CNet claims Verizon, AT&T toying with LTE enabled Lumia 800


We know that Nokia is looking to enter the US market and sooner than later. In fact, Nokia is expected to start with the mid-range Lumia 710 on T-Mobile this week. While a decent device, it's not considered to be their 'flagship' phone that will make a big splash. Instead, that phone was speculated to be the Nokia 900--a device that is more rumor than fact at this point.

CNet is now stating confidently that AT&T and Verizon are both testing a Lumia 800 with LTE on board, backing up an earlier story by the Verge:

"...Nokia has been running an 4G LTE version of the Lumia 800 in an effort to get the ball rolling on carrier approval, according to several people familiar with the situation."

Perhaps this is the 'Champagne' we reported on earlier? In a way it makes sense, time is of the essence. Many people here have been yearning for a Lumia 800 release and so why not put LTE in it, make the carriers happy and get some serious presence in the US? Of course as CNet points out, lots of devices get tested but never released here in the US and carriers could be lukewarm to a non-exclusive device that by the time of release, is six months old.

On related news, the carriers are supposedly working with Nokia on more specific, exclusive hardware for the US--but there's no mention of the 900 aka Unicorn phone either. So we're still a bit skeptical on whether that device will be seen or even called that at this point, let alone released in the next few months. The more relevant question though is anyone interested in an LTE-enabled Lumia 800?

Source: CNet; Thanks, D-Burrs, for the link!


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CNet claims Verizon, AT&T toying with LTE enabled Lumia 800


So, would there be any backdraw to LTE if you're not going to have access to LTE most of the time or would you just have "unrealized potential?" E.g., battery dying faster?

LTE is typically treated like Wifi i.e. you manually enable/disable it according to presence. 

Since LTE is new to Windows Phone, we don't know how it will be instantiated but that is the most likely scenerio. 

WP7 doesnt need exclusive devices now, needs as thorough a distribution as it can get. Sad that US carriers refuse to compete on price like in Europe but rather try to hold consumers hostage with devices not available elsewhere.
All those lost sales on vzw from people who didnt want a trophy should have taught MS a lesson but it seems not. Hope it all doesnt fall flat for them.  

I do agree that US carriers like to hold customers hostage with exclusivity.
Anyhow, besides adding LTE support, there's not really much else Microsoft can do. Microsoft cannot demand that carriers carry certain models.

That seems a bit impossible. I thought Windows Phone didn't support LTE and I'm pretty sure in fact that the processor used in the Lumia 800 doesn't. I could be wrong though.

WP7 *currently* doesn't support LTE. The later builds of the OS (Tango) do though and Nokia gets early access to that OS. I heard this directly from Andy Lees, so consider it fact.

Re: processor, CPUs can easily be changed if needed.

Good point. I don't know where this canard about LTE needing certain CPUs comes from. It doesn't. LTE needs a different radio.

3G and WiFi suit my needs. However, I will pass on any phone without a keyboard. If I don't see one soon I will be snatching up Quantums just in case.

I'm typing this sentence now using the onaxewwn kwubpEs (onscreen keyboard). Dail (Fail), but betee (better) thN (than) i thoufht (thought) it wouls (would) ne (be). Now I know why everyone wNra (wants) huge acesena (screens) now.

I'd probably get better with practice. Do you type slower than usual to ensure accuracy? I was typing the same speed I do with my physical keyboard just to see what would happen. All I know is that I receive tons of emails that say "Sent from my iPhone" that are laced with errors. I suppose it's no big deal for personal use, but for business I try to have professional emails of any length. The keyboard just works better for me. The tiny bit of extra thickness doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I prefer a bit of meat on the bones. :)

@lippidp another pathetic post. I have no issues whatsoever typing with the "onaxewwn kwubpEs" on my HD7, nor have I with the "onaxewwn kwubpEs" on my arrive which is the same screen size. Enable word correction/completion and it'll do wonders. People want bigger screens because they are better for more real estate,reading,media and gaming. Not to mention to also be a showoff.

