CNET comes to Windows Phone with all its Tech-Savviness


CNET has released its official Windows Phone app. They actually released it a few days ago and it completely flew beneath our radar. Nonetheless, the app delivers all the tech savvy information CNET provides to the comforts of our Windows Phone 8 device.

Developed by CBS Interactive, the CNET app offers reviews, how-to articles, news stories and more from the world of technology. Be it the latest computer, digital camera, televisions, and even smartphones. Just tinkering with the app for a short time, it comes across as a clean looking, informative addition to the Windows Phone Store.

Main pages for CNET include a Featured Story page, Latest Headlines Page, and you Category listings. Categories, much like the website, are broken down by product type along with a How-to section, CNET TV section, and the CNET Top 100 products.


Additionally, the CNET app has a barcode scanner that will let you pull up articles based on a product's barcode scan, a keyword search and a product finder.

While we are partial to a certain Windows Phone app for technology information on the run, the CNET app looks like it could come in handy for information on the rest of the technology world.

CNET is a free app and available for Windows Phone 8. You can find your copy of CNET here in the Windows Phone Store. This is also a universal app, which means you can grab it for Windows 8 at as well. Get that version in the Windows Store

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CNET comes to Windows Phone with all its Tech-Savviness


My app should be able to tide you over until then. Granted its nowhere near as good but lets me bang out beats when I'm bored :P

Yeah, I got that, and that's the best app of its kind that WP has right now... Good job on that one❕❕

Thanks. More updates are planned but I had a kid 4 months ago so free time is very scarce. Haha

Wow..CNET on WP? Never thought possible cuz although app description says unbiased, we all know for sure that these guys are iOS dudes ;-)

LOL! I used to really like reading CNet, until I started using and liking WP, then I begun to develope a deep dislike for that site. But maybe I could begin reading it again.


They looked around & realized that they were the only ones left singing the "no apps in the Windows Phone Store/ecosystem.."

.....now another biased dudes I'm waiting to see a WP app from is The Verge....another anti WP and Microsoft site. So One down one to go.

LOL..They even have a screenshot of an article titled, "Move over Siri, Microsoft's Cortana is cheeky too!"

They actually had the guts to write something like that??

I have seen some pretty insulting vidoes from them regarding wp and lumia... I really don't like them I guess that's all I had to say :P

That was my first and last experience with a cnet review. There was no excuse for it, or for leaving it up.

Everybody involved in making it should have lost their jobs.

Wow... I guess I should have done more research other than them.. They were the sole reason I waited for a nexus 5 rather than buying the 1020...

-- Bam --

When 1020 came there wasn't a lot good to say about WP.. Apps situation was 1000 worse, before firmware update for 1020 photos were very bad.. So don't blame Cnet.. Blame MS.. People are saying "Ohh we are getting official apps, let's see how they will complain now about that".. And still 90% of cool apps are missing.. No google apps (official) even Youtube.. So don't ignore the reality.. I love WPhones ONLY because the great cameras but and soon they will be like all others.. Galaxy S5 has a great camera, now I am pretty sure LG G3 will have even better camera.. iPhone 6 is comming.. All other is piece of sh*t, and you need to be really blind to denie it..  And please don't start with "Troll, hater".. I am telling the truth.. If you don't see it this way, it's Ok. We are different people.. But hope WP gets better and better, it's good for the users of all OS.. So my point is, it's not Cnet's fault.. :-)

Have you ever watched the vid?Has nothing to do with being a WP phone fan or Microsoft.It was intentionally done to put down WP,Microsoft,Nokia with false claims.

Sorry but that wasn't the situation when they reviewed the 1020. They let a know nothing Apple fangirl who just didn't like anything that wasn't like Apple trash it based on a completely subjective and ignorant evaluation. I lost most of my respect for cnet, particularly since the Editor who allowed that drivel didn't own up to letting such nonsense out and reassign the L1020 to a competent reviewer, or at least apologize.

Why would you blame Microsoft for bad firmware on a NOKIA phone and lack of apps? Not their fault in either case.

Me too! I just couldn't manage to stop hating that review. When it came out I started to diffuse the ignorance of CNET of WP on my FaceBook.

Not so.  It's us (as in y'all) against, Apple, Android, Samsung, and anything else non-Nokia...  This site is like a mirror looking into a mirror that's endless. 

I came to the comment section to say, "CNET Sucks!". I refuse to get anything from these guys who are pretty bad when mentioning MS products.

CNET is a joke. I'd trust a injury lawyer turned used car salesman before I trusted a word they said.

Yeah. Molly... I use to like her until she open her mouth and started talking about Windows Phone and was completely wrong with all her info.

Didn't surprise me one bit. Only shows what Siri is best at and made sure to show the flaws of Cortana. I'll tell you this... Siri has messed up before when voice texting so I don't know why she didn't retry it again.

Now that they have the official app on WP, let's see them complaining about the "app gap". Pretty sure they won't say a thing.

