Cloud Raiders updated with new level cap and more

cloud raiders

Cloud Raiders, the highly popular fantasy action-strategy game from developer Game Insight, got a new update today for the Windows Phone version that adds a couple of small but still cool features, including a new level cap for the game,

While Cloud Raiders got a rather large content update earlier this month, this new version increases the level cap of the game to 90. It also adds the Level 7 Stronghold to Cloud Raiders. Finally, there are reportedly "various bug fixes and tons of improvements" to look forward to in this new version.


Are you a fan of Cloud Raiders and if so what do you think of this new update? Thanks to Sudhish for the tip!

Cloud Raiders – Windows Phone 8 – 84 MB – Free – Store Link

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Reader comments

Cloud Raiders updated with new level cap and more


Absolutely true. Perfect clash of clans alternative. Join the clan MIDNIGHT STORM. we just started and need more players in our clan.

This game is broken now on 1520.. It won't hardly even load up and when it does the clan chat is unusable and it won't even load assaults.

I play the vast majority of my phone games on the Underground, I assume this needs an always online connection?

When will we get proper full HD support like the S5 has, I've noticed the game has much sharper and higher resolution features? I mean for Lumia 930 + 1520.

I know that..But it doesn't seem to solve any problems!! Nor can we still download the in-game updates!!

How do I change my name in Cloud Raiders? I already reinstalled the game but I can't find how to change the name.