Check out the new Live Tile for the Windows Phone Store

Windows Phone 8.1 Update has numerous new features in it, with many being under the hood changes for phone manufacturers. One of the more interesting changes though is long outstanding: a Live Tile for the Windows Phone Store.

System apps typically do not have flipping Live Tiles, which is maybe why the Store and Xbox Music apps did not have them. Both of those are changing with Update 1 as the Store Tile now flips to reveal new apps and deals, and the Xbox Music app update (due in the coming weeks), also brings a long awaited Live Tile.

By default, the Store Live Tile is enabled although if yours is not working, you may want to try to toggle it off and then on again. To find the settings:

  • Open Store app
  • Tap ellipsis '…' near the bottom
  • Settings
  • Scroll down to Live Tile

As you can see, there are two options, including on or off and 'Only update Live Tile over Wi-Fi,' which is an excellent bonus.

The Live Tile should update itself every six hours.

The Live Tile itself is very nice as it rotates through three stages:

Default Store icon > App Name > App graphic

The app rotates through three apps or games before starting a new set, keeping the content fresh.

Although having a Live Tile to the Store is not groundbreaking, heck if anything, it is overdue, it is nice finally to have it on board Windows Phone 8.1 Update!


Reader comments

Check out the new Live Tile for the Windows Phone Store


Loving this update, loads of tweaks and surprises. One of mine was after the update I've gained about 500mb in storage space.

Drop one of your existing tiles on top of another and it will ask you to name the folder once you name it and click elsewhere, you can then press the new folder and it will expand to show the tiles you put inside to add more just drag and drop on the folder...

I don't know there were 2 updates.. Now I'm downloading second one to get live folders.. Thanks for the reply tho. ;)

Yeah a bit of lag when u make changes to live folder... Scrolling gives lag.. But after u do the changes, restart ur fine m u will b fine

Daniel son Rubino,
How about building the forum into your app... Lol
Question, then I'll stop...
Where do I find the live folder thing

Ok mr know it all, explain why only cyan phones, 625/925 cant install it, and why i could install all preview updates just fine before cyan, but both updates since cyan fail with the same error? Explain that then jump down off ur own box

What is the error you are getting? I first got an error saying it cannot be downoladed at the moment, but I kept pressing that check for updates button. Got it installed a few hours ago. 

8018830f It downloads, prepares to install, reaches 16% then fails saying the update can not be opened, happening to many others running Cyan, Joes twitter is flooded with errors

Some how I make it work.. Just go to language and tap on any other language you are familiar with.. Restart your phone and install the update again

It worked for me, bro try again.. I used Dutch..I forgot there were two updates and I changed my language after the first update, then I get the same error again for the second one, now using bhasa Indonesia

Same problem each time, i only speak English so am.limited to English speaking languages, tried Canada and USA, same error on each

You cant download language? Even I don't know Dutch but somehow I figured out where is the update option in settings.. "Handyupdate" try this..

I got the same error again now with bhasa Indonesia :/ trying again with Deutsch.. I think its a bug, just try again and again everytime cause I did my first update with this..

Holy smokes, I think its working, using Dutch the update failed again, but immediately after it failed, a new smaller update arrived and looks like this one is working, thanks, I`ll let you know if I get the full update 1 when its done :)

It failed again with dutch.. I guess its a bug with cyan users, try playing with language and region settings and it'll work, it depends on luck :/ Try switching region to India and language to Dutch.. I hope it'll work for ya

Actually after the update failed, a new update arrived, only small but this one worked, no changes to OS or Firmware but checking for update 1 again now

So it looks like main update needed smaller update first, and UK language possibily is not allowing that small update, either that or constant rebooting the phone is fixing it

No way.. It took a long time to download that, it was not a language pack update for me.. Anyway, Microsoft is working on that. Let see.

Ok, looks like I got it working, had to use Nokias recovery tool to downgrade to WP8.0 Black, then let it officially update to WP8.1 Cyan, once that was done, I installed the Dev Preview App, and now my phone is updating to 12400, the one that had the bitlocker issue - Looks like the downgrade and official update to Cyan and 8,1 has fixed it

Here is what I found on the web.

