Here is how to find out if Lumia Cyan is available for your phone

The good news is Microsoft (through the old Nokia mobile) announced today the global availability of the Lumia Cyan update and Windows Phone 8.1. We have been waiting for such a proclamation as it means that officially the 'update season' is starting. Note how we call it a season, because, like previous updates, this is a staggered rollout based on your device, region and carrier (if applicable).

Indeed, heading to the official Lumia Software Update page, which lists the update by region, device and carrier you can see how everything is "under testing ." Translation? No one is likely to get an update today. Instead, you are going to have to wait as the carriers give the green light to the update. How long it is going to take is not known, though it could be days to weeks.

Here is what you can do in the meantime

  • Keep checking Windows Phone Central – We are posting as many update articles as we can as we get confirmation from users that their update is being pushed. Almost without fail, these updates begin weekdays at 1 PM Eastern Time
  • Use our Tracker page – If you missed the story, you can always use our tracker page. Unlike the Microsoft one, our page is going to tell you which updates are live now www.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-81-tracker
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Tips, Tricks, and How to – Want to learn all that you can about the 8.1 update? Bookmark our topic page that has all our tutorials on the updated OS www.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-81-tips

Note, if you are using the Preview for Developers, you will get the Lumia Cyan update as it becomes available just like everyone else. You will never have to downgrade the OS or rollback anything. You will simply get the update (OS, if applicable) and new firmware.


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Here is how to find out if Lumia Cyan is available for your phone



as part of the dev preview, I'm offended MSFT can't push this out themselves. If I can get a new OS without the carrier's say, why can't I get a silly firmware update?

Because (1) Firmware needs carrier approval (2) Firmware is very device specific and is not universal, unlike the 8.1 OS

Look, carriers control the game. Always have. Apple is the exception and that will always be the case. No one likes it but when you have 4% market share, Microsoft is no position to dictate terms to the carriers on what they will and will not do.

1) OS also needs carrier approval Daniel. You know this. Otherwise google would just push android updates like there is no tomorrow.

2) yes but MSFT now controls all of nokia's hardware so specific or not, at least do their own phones.

clearly something is missing here and it is more than just that.

Actually, google does have a dev preview for the Nexus devices. They can't push out updates for phones that aren't theirs because, unlike WP, the OS varies from device to device. Sure, it's all Android, but mixing skins with vanilla Android would be a mess.

so who is checking mine?, i have an unlocked 920 imported from UK, which means i am not using UK Cariers. My country (All cariers) doesn't do these testings. its one man for himself i.e. they don't care what phone one uses.

So again who is holding my update? who checks/test counrty variants, the unlocked ones which do not belong to any carier???????????

U have an unlocked phone but you are still going thru a carrier me AT&T. They still hold all the cards you still must wait for the carrier to approve the update. Unlocked phone has nothing to do with the updates. Unless u start ur own carrier we have to deal with this crap.

Doesn't make sense. What if i have a lumia that my carrier doesn't carry but they carry a different type. Would i have to just wait till the approve the update overall for lumia? Pr will i never get the update!!!

Your carrier is Nokia itself. Find a Nokia Center in your country, let them flash the phone for you free; if you don't want to wait.


If you haven't already, check settings> about and it will say "carrier: ..." (in my case it says Australia because I have a 1520)
As suggested above, if it's a country rather than a carrier it's likely that Nokia (or I suspect a major carrier) are doing the testing themselves. Check the tracker, see what it says, and contact Nokia if you're really worried. The very few times I've spoken to them they've been nice and responsive, can't imagine it's any different in the UK :)

Firmware will sometimes contain radio updates, which affects how the phone interacts with it's respective network. If someone updates their phone and they're left with no service, regardless of whose fault it is, the carriers will be the ones flooded with phone calls and having to explain why everyone's phone is broken. Like it or not, the carrier has a right to keep those types of issues to a minimum.

I wonder who exactly approves the firmware for "country variant", i.e. devices not tied to any carrier in any way.  

