Chronos Calendar for Windows Phone updated with Live Tile display modes and more

Chronos Windows Phone

Chronos Calendar for Windows Phone has been updated, introducing more functionality and configuration for the Live Tile. The popular calendar app for both Windows Phone sports new display modes for Live Tiles with multiple options available. We've previously looked at the developer releasing update for the app, with a rather large recent upgrade introducing Google Calendar sync.

So what's new in this latest release? Here's everything that's new in version (according to the app listing):

  • Dutch language support
  • New tile display modes:
    • 6:6. - Only events
    • 3:4. - Location/details on separate row
    • 2:2. - Date/time, subject, location, details. Two events with four rows each and a large date number
  • Optional week number on small tile
  • Tile switch for showing last updated time on tile. Usable to check if the tile updates two times per hour
  • Less tile memory consumed, back to .png instead of .jpg
  • New colour palette with the themeaccent colours and spectrum
  • Google sync login keyboard with @ and .com options

That's not a bad update at all. If you haven't tried out Chronos Calendar yet, it's a perfect solution for those who require more functionality and personalisation than what's currently offered by the native calendar client.

Chronos Calendar

You can download Chronos Calendar from the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 (both Windows Phone 7 and 8 supported). Trial is also available.

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Reader comments

Chronos Calendar for Windows Phone updated with Live Tile display modes and more


General Distribution Release 2, I think. MSFT's next WP8 update, which we don't know when we'll get, AND don't know what kind of calendar improvements it will contain, if any.

It's an amazing App. To me, the best calendar on WP8.

Though I'm expecting this update to solve the live tile issues that have haunted the App for the last month.

Its damn good and I have tried 3 other products. This came out on top. Also I have to complement him on his constantly updating the application and increasing the functionality of it.

Anyone know how to get rid of special days? I've already unchecked everything in the settings and in the outlook calendar on the web, but still have things like National Aboriginal Day, Discovery Day, Quebec National Day, etc. showing up in the calendar and live tile

For the live tile, the setting is under "live tile". Uncheck the box that says "holidays and special days". And to stop them from appearing in the app, goto Cslendars->Culture scroll down to see if anything's selected, and unselect it.

I have the holidays and special days unchecked on live tile and it's still showing, and in the calendar tab, in the culture menue it's not allowing me to uncheck Canada
I have two accounts a google one (yeah i know blasphemy) and an outlook one. When I uncheck outlook under the Windows Phone Calendar setting all the special days disappear, but I need the calendar synced. It's really weird.

Under Cultures, you can't uncheck Canada. You'll have to uncheck the box that says "Holidays, National Dayd, etc" or any of the other boxes below it like "Name days/saints, etc" if any of those are selected.
Also, if disabling the Outlook account is getting rid of these days for you, I am led to believe these days are coming from your Outlook calendar? Do they appear in the phone's default calendar?

Under Cultures -  Holidays, national days etc. is unchecked.
Outlook account doesn't show these special days in the phone's default calendar and I have these special days disabled online as well when I log in through the browser. I think what's happening is Chronos deems those special days to be all day appointments or something and fetches them, even though every setting for special days is unchecked.

"even though every setting for special days is unchecked". Those settings are not meant to import/not import special days from your Outlook calendar. They're there to enable/disable the app from displaying them from its *internal database*. Two different things.
btw, in Calendars, which modules do you have selected out of the Windows Phone Calendar and Microsoft Account? If you have the latter enabled, can you please disable that and check if they go away? Enable the outlook account only under the former module (Windows Phone Calendar)

Deactivating Microsoft Account Module doesn't help. The only thing that changes it is if I deactivate the fetch of the outlook account under the Windows Phone Calendar Module, but that obviously also removes all the appointments that I need shown.

Very weird...can you do one last thing, go to the phone's in-built calendar, go to settings and see if there's a way to enable/disable these special days? And finally, please get in touch with the dev, who is quite responsive.

Yeah it is really weird. In the default calendar every holiday calendar is turned off. I'll reach out to the dev, thanks for giving it a shot though!

So spoke to the dev, it's a known issue and a limitation with MS. The only way to bypass that is to deactivate fetch for Outlook in the Windows Phone Calendar Module and set-up Outlook in the Microsoft Account Module.
You were right, the dev is very responsive

Love the wide tile in 3:4 format (location displayed on a different line than the title). Add a beautiful background image to that and you've got one of the most gorgeous looking wide tiles om your start screen. The color palette has also been redesigned in this update. For those wondering how to find the colors matching the phone's theme colors, they're in the 5th column of the color palette.

Originally switched to Simple Calendar because of how great it looked. Then found out ot cant handle anything more than the base Hotmail and Family room calendar....nothing subscribed through hotmail...what the hell is the use of that...so right back to Chrono.

It allows you to sync to your Exchange account via the phone's internal calendar. Under Calendars -> Windows Phone Calendar, select your Exchange account, and on the same page, under General Options, enable "Launch Windows Phone Calendar". Should be good to go, I believe.

Yea but its only read support. I need full support before I can even consider it. Good suggestion though.

From where do you hear that?  If it's true, that's great.  I think every developer should have automatic access to Activesync by virtue of developing on Windows Phone.

btw, this article is not displayed in its entirety in the WPC app. Check the app version and the browser version to see the difference.

oh yeah, totally forgot about that, it was so useless that I just had it in small, it's completely off the start screen ever since Chronos came out

Haha, I hear you, but remember that a lot of 3rd party calendar apps currently depend on the native calendar in order to work around some of MSFT's limitations. :)

I love thus App, but its hardly a "Perfect Solution" for people needed more customization. Due solely to limitations built into WP by MS it doesn't interact properly with your exchange calendar. Again, this MS's fault, not the Devs. I'm not complaining about the App, but about MS not allowing calendar Apps full access to Exchange calendars.
Once MS fixes that, I'm all over this App!

I love this app. I just wish it would have lockscreen support like Simple Calendar, but the fact you can actually put a background imagine on the live tile just won my heart over!

Love this app.  Very functional and customizable for my needs and as noted above can be live-tiled with custom pic background.  I have one that is beautiful and complimenatary to my screen and theme but allows some contrast with the appt.'s so its sticks out.

I want to like this calendar, but unfortunately most my events/appointments are through Facebook. :-(

Yay! Hooray for Chronos. Love this app. Have used it for months now. Good to see less memory use and more settings options.

I just bought "Chronos Calendar" for my Lumia 920 and it's an ugly app. It looks very Android;  the font type, the colors, the user interface is not Windows Phone like.
All Windows Phone apps have a user interface in which you have pages you move to horizontally with headers that use a very distinctive Windows Phone font, and you can see a little bit of the next's page header which is also an indication of multiple pages.

Additionally, Windows Phone apps have "..." to indicate a menu.
Well, this app doesn't have any of that;  it's an old looking app that was made for an old mobile operating system. My guess is, this app was originally developed for uglyAndroid or crApple devices, I don't know... bummer!!! I really wanted a new calendar app for my phone, so I guess I am going to wait for the amber update people are talking about.

It would be great to see the best of both Simple Calendar and Chronos in one app (or even better, the best of both in the native calendar app). Chronos' live tile is a winner, not only the layout, the fact it flips to a second set of appointments and the ability to have a background picture. Simple calendar's lock screen info is excellent but its live tile is less attractive.
However, looking at both tiles, Simple Calendar's tile has updated to the latest Exchange calendar info but 15 minutes later I'm still waiting for Chronos' live tile to update... and I have a feeling it won't until I go into the app and press 'Sync'.