Chozen premieres on Xbox One a week early


On Monday, January 13th, FX is premiering an animated comedy called Chozen. It’s about a gay white rapper fresh out of prison. With a new worldview shaped by his time in prison, he is on a quest for redemption and to claim his rightful position as the world's top rap artist.

Sounds interesting? Xbox One users get an exclusive look at the premiere a week early.

Starting January 6th, Xbox Live Gold members who are customers of AT&T U-Verse, Comcast, Cablevision, Suddenlink and WOW can use their subscriber credentials can watch the episode through the FXNOW app. It also gives users access full episodes, movies and unique original content from three channels: FX, FXX and FXM.

Chozen features voices from Bobby Moynihan, Michael Peña, Hannibal Buress, Nick Swardson, Kathryn Hahn and Cliff “Method Man” Smith. Watch the interview below with Saturday Night Live star Bobby Moynihan about his upcoming animated TV series:

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Chozen premieres on Xbox One a week early


I don't ride motorcycles or murder people or sell drugs/weapons, but I watch Sons Of Anarchy. I'm not sure I get your point.

my point? what point? The show is about a rapper. I'm not into rap so I'm not sure if I'll like it or not but i'll try it... what is confusing about it? lol The stuff you mention are just elements of the show I assume... ( haven't watched it) but in this case the main thing is the story of this rapper which is why I don't know if I'll like it. obviously all shows have millions of elements in it but there's only one main theme and that's what you use to decide whether you like it or not. So yeah that lol

Why does he have to be gay? Remember when religion was the one thing that was forced down people's throats? Pun very much intended.

Gay is the new protected and promoted types of people nowadays for some reason. I can't go a single day without hearing something about homosexuals. Rather annoying. I can't wait for the media and Hollywood to move on to their next big agenda already.

Why is it "they" have to shove this crap in everyone's face...my God, why is it we have to know people are gay. I don't go around telling people what I like to do with women sexually...So damn sick on this..

Who's they? The show producers? Microsoft? Cuz that's the only "they" I can think of that actually would make sense.

Why do you guys call people names because we don't need to know what you want to do sexually.. What makes people gay is their sexual life style. Nothing else.we don't need to know or care, do it and shut up about it.

I'm sure those people never asked for the bigotry and hatred that's shoved in their face either.


You taking all this personally is pretty idiotic.  Its not about you or me... heed your own advice and shut up and live your own life.

Phobia means someone is frightened beyond anxiety since when did not liking an act become fear...stop being a monkey and learn to think for yourself

The WPC comments always get so butthurt (intended) whenever there's any gay-related article. Endless amusement.

Just voicing our opinions, and you're are clearly free to disagree. Even if it didn't have the homo aspect, this show would still suck.

Lol thank you for letting us know that you have issues with shows featuring gay characters lol. I don't usually comment on shows article I have no interest in watching lol. Good to know you do :)

I have issues with trash. This looks awful. And its not just the hippity hop crap, nor the silly homo nonsense. Its awfulness goes far beyond that.
And actually, you're right. I have zero desire to watch a show with an overly flamboyant gay person as the main character. Talk about annoying. I have no interest in it, nor do I find it entertaining.

Its ok, Duck Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo are still the highest rated cable shows.

But you know, you only have issues with 'trash'.

Yeah idk why people get offended, its not like its the first TV show with a gay main character. Also yeah it does add something to the show if a character is gay. I mean look at Will and Grace, take away the gayness and it wouldn't be half as funny. Same thing with Modern Family, the gay guys are hilarious and its mainly because of the way they act, the things they say. It wouldn't be the same if some of these characters were straight.