Chronos Calendar for Windows Phone temporarily pulled due to "tile updater" bug

Chronos Windows Phone

Many of our readers have noticed that Chronos Calendar is no longer available on the Windows Phone Store. The app received a major upgrade only yesterday, but the developer has found a bug within the app and has pulled Chronos Calendar until an update is published. If you've already updated or downloaded the latest version, the developer has offered a quick solution to avoid issues.

Here's what was published on the developer's Facebook page:

"SORRY PEOPLE! The app is not available for a couple of days! Found a bug with the auto tile updater! Need to fix it!!! If you downloaded the update and use the built-in calendar change the sync day span to 90 or more instead of 30 days!!! Otherwise the later 30 days and forward gets filled with the same event! You can also deactivate the built-in and reactivate it to clear the duplicate events! SORRY! Will fix it and send a new version ASAP!"

We'll be sure to update you all as to when Chronos Calendar is once again available on the Windows Phone Store. You can keep checking the app listing to see if you're able to download. Thanks, JezzaDB, for the heads up!

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Reader comments

Chronos Calendar for Windows Phone temporarily pulled due to "tile updater" bug


after the last update it syncs all the multiple google calendars that i have in one work account, i don't mind a small bug like this.

Love it when a developer steps up and admits a fault,apologizes and works tediously on a resolution instead of waiting for hundreds to complain first. That is exception customer service.

I love Chronos Calendar, but I can't figure out what the black dot is on the square for May 7th (today). Anyone know?