  1. install Lumia Updates from Store;
  2. update and/or install:  Accessories, Accesspoint, Audio, Display + Touch, Extras + Info, Feedback to Nokia, Network+, Nokia Account and  Storage Check (I think only this one is needed);
  3. go to settings > storage check (not phone storage) > slide to page 2 (Details) > Temporary Files (mine had about 130 megs, probably from the failed downloaded firmware) > Clear (now you should have around 6 megs);
  4. go to settings > phone updates > check for updates > follow the on-screen instructions > in about 30 minutes it should finish.

If that doesn't work then performing a backup, and use the Nokia software recovery tool.  Good luck

Thanks, already tried all of that apart from the recovery tool, and not even sure if that will fix it if Cyan is causing the problem because Cyan is available for my phone and will likely just update to it again first

Only Cyan phones? What about every HTC phone, on which the update doesn't even appear? If 8.1.1 is installed properly on even one phone with Cyan (and it's working for plenty), then Cyan isn't the problem.


So you called MS n00bs, when you probably cannot create a batch file, let alone code.

You called MS n00bs, even though you were wrong.

Then just for good measure, you insult Daniel and call him names.

You are a very special human.


MS Are n00bs, why would people have to piss on changing languages to get the update to work otherwise? And no I called no-one any names other than what they called me, if anyone is 'special' it is people like you

lmao, do some research and educate yourself before posting incorrect rubbish, I think you'll find the 'dev preview' MS push out is the official version, douche - MSs way of bypassing carriers long winded update process - educate yourself before looking stupid

You called Daniel and I quote: "Mr Know it All". You are very juvenile in your langauge and your actions. Over a dozen posts of this thread. You refer to a large company as N00bs. You have much maturing and growing up to do.

Installed on my 920 with no issues. I've been with WP since it came out (and WM before that) and i've never had an issue with any update. So, i always just assume that people who post thsi kind of stuff either really messed up their phones somehow or something... :/.

Wow. I'm sorry but a ton the writers /journalist have been completely unprofessional the past few weeks. First Sam declaring he hates all the people on this site and now this. The guy was having an issue and was frustrated. Fine. But to have a "professional" from this site come on to the comments section and take jabs at him is ridiculous. Sorry; love the site, love the news, but they may need to start showing people the door and get some level headed true-professionals in here.

Toggled a second time and OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SNAP!!!! Live Store Tile. Yesssssssssssssssssssss!

Mine neither. The feature is there in the settings but nothing's happening.

// UPDATE: I turned the live tile off in the settings, then on again, and now it's working.

Why i am not getting the update i tried 10 time but nothing happen. And my 900 MB internrt also gone

Yah i know i am using wifi but you tell me that 1.08 GB phone update is less. Its showing in data sense ! I try more then 10 times !

Still no live tile for my store tile , I tried to toggle off/on the setting and to reboot the phone to solve the problem , but still nothing... :/

Well, that's good news. Doesn't help that our phones are on the same metered plan as our HomeFusion.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App on Andriod

xbox music update in the coming weeks? We should've gotten an update last week right? I was thinking the update was this week (only a week late). Are you saying you know it's more?

It should work on HTC too and on every windows phone service , this is not Nokia (Microsoft mobile ) exclusive ...

Just amazed to see the space it saved and still confused where did it go, and there is no more resuming as of now. And the rest are konwn to all and still discovering +720

Live tile ain't working for me either. Have toggled it on/off, as well as un/re-pinned. Maybe it takes a while for it to show up but hasn't moved for me.

Cheers Dan. I re-booted but it hasn't changed anything. I'll just give it time. It's no biggie anyway.
Btw, do you know if the first update today was a fix for the bitlocker issue?

Change location to US -> reboot and activate live tile -> Switch back to your own location



@daniel rubino Is this update include fix for dev preview?cyan issue will wp8.1 update 1 dev preview user will get cyan without downgrading to wp8???