It can't be the carriers, because the availability of the firmware for the carrier variant rarely, if ever, sync up with the availability for the carrier variant. Besides not all carriers neccessarily sell the phone themselves, and I doubt their approval and testing is needed before firmware release for a phone they don't even sell, even if it might be used on their network. If that was the case, even firmware for carrier variants would have to be approved by the other carriers first since they could potentially be used on their network. No way that is the case. 

I guess it might be Microsoft/Nokia, but they sure are taking their sweet time then, because I've seen carrier variants (occationally) being approved before the country variant and carrier variants even needs extra modifications and probably some extra testing for those modifications  (even if it's just some dumbass carrier logo in the boot screen).

I remember reading some article about it some time that had some answers, but I can't seem to find it anymore.

How can u not be tied to a carrier? Even if it were your government running the cell phones they still have to approve the update. Lets make this clear if you are able to make calls or surf the internet you need a carrier. Having a contract with the carrier has nothing to do with access thru their system. Access thru their system puts your update in their hands. U pay them every month for that access remember.....

your contract and sim might be tied to a carrier, but your device is not neccesarrily. You can buy unbranded phones all over the place (at least in germany) and use it on whatever network you want. Your carrier does not have to approve your phone or the update for your phone.


Carriers want to approve the phones and updates for the phones *they sell to you*.

> Apple is the exception and that will always be the case.

Everyone keep in mind that Apple has their own cells and does their own carrier testing and gained the trust of the carriers.  They have little goofs but nothing big enough to have a carrier stop them yet.

a carrier without the iphone is basically dead in the water in the US. It is not about trust. It has never been. It is about leverage.

Apple is a small company with only one phone and one tablet. C non they are ridiculous compared to Microsoft. Their scenario is simple.

And now that MS owns nokia, why can't they include the firmwares in the dev preview, or make a dev preview program for firmwares, in which you would get a generic one until your carrier finally decides to push out the update. it would be a workaround to get the full updates for people with asshole carriers like me

where can I download Cyan? I'm ok with MSFT providing the tools and download file and doing it myself. I think the issue is they don't really have a repository for Cyan so you can get it.

As I see, it is not like "well, the carrier is slow, I will put something else while the carrier finish", it is more like "I can't do anything until carrier finish to check the firmware".

because your device was still made by nokia, as was the cyan firmware. The takeover has just recently finished, you can't expect MS to suddenly and fully be able to change their processes. If I learned anything from working at my current job it's that big players move slowly. It's often the small companies that can move swiftly and quick.

What about devices withou carrier?
I've bought an unlocked Lumia 1520 in Brazil in a Nokia Store, without any carrier.

Why this kind of mobile phone has to wait too? In my opinion it's a 'fail'.

so who is checking mine?, i have an unlocked 920 imported from UK, which means i am not using UK Cariers. My country (All cariers) doesn't do these testings. its one man for himself i.e. they don't care what phone one uses.

So again who is holding my update? who checks/test counrty variants, the unlocked ones which do not belong to any carier????????

Nokia is, if its country variant. They have to check test against ALL service providers of that country independent of carriers own approvals

hi, my 820 is country variant, doesnt make any sense.


Lumia 820
Country variant
Under testing

Couldn't Microsoft set something? Sure they are dont have the market share to control it but, Release to the phone carriers with a scheduled release date of 60-90 days.

If carriers are supporting the phone models as now most carriers are pushing Windows Phone with in reason, woulnd't they want a global release with all carriers ?

My phone is not tied to any carrier, its called Coutry Variant by Nokia, but still Under Testing. So it's not just about the stupid carrier thing, it's Nokia/Microsoft's own lateness.

After thinking about it and analysing the past releases. The way I see it, once they get feedback that it works on majority of the carriers without a problem then the country variant is released. Hence why it is often the last one to get released.

That my friend sounds kinda Smart but is totally false, and we can know it because the first phones updated with Cyan are the Country Variant ones, you got me worried by a Little but Im happy this is not the case

"My phone is not tied to any carrier, its called Coutry Variant by Nokia, but still Under Testing. So it's not just about the stupid carrier thing, it's Nokia/Microsoft's own lateness."

Here's the thing: Carriers are their biggest customers, not devices sold unlocked/unbranded, which often makeup a small percentage of actual sales. As such, they put their resources to getting the firmware done for their tops selling and newest devices first.

