LG backtracks on ditching Windows Phone but not really

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Yesterday we posted a story from the Korea Herald that quoted an LG spokesperson saying that they were backing away from Windows Phone and putting their efforts towards Android instead. LG did say they would “continue research and development efforts” on Microsoft's OS but had no immediate plans for any new devices.

Today, LG has reached out to Pocket-lint to clarify the message and they're taking a strong position that the Herald, who literally quoted someone from LG was speculating:

"None of it is true. Korea Herald is showing its speculative side again. We are still on board with Windows Phone, but right now, we're focusing on Android because that's where the demand is. Regardless of which OS, LG is committed to offering consumers as wide a choice as possible."

Pocket-lint is reading that as a denial but call us crazy, we're not seeing to be that different from what we reported yesterday.

The tone of the article from yesterday made it clear that LG is certainly backing away from Windows Phone and the fact they have had no new Mango phones and nothing launched here in the US backs that up. In fact, when we were at Mobile World Congress we asked an LG spokesperson where were their Windows Phones and they said they had none, just Android (there was one but it was in Microsoft's booth).

To us this sounds a bit like LG spin mode and they're downplaying those earlier comments as just being too strong. It's not that LG is abandoning Microsoft and Windows Phone, they're simply just ignoring them for an indefinite amount of time while they focus on Android, where the money is. That's a completely different message, right?

But the real question is do you think we'll see any new LG Windows Phones in the next six months? We don't.

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LG backtracks on ditching Windows Phone but not really


Whilst a broad variety is nice, I honestly wouldn't get excited about LG Windows Phones, anyway; not compared to what Nokia are currently putting out.

"Who cares as long as we have Nokia and HTC we don't need them"
But how long will we see Nokia? Yes, the Lumia 900 has had a decent launch in the US but within the wider context of their business, they are losing money hand over fist. If they can't get other markets to respond in the same way, Nokia will be in (more) trouble. 

As long as Elop can cut the losses by 50% each quarter they can ride it out. By Q2 2013 they can finally be break-even or even profitable. Now that's the big IF.

Really doesn't matter, I'll never buy an LG phone at least not in this life. :), no matter what hardware they punch in it.. Or what OS they put on it.

My question is who actually cares if LG makes or doesnt make WP?? I never liked LG being with Sprint for some reason all the LG phones my family tried would only last but a few months

They're not doing so well in the Android space either, so no surprise there. In fact, not only their mobile phones have poor quality but so do their electronics and appliances. My parents ever bought an LG washing machine before and it broke down after a year, and my grandparents' LG DVD player also ended up with the same result within one year.

As far as the Android market is in my country, everyone here is buying Samsung. Well good luck to LG. Be careful not to get stuck up the creek without a paddle.

who gives a crap anyways.. I mean really, LG has always made third-tier handsets. their android phones don't even compare to what Samsung and HTC put out, and neither did their WPs. maybe they should refocus their efforts on the one place they excelled and go back to making those crappy touch+qwerty feature phones that no one wants (mmm.. chocolate anyone?)

Having owned three LG phones in the past I would conclude they stick to flip phones with no extra features aside from a camera. Call quality on all three were great, but the one feature phone I owned from them, an Env3, was garbage. Constantly rebooted itself or just powered off and occasionally locked up. I wasn't surprised when I heard their Android phones had the same issues. Now their new Android hand sets bench mark well behind the competition. Even if they did make another Windows Phone I wouldn't be inclined to consider it unless they significantly stepped up their game.

I curently own a LG Optimus 7 and it was a WP7 phone who was shipped 2 Years ago with 16 Go while the others phone has only 8.

Meanwhile we all see that LG does'nt care about Windows phone users because we are'nt making enought profit for this company at the moment.

Beware LG that your current WP7 customer turn to Nokia When new WP8 phones will be available, even if you build and sell a better phone, because we estimate that Nokia is the best supporter of WP system AND users.

(sorry for my bad english, my french corrector try to transform each world I write on my WP)

Whatever. All LG phones are ugly anyway, regardless of OS. Even when I was using Android exclusively, I never considered buying an LG phone, much less when I shifted to WP (less than 5 months ago) because if anything, their WP phones are even uglier.

Little jealousy running in these comments with MS throwing all the love Nokia's way. Maybe LG just shooting one across the bows of MS to get attention prior to Balmer's visit.

I love my Quantum and am very happy with its quality. To me the Quantum is more desirable than any other WP ever released, past or present. I look forward to seeing what LG brings to WP8.
To answer the question posed in the article, I don't expect to see any new WP phones from anyone until WP8.

@lippidp Seriously? Have you even picked up a Lumia 900. I did yesterday for the first time and while I was expecting it to feel good I was totally not prepared for how otherwordly it feels. It really doesn't feel like any other phone out there, its totally unique. Shame on not able to afford an off contract one at the moment as I would totally be there. Comparing an LG Quantum to the Lumia 900 is frankly like comparing a Casio watch to a Rolex.

As a matter of fact, I did check out the Lumia 900 on Sunday. For me, it is the features that make the phone, not its design or how it feels. The Quantum has the features I desire while the Lumia 900 does not. Additionally, I honestly was not blown away with the Lumia 900 design, either. To be fair, it's tough to truly get it when the store's display model has security cables all over the place.

That person likes thier phone, so what? The Lumia is great, but so are all Windows Phones. Let people like what they like.

LG is a capable company. I mean they are not just in the mobile arena, they have tvs, etc. This is 2012, the different strategies other OEMs are doing to differentiate themselves is clear. Through research & development: hardware, apps, the push to ask for LTE. Comments like LG's shows lack of critical thinking. If you want to talk bluntly like that, you do it behind closed doors. Maybe you use it to ask for guidance selling/advertising in the future. Never burn bridges.

I for one think it's no skin off my back. The last LG phone I had (Fusic) turned out to be crap. The faceplate lifted up and had sharp edges which I cut myself on. Cam was terrible and the only thing it was good for was texting and playing music.

Lg to me always made less than appealing hardware. only owned one lg phone an optimus v or some crap and that was on metro before i started working. every lg phone i have ever used or ever seen anyone using has never given me positive feedback their stuff is crap idk about the quantum ive heard good stuff about that one but never held it so it doesnt matter..

LG blew it with the Prada back in 2006. When they were content to have that yucky interface with no pinch-to-zoom, no color and generally terrible OS.

I bought my LG Quantum in 2010 and I love it.  Call me old fashioned, but I like having a keyboard to use instead of taking up my touchscreen with a digital one.  I'm really sad to see this happen with LG since they were the only ones besides HTC that made a Windows Phone with a keyboard.
I guess I'll just have to hope that the HTC 7 Pro (or HTC's next version of it) will come out for AT&T.

This reminds me of that article posted a couple months ago. 
"No one really cares about WP"    - Some guy at Sony.
Maybe he was on to something. I hope windows phone can survive with only Nokia or if windows phone 8 can bring back other makers because things aren't looking so hot. 

"We never said we don't care about Windows Phone, we just said we only care about Android."

Do I have that right? Hahaha!