Check out latests UK movie screenings and offers with EE Film for Windows Phone

EE Film

UK mobile operator EE has released EE Film for Windows Phone and it's absolutely stunning. We don't tend to have many apps from the UK networks, but this is a given considering Orange (which is owned by EE) offers subscribers the opportunity to check latest movies in participating cinemas at a discounted price each and every Wednesday, coupled with other goodies. 

Speaking of which, this is exactly what the EE Film app is for. Should you enjoy checking out the latest titles and take full advantage of the Orange / 4GEE Wednesday 2-for-1 deal, then you'll definitely need to have this app installed on your Windows Phone.

Trailers and local cinema information can be pulled and displayed. As well as movies and screenings, EE Film also lets users play films rented from the service while on the move. Just make sure your data plan (or substitute WiFi connection) has ample allowance for such content to be streamed. Luckily the app does sport offline playback, enabling the user to download the film before heading out.

EE Film App

Locating nearby cinemas is pretty straightforward and films are listed with screening times and convenient access to the Wednesday deal. As noted above, it's well worth checking out if you're a film buff.

As much as we'd love to continue bashing EE for obscene pricing and awful data limits on its data plans, the Film app for Windows Phone is stunning. Functionality is sound and provides enough features to get involved with the latest screenings and receiving 2-for-1 coupons. What's more is that you don't have to be an EE subscriber to be able to download the app. It's available for all Windows Phones.

You can download EE Film for free from the Windows Phone Store (listed as Windows Phone 8 only). Thanks, Kevin, for the tip!

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Check out latests UK movie screenings and offers with EE Film for Windows Phone


How so??
I have nothing but praise for them to be honest...

Quick and easy to switch to them from Orange, and they also brought over my Localty rewards from Orange too to with a constant 15% discount to my bill.
Never had any signal problems and by bill comes out spot on every single time...
What more could I ask for? haha

Its not really bringing anything over. EE are essentially Orange, its T-Mo customers who may suffer issues as EE systems have been known to not like T-Mo's. Even EE customer service/twitter can help Orange customers but not T-Mo. It seems that T are being left behind and Orange assimilated to the new brand.
Horrific company though. Turned off the T masts in Northern Ireland, and the Orange one in my town - leaving my parents with no signal. In Manchester they begun siphoning off 3G in preparation for 4G and over subscribed the network so less frequencies and more customers - doesn't take a mathematician to figure out customers are then denied service/connection as the network cant handle it. I left for Vodafone, and eventually talked my parents over, best network coverage in any region we use them in - but Vodafone do still have problems and they get angry calls from me but at least I can call them to be angry - not Orange, could hardly call or send messages on time.

This will be hilarious to see people download the ap, rent a few films and get screwed over when they run out of data... Three unlimited internet ftw. EE, you fail!

Wrong & wrong. I switched from 3 to EE to get 4g. Been well impressed with the service and network speeds. Plus any thing downloaded from EE film doesn't count towards your data cap.

I moved from unlimited 3 and I have no complaints as it's always on 4G. The only part part about EE film is when you first had your windows phone you could rent a film for the price of a text but the app wasn't out.

I do 80GB per month on Three, tethering and what not, how much would that cost on EE? Oh wait now, theyd cut you off... Plus half the network is still 2G lol, anywhere that doesn't have a high populous is shocking, three on the other hand is minimum 3G everywhere, and no premium charges when they launch 4G (not that they need it since half their network is 42Mbps HSDPA2+DC).

I'm afraid you're wrong for some of what you said there, MattLFC.

"Three on the other hand is minimum 3G everywhere"

That is incorrect. Since 2006 Three has used the Orange network as a carrier partner (the Orange network still exists, just rebranded to EE, like T-Mobile's). This also includes GPRS and EDGE as well. While this is slowly being remoed as Three believe the coverage is significant, there are many rural areas where you would get no Three coverage at all. Take the town of Bickleigh in Devon, for example. "Why is this significant, it's only a little village?" you may ask. It's a major commuter link between one of the largest towns and the Devon's capital city.

...and no premium charges when they launch 4G (not that they need it since half their network is 42Mbps HSDPA2+DC).

Their network is not 42Mbit on DC-HSDPA+. That is what is potentially possible, however it's actual speeds are much lower, usually between 20-25Mbit in the real world. Which, still, is pretty decent and can certainly compete with 4G without the extra cost. Maybe Three will be my next network? We'll see.

I do 80GB per month on Three, tethering and what not, how much would that cost on EE? Oh wait now, theyd cut you off...


