Check out all the vines in the world with Viner, now available on Windows Phone

Viner Windows Phone

We're still yet to receive an official app from Vine (www.vine.co), but that hasn't stopped resident Windows Phone developers from crafting intuitive third-party solutions. We took a quick sneak peek at Viner by Philippe Maes the last week and the app is now available on the store for everyone with a Windows Phone 8 handset to download and enjoy.

So what can one do with Viner? It provides you the ability to register, view your personal timeline, search for and follow your friends, like or comment on their posts, view their Vines and likes, change your settings or view your own likes, find the coolest vines with the Editor's Picks and Popular Now, and more. The one thing it doesn’t do though, is allow you create and post new Vines. Blame Vine for that (much like Instagram).

Here's a quick look at the app itself:

Be sure to head on over and check out the well-designed app. You can download Viner from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 (Windows Phone 8 only)

QR: Viner


Reader comments

Check out all the vines in the world with Viner, now available on Windows Phone


Got the trial version for a starter, will probabl end up buying it soon!
The Videos tend to warp when scrolling down on the app.

tried logging in but it says "login failed please check your internet connection and try again"  I tried a few times and nothing (also used my wifes vine acct and still nothing... and yes my internet connection is working both wifi and LTE
created a new account and it logged me in then I went back to home menu tried the app again and asked for login info again and got the same message????

Yes you have to give your email address, sorry about that.
I just submitted an update and now it displays "email" instead of "username". You can also reset your password now. Should be in the store in 24 hours.

Follow him on Twitter ;)
And no, for the time being, only WP8 although he intends to release a WP7 later.

every one says intended to  release a wp7.x version but i dont really see them releasing anything for wp7.x

Created a new account and signed out and then wouldn't let me login without using my email. Finally got my profile to save too. Any idea how to add a profile picture?

Seems like when you register via Viner, it's not using an actual Vine account. (At least, that's what it looks like to me.) I created a Vine account on my iPad, then tried to sign in to that account from Viner. That didn't work. Viner then let me register an account with the same username I used to create a new account on my iPad. It's like there's a disconnect between what happens in the offical Vine iOS app and what's happening in Viner.

I think the problem is that you need to enter your email instead of username when you login, sorry about that. I submitted an update today that changes "username" to "email". You can now also reset your password. I hope you enjoy the app!

Ok now I completely gave up on 7.8 vetting new apps. I'm gonna have to dish out more money that I don't have even though phone is in perfect condition. I bet iPhone 4s' get IOS7... I won't leave Microsoft though they'll improve sooner or later

I had to go to my Vine on my iPad and reset the password. I think when you join via twitter it pulls your email address and gives you a random key as a poassword. After resetting, I was able to login with email and new pass. Not sure if that is 100% ture for everyone but it worked perfectly for me after a few minutes of being really frusterated.

If u sign up through twitter or Facebook on ur iphone or iPad go into ur settings and set a email and a password and it works great

FYI I'm beta testing 6sec...and it completely destroys this app. You guys should be very excited. It'll be worth the wait.

Well he hasn't given much of an idea. But this first beta is very functional. Haven't come across any bugs (yet). Rudy has done a great job. Video recording is implemented and works very well buy the upload feature isn't working yet (he says that beta will be up tonight though). I don't imagine this will be in beta for too long though.

Well, Rudy says on his twitter that the problem is there is no API to import video in 7.8. So he will make a viewer for wp7 once the wp8 app is done.