Look, I get it. YOUR phone is the most important phone out there in the world, lol. However, from Nokia/Microsoft's perspective, they do have to prioritize firmware development and testing, so there is a natural hierarchical list and country variants are rarely at the top.

I think you're looking at this the wrong way. I don't think anybody thinks MSFT should deliver something just for them. But think of the effort put in the dev preview program. All the system is now in place so why can't they push the firmware update which they have sitting on a server already? If they had nothing in place just for the dev previewers, then I'd agree. But MSFT is basically a hardware OEM with a dev preview program that has the infrastructure in place to make this possible.

seems it is more of "willpower" question rather than a priorities question.

All the system is now in place so why can't they push the firmware update which they have sitting on a server already?"

It is not setup like that, sorry. You are also forgetting the carrier approval part. If Nokia sells phones to Verizon, Verizon is the customer (who then re-sells you the phone). As such, Verizon needs to approve the update before it gets passed on to you. Microsoft cannot run roughshod over the carriers because you want the update now.

I don't know if you have information about its setup that I don't, but let's give you that one. The point of our carrier approval doesn't really seem to hold water because they are giving you an OS update, which as I mentioned does require carrier approval. How do I know? well, google cannot just push updates without carrier approval to devices running android or we'd see far less OS fragmentation on android. We also know from windows phone history that carriers do need to approve updates. We saw this on devices going from 7.0 to 7.5 and then from 7.5 to 7.8. Each time it was an OS update that the carriers had to approve in addition to the firmware update.

Therefore if MSFT managed to get permission to update developer devices with a new OS, which is just as big a chance as a firmware update, why doesn't this program extend to firmware updates bypassing carrier approval?

I get what you're saying but the evidence doesn't match your thesis as far as OS updates vs firmware update carrier policy. I do think you made an interesting point about regional firmware. However this is also a somewhat moot point. MSFT could simply make it so that the dev preview program offers the firmware for regions which have a firmware update coming. We know from evidence that if the carriers are testing this, then the firmware does exist. So MSFT isn't taking any extreme measures by making it available to developers because it had to have developed this firmwar for ther normal users anyway. So your thesis that it is a market driven decision seems not to hold water here too.

I'm not trying to be antagonistic. It just seems your explanations don't really pan out to reality:

-MSFT has the firmware already done, or carrirers wouldn't be testing it. This applies to all regions which they are releasing Cyan on. There is no extra effort on their part.

-MSFT has the infrstructure in place to distribute it, as proven by the OS distribution under the dev preview program. Or at least it could make these firmware files available to developers from the apphub along with a tool like Nokia's support tool to install them.

-Carriers need to approve OS updates too, therefore if MSFT managed to waive OS updates from this process for developers, why can't firmware updates do the same? Unless there is a specific agreement we're not aware of which explicitly forbids firmware updates even for developer testing, there is just no logical argument why an OS update is any less distruptive and potentially troublesome than a firmware update.


Carrier approvals and locked phones should go away. This should be like buying a new computer, so you be able to use it with any internet vendor and/or OS. Can you imagine needing approval from WalMart to upgrade your PC OS?

It really sucks!


You don't seem to be getting it Daniel. You see, in Nigeria, as an example, there is no such thing as carrier testing because carriers rarely sell phones and when they do, the phones can usually be used across networks. Some network operators are not even aware of some models. So claiming that carrier testing is delaying an update is false, as far as Nigeria is concerned.

Oh no, I get it. Re-read my post. Just because you have no carriers in Nigera does not mean you do not have a region-specific firmware (you do). On the list of top priorities, globally speaking, how high do you think a country like Nigeria is for them in comparison to say the UK?

You are not having a conversation but instead you are arguing about facts which are indisputable. The only "snark" I see is someone saying that Daniel "doesn't get it." What exactly doesn't he get? And what world wide 1st tier Window Phone centered publication are you the editor-in-chief of there in Nigeria? I would like to read it so that I can "get it."