I think it was clear from wpcentral guide to WP8.1 update 1 that this won't fix the cyan issue for DP. also Joe's tweet confirms that you don't need cyan to get update 1 so reading between the tweet means this update doesn't fix the cyan issue for DP. 

Do I need wifi to download these windows phone 8.1 update 1. Or they can be updated using my phone internet connection...

Dan you need a vacation man, you seem on edge. We appreciate your efforts and keep up the good work. Your articles are always informative and useful.

i noticed that the tile flips to show the name of the app, and then an image of the app slides up (a la Windows 8 tiles).  i don't believe i've ever seen this on Windows Phone, has anyone else??

Pretty cool for the US, but in Canada the store almost never gets updated so we'll probably always get the same 3-4 apps as on Windows 8. I saw the difference when I changed my region on my phone to US to access Cortana. The US store is featuring new apps everyday!! In Canada the store almost never changes so if you want to find new apps you have to search online.

For those having problem with live tile for store, just go to store settings and check for updates manually. Go back to start screen. It worked for me atleast (Lumia 920)

Toggled it a few times, restarted the device, switched on/off the only on wifi option. No luck, it just doesn't work!

Same here

Changed my region to US and its sill no go.


Oh well no biggie.

I use the small tile anyway but it would have been nice to see the medium tile flip over.

I'm waiting for the WP 8 live tile for Xbox Music that shows current music playing to be alive at all times. This would be an amazing live tile to have at all times. Shows last artist playing and current artist playing.

Because we can't resist shiny spinny things! Apparently...But that's exactly my thoughts too..

Got the livetile working by switching to the US then,toggling the livetile on/off in Store and then it seemed to work... Then switch it back to your own region and in my case, all is good!

I took a gamble in investing in a Windows Phonne a couple years ago.  I knew it was a work in progress, but with the uniqness in the Metro UI and particulary the live tiles I knew that this was something very special espcially for the Windows Phone. 

I carry a iPhone work phone and my personal Windows Phone Lumia 810. With this latest update, I am convinced that this is the superior OS, well beyond a iPhone, and quite comparable to Android, if not better in a lot of respects.

Not working for me on L620, 8.1 Dev Pre, Black GDR1, turned on/off/on in settings. Maybe it will 'go live' eventually - or not.

The Live Tile for the Store doesn't work on my 1520 in the UK either, but so what? The rest of the update is nice!!!!

Got it working now. As Gramsems said. Change region to U.S. Restart. Toggle Live Tile settings.

Should now work. Change back to own region and restart... Done!!! Nice one!!!

On my Lumia 925 it says that the updates have been downloaded but cannot be opened with some error code! Anyone else facing this?

I'm not seeing that.  I AM seeing that it completely hosed the Photo live tile.  Now it's showing pictures I don't even have on my device instead of Favorites (which is what is configured in my settings).  So far, I hate this update.  I'm glad I only did it on my backup device and not my primary.

Go into settings in the Photo App, set it to all photos, close the app, open it again, go back to the settings and change it back. It'll display right. 

Nice to see Microsoft starting to get the little things right again. Have they brought back the banner image in the store as well?

Cool.  Except I turned the live tile off on mine.  Having it flip through apps makes the tile unrecognizable as the store.  I'd rather have the store app look like a store app.  

tried all the suggestions with exception of switching region. I am already on US. Store tile is not live. Ah well. I give up for now. L920

replying to my own message. I had 8.1 HD Tiles installed and the Store tile pinned via that. No wonder it's not working as advertised. Guess many others fell for that as well....

Unpinned, repinned and working now.

Installed in my L720 but no live tile for Store at all. Someone else with the same problem? I tried turning the live tile off and on but it didn't work

My live tile for the store isn't working...though i have started the live tile function and gives the permission to run even in battery saver mode..
I'M stuck....what to do...please help me..i'm using L 920

Not working for me on my 930 here in the UK. Tried all the usual things as well.

I've also got the same issue others mentioned about the Photos tile showng random Microsoft images instead of my favourites that I have it set to.