@sin_nombre773 another mean-spirited reply. The author asked if I was interested in a Lumia 800 and I explained that I prefer a keyboard in what I thought would be a humorous way. I suppose the humor was lost on you. I will put in a smiley face or something next time. Of course word correction was on -- it's why any of the words were correct at all! :)

Great news on the heels of Vz pushing back asking for LTE plans last week. A bit contradictory but good none the less.

I doubt this is a result of anything recent. If an LTE Windows Phone is being tested for Verizon, plans for that must have started a few months ago.

I will be royally ticked off if the Lumia 900 turns out to be a mythical device! The 800 is a nice phone but hardly worth the title of "Flagship Phone"  for Windows 7.5.  The HTC Titan and Focus S are both better phones IMHO, and I really don't see the Lumia 800 selling better than these other two, purely based on the addition of an LTE radio.  I'm not going to pay more money every month for another data radio and I don't see the masses doing that either.  Nokia phones will sell well here in the US on their brand recognition.

Nokia's flagship devices will be the 900 series of phones.  Unlike you, I think that the Lumia 800 would sell better than the Titan/Focus S if released in the U.S.  The device has color variety, not to mention the most attractively styled phone on the market, that doesn't have a polarizing screen size....these aspects alone pretty much guarantees 'Winner" and even with the Titan/Focus S' headstart, and 1 cent sales, I'd wager to say that the Lumia 800 would outsell both the Titan and the Focus S combined - on AT&T alone!  Verizon sales would be icing.  The rumoured Lumia 900 would sell well too, although I think that the screen size could possibly be too polarizing for users with average sized hands.
It'll be fun to watch, that's for sure!

If Nokia can get its act together and get this phone out with LTE, NFC and FFC, then they will have a truly out-spec'd device to the iPhone (for those folks that compare features). I would jump on this device even without LTE, simple because most of the LTE phones I've seen drain a battery in a matter of hours, which by anyone's standards is unacceptable. What they really need to do is be transparent about this device and the roadmap for a release date, (at least for Verizon) so that they can start hyping it like they do all the other Android phones that they push out weekly.
I have the Trophy and have been very pleased with it, with the exception of the camera sucking, but I would jump on this phone the day it is released!

Battery technology totally blows. It sucks that we are being held back by lagging battery tech. I read on Engadget recently of a huge battery break through, but it's still years away if ever. Why are there huge advances in all areas of technology except batteries? Somebody please get on that! :)

6 months???  Why would an LTE Lumia 800 not release until May?????
In regards to the exclusivity thing, I point you to the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II ...

I don't care much for LTE but if an LTE-enabled Lumia 800 is what Nokia has available to get out ASAP for AT&T and Verizon, then Nokia needs to go for it and get those phones out.

Word!  I think Nokia has done the work; once ATT/Verizon finishes testing and giving Nokia feedback...green light!
To see the kind of marketing in the U.S. that Nokia is doing in other markets for Nokia WP is what I am looking forward to more so than the Lumia :)

I agree! Can't wait to see some Nokia USA commercials. Lumia, Shmumia, whatever. This time next year the Lumia will be old news and we'll be talking about four or five different Nokia phones. Let's just get phones out to the carriers!

If this is real and not vapor it is huge for two reasons.
First is LTE. It is a true next generation technology and the massive jump in performance more than outweighs the battery issues. Plus simply having the LTE name causes a lot higher sales because it has been well marketed and is a "want" item now on smartphones in the public eye.
Second is Verizon. If true it would give WP7 an entry into a HUGE market they have not tapped in any meaningful way. And an LTE Lumia 800 would be compelling as it would have the best camera out there, superb build quality and LTE. Those kinds of things are what can get those sales reps to take a good look at it and see the elegance of the OS. That (along with aggressive incentives) is how you get reps to steer people to the phones and once you have that the market share will build.

I would get one .. but it would have to release in the next couple months.. or ill wait .. i hate having outdated hardware... which sucks for me.. i never wiat 2 years to upgrade. 

if it wasnt for the fact that im addicted to technology i would just say atnt verizon and tmobile and sprint could all go suck on something i hate all of them and this crap about my toys are better than your toys are the reason why i sometimes wonder is having a cell phone really worth it when theres always this crap going on