Check out Windows Weekly 375 for some exciting discussion about Windows Phone and more

Yesterday I was lucky enough again to guest on Windows Weekly, usually hosted by Paul Thurrott, who is on vacation this week, and Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet.

In case you missed the live broadcast, you can now watch the entire show through the Windows Phone 8.1 podcast app or on YouTube if you are at your PC.

Yesterday's topics ranged from the rumored new HTC Windows Phone, to those new Lumias expected next month and some bits on Xbox and Threshold. In addition, you get Mary Jo's famous beer pick of the week!

Overall, it is a fun time, even if Leo's Lumia 1520 eventually became DOA when he tried to roll it back (sorry, Leo!).

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Check out Windows Weekly 375 for some exciting discussion about Windows Phone and more


Sad to see that Leo's 1520 broke. He was already dissing Windows Phone in general about a week ago on another show. This probably hasn't helped his opinion. Shame on you, Daniel! :p

Well rolling back is the official Microsoft position so if he's even less keen on WP after that cant say I blame him!

Doesn't make any difference. Leo hates Windows and Microsoft. Just listen to him on the other shows. He totally loathes Windows 8 and says that no one wants it...
Then on Windows Weekly he plays nice guy and pretends to like WP and Windows.
Pathetic. Only reason to listen to Windows Weekly are Paul and MJ. They are at least not changing their opinions depending on the circumstances!

I would too, I was about to watch it but I can't stand friggin ads and American's do love their ads. Must be a cultural thing.

When I went to Spain, I saw even more ads than in America. (At a school I was visiting) It could be an infected computer, but the amount of popups when they were using (chrome or Firefox) was just incredible.

yea but did you know show's made for Irish and UK tv is 50 minutes long when the US runs shows at 41-45... a half hour show in the US is actually 19-21 min... thats just insane...

Nobody would deny the necessity of ads, regardless of how much we may hate them. But it's the quantity, a few ads during a break is fair enough but when an hour's worth of TV is filled with 20 mins of adverts, that is frakking ridiculous.  When I was in the US, TV was basically unwatchable, any programme requiring a degree of attention was impossible because of constant breaks - it can ruin a story, especially dramas requiring a build-up of tension.

The ads in that first minute of the podcast were like a parody of ads that you would see on the Simpsons or something, pure crazyness.  It may appear normal for Americans, but most of Earth is not America lol, and to us it's just madness out of control.  Commercial anarchy.

I really enjoyed this show when Daniel was on it before. And its just as awesome now. Cool to see all the windows people in one place!

What case is that for the green L1520?


I don't think I will get one but if one is ever tempting would be a clear one.

Leo didn't quite get the "no such thing as a British accent" thing. It's not that Brits don't think we have an accent when we speak, which is how Leo understood it. It's that there is no one single British accent. Not even one single English, or Scottish, or Irish accent. Just like there isn't one single US accent (even I, as a Brit, can tell the difference between a Californian, a Texan and someone from Alabama).

Well have just watched 55 minutes of the podcast (having wait for the video to buffer - bloody isp feel like I am on dial up again), one thing I would say about accents is that people native to a region / country will never say to another native, you have an accent. Simply because they are so used to the how people around talk and sound like.

Going back to Cortana, what is insulting (imo) is that majority of the population does not speak like a posh royal, (I understand why they did it however) which some may find attractive. Personally I prefer Jen's voice over the British "Accent" that they opted for the UK users (and so do majority of Halo Fans, speaking of which I have the "joy" of explaining the reasoning for this to my fellow gamers this weekend - lets just say, swimming across the north pole would be an easier feat :eck: lol)

I remember watching Leo on Call for Help during my teen years and he's a pro-Mac all the way lol. I mean he's very knowledgable on Windows but if he had the choice he would choose a Mac over Windows.

I can't listen to Leo any longer. He used to be good during the Tech TV days and shortly after but now he gets sidetracked so easily you have to listen to 10 minute of garbage to get 30 seconds of useful information.

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