CloudMusic is looking for Beta Testers

CloudMusic Windows Phone App

Celltrac Software is working on the Windows Phone App CloudMusic, a SkyDrive music app, and is looking for a few beta testers. The application taps into your SkyDrive account and allows you to play any music files that you have stored in the cloud.

We've gotten a sneak peak at CloudMusic and the app is laid out in simple fashion with pages for your SkyDrive music collection, what is now playing, recently played songs, and new songs. The app does require you to organize your music in a specific manner in order for CloudMusic to find the tunes.

Just tinkering with the Beta, it does have room for improvement but a nice step in the right direction. Songs took a while to load and you've got to get the music file organization just right. If you're interested in being a beta tester for CloudMusic just email your Windows Live ID to support@celltracsoftware.com.


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CloudMusic is looking for Beta Testers


lol @ the email address to sign up. i was going to...but the site looks very fishy, and the name is just too much.
WPC, are you guys sure this is a legit operation?

I see what you mean, if that website is anything to go by I dont want anything they are selling or giving away for that matter.

This is a big important step for WP and rounds off the already well received Office hub. If you are using OCS 2007 then you are right Lync is not compatable as it runs off the 2010 technology. In fact install Lync on your computer running OCS 2007 and you will find a nice spangly copy of Lync but no way of using it.

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