That would be even funnier if they say "For example, there is CNet app for both Android and iOS but Windows Phone is lacking that app."

Hahaha. My first thought was will they give their own app a poor review given nothing on Cnet gets a good review unless it's made by or for Apple!

I doubt that. Even though it was written before they made the app, just look at their Bad summary of their Windows Phone 8.1 review.

this is nice, but the Windows 8 app really sucks. I hope this is better, we'll see in the coming days

Jesus finally. Its pathetic that "tech sites" dont have apps on EVERY platform? How can they honestly judge an apps ecosystem if they don't support it themselves. The verge is the same way.

The Vag is as biased as CNET. The only thing they have going for them is Tom Warren who has some good MS contacts. Other than that, they suck. They're tech and politically biased

Yeah 'cause other than his contacts sometimes he can be really douchy. I still have him on a Twitter list because from time to time he likes to "throw the stone and hide the hand" - last time it was recently when Mary Jo tweeted about the Amazon listing for the Surface Mini and then Warrent belittled it so arrogantly, of course without mentioning her. It gets funny though when he assumes the task to correct all techies including Neowin, non-mainstream tech sites, WPCentral, etc. Just follow the editors and I bet you'll see what I just described.

I think I like the Mobile Nations site enough to get most of mobile needs to care much for this.  Good for people who like C|Net.  Obviously a port from iPhone, but I wouldn't know. I don't own Apples.

She's gone? I may have to check them out again. She was one of the main reasons I started ignoring CNet. She was wrong on so many things related to technology which is a bad thing considering she was writing and talking about the subject, 

stupid if stupid..how come WPcentral is not free? i respect their right and business... but if I am the developer it will be free... always be free..should be..

How can someone be so cheap? You're complaining about £0.79. Btw you can use the free version of the if you don't want to pay.

I'll pass, they are bias towards everything that's not Apple products. I remember that shitty review they on the 1020. They are no different than that other bogus site the verge

I appreciate CNET caring enough to make the app but it looks like they went with whatever first design iteration they had and didn't polish it. I would have rejected it immediately because it simply "doesn't look right".

Ohhhh, its a universal app. That makes sense. CNET just ported their Windows 8 app, they wouldn't dare put in the resources to make a native WP app before now. Still, if it can get CNET, it can get anyone.

That was a big point in universal apps. Its better than nothing and a stepping stone in the right direction. Baby steps

I'll give it one clap out if five for finally getting around to an app. They blew my trust in them as a credible source of information a long time ago.

Of course, no comment section like they have on their other apps. Why did I think that would happen?

Haven't tried it yet. Is it another one of those apps that seem to exist mainly so the "yep, it's on WP" box can be checked off?

Edit: Tried it now. Yeah it doesn't have comments, which is a bummer, but other than that it's pretty nice.

I agree. It does look pretty clean, but it's definitely one of those "see? We have an app" type things.

WP Central is pretty much all I need. If it's worth knowing Daniel Rubino will tell us.

They don't do WP right, but I will download it because we have to support apps that come to Windows Phone so that many more will see the support and come over too..

Loved CNET once upon a time, that is, until I realized how monopolistic Apple is as a company (that's another debate and story). But CNET then joins in the fun and belittles Microsoft products that I love...so, I was done with them quite awhile ago. But hey, 1st party apps are still worth it to the ecosystem. :) just know I'll never give in to its Apple bias. CNET's creditability was lost with me many years ago. CNET...ha! That's sooo 2008.

CNET, hmm just don't know what to think. Na not worth it. Not a trustworthy news site despite its popularity.

Even though they are bias. I still go on their site for Tech news sometimes. Nice to see another official app in the store...

I usually just go right to a website via the browser/bookmarks vs. using an app. Why waste space on my phones memory using an app? I don't need to be constantly alerted for anything regardless of the site. I have yet to install any websites apps notifications, with the exception of Weather.com....never know how the weather will change in late spring/early summer where I live.

Why do a lot of apps seems to waste so much real state on my Lumia 1520¿. Example Wpcentral & Cnet apps. So much space between everything, fonts ridiculous large etc. Take a look at the core apps like people and messaging, look amazing... Not everyone using a Lumia 1520 is blind.

You miss the point, a lot of screen real state is not utilized correctly. You are suppose to see more content and not just have things magnified. Maybe it's hard to understand because you don't own Lumia 1520.

The app has a clean metro-fied UI, though I would want to be able to set filters by keywords and load the result page on startup by default. Also search results should be sorted with the most recent at the top. I searched for 'Microsoft' and it gave me results first back in 2005, 2006 over a Cortana article. I give it a 3.5/5 stars.

Also no login/commenting capabilities within the app, which imo is quite ridiculous comparing it to current similar apps available.

