Check out Microsoft YouthSpark Summer Camps for 2013

MSFT YouthSpark

Microsoft is offering classes for the younger generations to get started with technology. The YouthSpark Summer Camps will take place at Microsoft Stores in the US and will begin in June. If you head on over to the main hub, one can manipulate the calendar search on the store results page to view availability and more.

So what's on offer at these camps for kids? Those aged 8–13 will be able to dive into the following:

  • Digital Movie Madness
  • Storyteller Studio
  • Digital Art Smarts
  • Game masters
  • Game App

The camps are free so long as the parents and  / or guardians remain in-store throughout the duration of each class. For more information on the above and the program in general, be sure to head on over to Microsoft's website.

Source: Microsoft; thanks, Arun3, for the tip!


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Check out Microsoft YouthSpark Summer Camps for 2013


I have no clue, but usually these things are for meeting other like-minded individuals, It would be a great place for him to meet other developers that are his age. Besides, there is always the off chance that he may learn something.

He always loved computers in general, he used to build Windows Forms apps (Very basic web browsers and such using IE engine) and play ROBLOX, a lego like game but where you can script the legos to do things. He is finally serious enough to start making some real money, I showed him WP8 and W8's SDK as I thought it would be easy for him as he already knew some VB and C#.

There's a book called "Hello World! - Computer Programming for Kids and other Beginners", by Warren Sande, published by Manning. Search for the PDF.

I was at the opening of the one in Orlando. The apple store was noticeably empty that day and the other few times I've been back there

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My 10 year-old daughter has a real interest in this, but unfortunately there are no camps scheduled for the San Diego, CA store.  I'm not sure why.  I believe that San Diego is the 2nd largest city in California, so you would think that would justify offering this.

Pretty sure I'll leave with a Surface if I bring my children to this. Sounds very fun but I will have to call as one of my boys is actually 7 - hopefully they'll allow him in.