously make a WP platform to 10% in India. It has only 4% market share currently

Wow! Congratulations India for having good thinking businessmens. Our "pretending" local brands are making phones only with Android OS, and racing to make octa-cores phones with some other useless hardwares.

You cannot get Windows 8.1 in your Lumia 920. You can update your phone to Windows Phone 8.1 through Developer Preview program as Windows Phone 8.1 has NOT yet launched in India. Welcome to WPCentral, thank you.

Just cannot understand why these people are doing this...going on giving every crap phone company the OS. This was an OS that could have easily reached ios standards....but before that they are spreading it like android....nd will make WP OS a common, cheap OS which is available almost everywhere while apple stays in the premium segment
...who wants a phone that is common.....nd with micromax and xolo launching wp...i better throw my Lumia away and get an iphone....atleast it makes a statement.....hate Microsoft for doing this...nd wondering what kind of people working there are doing all these kinds of things

No wonder people says...the best people works at apple....while the usless idiots like these get into companies like Microsoft...and will have lame execuses for doing things like this....eg:it will make the is be everywhere...immagine a world where only windows is the OS used by every gadgets......dumb ********* they are destroying such a good OS......beautiful...smooth....different from others...nd which has a capability to develope so much....just think....its different from android and ios...which has the same booring icons nd ugly menu screens and same old stuff nd almost identical....but the windows OS....those live tiles...i still wonder who's brain got such an idea....something so beautiful...yet functional.....in android nd ios...the maximum they can change is the colour or some small features.....the rest all will look the same whatever they try to do. Just not able to stand and look when the windows phone OS is being degraded. Such a great idea made into cheap phones. Cortana being given to IOS and android..if they are going around giving is to the cheap companies why did MS buy Nokia...it was going around fine selling lumias.....idiots.....