I personally don't care too much for CNET as they give very biased reviews. Just recently, Jessica Dolcourt reviewed Windows Phone 8.1 and although she praised many of the new features she went on to say it will never compete against IOS or Android because of the "app gap". Plus, CNET is very Apple friendly.

I will definitely be downloading this app - I visit CNET everyday!.  I mean, really...so what if they don't 'love' Microsoft or Windows Phone --I don't care and I certainly don't take it personally.  I've found some useful info and reviews that go beyond Windows (the OS and the Phone) and the Surface.


Downloading now....

I wasn't going to get the app because I know their history too but the bottom line is, its not what they think about Windows Phone, its what I think about it.  This phone is growing from the bottom up and there was a time, CNet wouldn't have spent the cheese to develop anything for this device as did so many others. Now they have.  Going in, I know they have a standard on phones and that is the Apple Iphone.  Truth be told, everyone's high water mark is the Apple Iphone as much as we don't want to admit it. The Lumia Icon got the same rating as the 5s from CNet and that is rated with WP8 and NOT 8.1.  Looks good to me.

Great, now we can watch reviews on our WP devices about how bad our WP devices are -_-

Don't care about reviews by people who dislike WP and aren't capable of excluding their personal preferences at least for a few minutes.

They are pro iOS and Android, which isn't a bad thing, but they are terribly shady with WP. So, thanks for the app, but WPCentraleezus is the only tech app for me.

I'll be honest, I might despise when she'd to total biased but I loved Always On--it was such a nice concept of a show.

I'm the first to say CNet can be biased. Especially Molly Wood who was biased with a certain amout of glee.
But CNet is more than Phones and I'm grateful they have released an Official WP App, now I can watch some of my faves like CNet On Cars & CNet Top 5.

I was sort of surprised to see this. I'd never thought I'd see the day that CNET makes an app for the platform its seems to like the least when writing about.
For example, this was from their Windows Phone 8.1 Review:
The Good/ Windows Phone 8.1 puts more tiles on your Start screen and finally gives us a notification center. Voice assistant Cortana is fast, helpful, and just a bit witty.

The Bad/ Cortana is in beta, so you'll encounter a few bugs. The Windows Phone app store has fewer titles than Google Play and the Apple App Store, and what's available isn't as full-featured as the iOS and Android versions.

The Bottom Line/ Windows Phone 8.1 is the best update yet, thanks to its revamped design and modern features, but it lags behind iOS and Android.
Their Bad summary of the review is the most ignorant thing I hear about Windows Phone. Its as if they didn't know or do anything with the preview and just copied and pasted a review from WP7 or 8 (if they even cared enough to do a review on 7 that is). Plus, they didn't even mention the notification center in their Good summary, and mentioned adding more tiles instead! And that last line of the quoted review summaries ("but it...") just confirms the reason I switched to WPCentral last year when I noticed their articles were becoming even more Apple and Google-centered.

LOL Due to their prior bias reviews I won't be surprised if their app gets lot of "Your app sucks!" reviews from disgruntled users not that I would condone such behavior.

They're worse than Engadget in my honest opinion. Now when's ArsTechnica going to pop an app in our general direction?

I was on the cnet app and wondering about a possible bias. Then I read their article about Amazon's possible smartphone. In it they make a point that people are becoming aware of other brands other than Apple, Samsung, and Google's Nexus line. They say Chinese brands ZTE and Huawei make consumers aware of alternate brands. I just felt Nokia Windows Phone would of been a more logical choice. No mention here and just about every time several brands are grouped in articles.

I've always had this love-hate relationship with CNET in that I think sometimes they make some great artciles and videos, with some really quick but informative reviews, but sometimes they are also quite unfair and give or take away too many points for the most minimal things.

But coming out with a universal app for WP 8.1? They got my interest again for jumping on the universal app bandwaggon this early in the game. Getting it for my Surface 2 as well!

Now I can get their Apple loving/Windows Phone bashing news right on my Windows Phone! Awesome. (not!)

Technobuffalo is my favorite tech website! It talks about every phone and isn't biased toward any phone at all so yeah :) js for those people who are sick of CNET haha

Does anyone else have a strange man crush on Michael Fisher from pocketnow and his strange but wonderful voice? No?........just me then *blush*

Nice app it is different. Hopefully their view of Windows Phone change now and start writing inspiring articles. Thanks cnet for coming to WP.

About damn time! Always pissed me off how they complained about how far behind Windows Phone was in terms of apps, yet they themselves lacked any official app.

Two reasons why I downloaded the app: Because of support to the platform and because Molly Wood is not there anymore!

She's not there anymore?  That's definately good news!  I might just check it out if they have changed.  I stopped going to cnet years ago.

Windows/Windows Phone fans stopped going to their site to read their biased reviews so they're releasing an app on Windows so we can read how much Windows/Windows Phones suck!  No thanks CNet.

Could be great if the whole title is displayed in the 'featured' and 'latest' sections... Lol :D my latest feed shows "stop using IE..."