A friend of mine keeps getting cut off after 1.5GB with Three 'unlimited' due to their fair usage policy. I've also had first hand experience with the dredded Three customer service when attempting to upgrade my mothers BB to a Lumia 610. Firstly, I was told that she would be better of with an Android device as WP is complicated and that the 610 was an old device compared to the GS3 Mini (it had only been out a week)! After putting them straight she got the phone and was told to wait 24hrs for the SIM to be activated. Days went by with numerous phone calls and promises. This dragged on for a WEEK! Three are a disaster, IMO. They're cheap, yes, but Id rather pay for what I get. On that note, EE have been nothing but pretty awesome, it has to be said. I am on my third 920 and each time, they apologised for the inconvenience and sent out a replacement - immediately. Also, I have never seen anything below 3g+ since moving to EE. Just my experience with the two service providers. . .

Wow. Didn't expect EE to bring this to WP any time soon! Awesome. Great to see the ability to download a film to view offline and I'm impressed they designed this for WP and it's not just ported over from iOS/Android.

Ee does suck pretty bad. They touted this ee film thing at the beginning of my contract and its only become available half way through it. The prices are shocking, they sent me the wrong colour 920, such a delay to get the right one i ended up keeping it out of frustration, their charges for 0845 numbers and 0800 numbers verge on the obscene and 4G coverage in London barely makes up for how insanely slow their 3G becomes there. I have to go to shepherds bush a lot and, out in the sticks, 3g is fine. There, because each cell is rammed, i have to switch to 4G simply to return to 3G like performance.

And ultimately the argument is still the old one. What the hell is the point of broadband speeds when you cant do broadband things (stream tv for example) because of the data cap?

Greedy bunch of so and sos

Justifying my first post.
EE charged me three times for Early Upgrade from Orange. 2 of them on the same Bill, the same item!
EE consistently failed to accurately record the amount of data I used. Resetting each month to start at 2gb.
Claimed that my L920 was using 4x the Data that my 7pro used on Orange. Despite having the same Apps installed. Then when that was pointed out, claimed that it was because 4g uses more data than 3g because it's faster! Apparently this illogical bit of crap is in fact true, to a small amount, however its still bollocks because 4g was switched off on the phone.
Still don't support WP properly despite bagging exclusivity for the white L920. No MyEE app. Insurance doesn't reflect that the "clone phone" part is totally irrelevant to the platform.
Speaking of insurance, they sold me a package that was for Loss, Damage, Warranty only. Then when I tried to claim, said that the package didn't exist.
Never managed to send one thing through the post, despite repeated requests for paper bills.
When I asked for a PAC to leave (which they did grant, the only good thing they ever managed) they refused to issue it untill they got the handset back. But the bag that they sent repeatedly failed arrive. See thing about post above. Was told to take handset to a shop. They refused to accept it. 3 weeks later, managed to get out of contract.
I had been with Orange for 15+ years without complaint of any sort. Forced to move to EE to get the phone I wanted. I will never go back.

My parents were with Orange for 11 years and I was for 9. They have the stupid Indian call centre and even tried to debt collect on me after they gave me my PAC code (account must be in good standing to receive) and said my line continued for another 6 months - lies as my sim registered Vodafone and I was billed by them.
Was always happy with Orange, until the merger.

About time. Been with EE from the start. No problems at all, apart from the complete lack of EE WP8 apps to be able to use the extra goodies that are included in your account. Clone phone for example. A great start, just 6 months late!

This looks like a good app. Im on Orange/EE and it allows me to pay by adding it onto my phone bill. Perfect. I don't often pay for films and until LoveFilm make an app I will definitely use this if im travelling or something.

AT&T sounds like something out of star wars lol
It use to be two separate companies 'Orange' & 'T-mobile'. Now they have joined forces to make EE (everything everywhere). However both Orange and Tmobile still separately exsist but under the EE umbrella (phew)

EE are a bunch of greedy sods like O2 and Vodafone. How many GB a month? And on 4G too they don't give people enough. I'm sticking with my unlimited internet for £32 a month. Been with EE they do suck and they are ripping off there customers. Wait until the other operators bring out 4G and watch EE bring there costs down.

I'm seeing alot of people complaining about data here so this is my input...I'm on T-Mobile (EE) I have a fair use policy of 250MB (I'm on a real cheap contract) however when I exceed this I am still able to do basic browsing & E-Mail for an unlimited amount (I have also read the terms & conditions, this doesn't mention a limit, if there is an undocumented limit I have never reached I but since they don't allow us to monitor our usage & that my contract doesn't specify a limit I would contest this if they did cut me off.
So from my experience, I have never had any problems with T-Mobile over the past 9 years that I have been with them, even with this EE take over; I don't know about EE & Orange but by the sounds of it you should have have read the T&C's before signing the contract =)

Think a EE app that can tell you the data usage and details on your bill, price plan etc is more important than this.. Get your priority's straight.....