I'm sorry but what are these "indisputable facts"? I'm just curious because so far I don't think there is any facts other than the fact we don't have it yet :) 

Thank you for your interest in us. But sorry to disappoint you, we don't publish any journal. We are just a fan community on the popular social media. If you feel so inclined, you may check us out at @windowsfonefans on Twitter.
By the way, Jeremy, you don't seem to get it that "you don't seem to get it l" is a fairly common expression in our own part of the world and it doesn't denote any snark. We hope you will relax now.
Lastly, that was an attempt at a 'conversation', not an argument.

As the guy who runs this site, I suspect he is getting a little pissed at the fact that everyone is asking the same f***ing question!!

The answer is, as much as no one wants to hear: You'll get it when it's ready.

The point is, if you are paying money to a carrier, then they will distribute the update to you. It doesn't matter whether the phone is a CV or unlocked or anything. You have a SIM. the company who you pay for that SIM owns your ass!!! Continually bleating about it, and not accepting the answer given by the man 'in the know'. is tedious!!!

We're all in the same boat. Patience is required on this one. We have all been spoiled with the DP, that is why the wait seems longer than it actually is....

We don't pay carriers for the phone in the Country Variants, just the comunication services. They heve literally Zero responsibility for the phone, it's all up to Nokia/Microsoft, who we tought had all tested by now.

Testing is testing. Who owns the cell towers in your area? Don't you want the software drivers for the in phone radios to be bug free so that they actually can connect to your cell towers?

I'm interested in the part where whoever is testing discovers which carrier I use to test it for me, because I can even switch the SIM card for another anytime I want, that's the beauty of a Standard, it has requirements to be implementet in order to be compatible with other things.

I don't know what you mean by a SIM incompatilbe with radios, I asume it uses another Band, it's still the same Standard, and it's not related to the issue here since Cyan, as far as I know, doesn't change the phone's Band. most phones now are multi-band and it's more a 4G/LTE country to country problem than between carriers.

1. So may be a good idea to switch to IOS to kill this carrier Crap or

2. no i like Nokia better so have to buy it unlocked or

3. In US WP8.1 doesnt have a big market share so should i buy it from India where the market share is bigger would that work or

4. People will wait for MS to gain enough marketshare as IOS so that we can get our updates w/o wait and then start buying WP8.1 phones..

Waiting for suggestions and comments.

we are on this site not because we hate WP we are here to get updates about our OS and functionality and got get a reason for delaying the updates..



All phones in India are sold unlocked. Carrier's have absolutely no say. That's a pretty big number of phones considering the statistics that were recently released. Don't you think?

The update should have started rolling out here in India considering that Nokia has had a lot of time to test already since the announcement.

Carriers are their biggest customers???
There are many countries which don't have this carrier thingy.
It might be for US/UK where carriers are the biggest customers.

US-people don't get that the rest of the world usually buy a phone in any eletronics store as we buy a TV set, then choose the carrier like we choose the cable TV operator. They were forced to think the carrier name printed in the phone's body is a normal thing, which is not.

I WISH WISH WISH we had this in the States.  I could care less if the iPhone is great, or not.  It obviously is, or they wouldn't sell.  I HATE the fact that they get preferential treatment just because they have the most popular phone.  It gives them an advantage over their competitors.  Relates directly to Net Neautrality if you ask me.  Giving a "fast lane" to those that pay a fee almost surely blocks the new start-ups from competing fairly (see Netflix paying Verizon for unthrottled speed).

The carriers need to understand that they are nothing but a provider in this modern day.  They no longer are needed to sell phones as more and more stores popup, as well as online retailers.  The only reason they have to "approve" the new updates is so they can comb through the code and see what new tech circumvents their services.  If you recall, Skype, Facetime, and even Data Sense were all blocked, or unavailable.  Why?  They allowed users to use their devices without directly using carrier charged services.  Skype and Facetime especially were used over Wi-Fi to avoid burning carrier charged minutes.

The carriers need to update their practices and simply do what they do best.  Provide service without the need to squeeze every penny from their customers.  We are globally, a media consuming culture.  The data will get used.  Let the devices manage their own stuff and stay out of it.  It will only change if they (device manufacturers) all-together form an alliance towards change.

Talking about Net Neutrality, we here in Brazil just had passed a federal law guaranteing equal treatment of any data by internet providers among other things. Acording to Wikipedia: "In 2014, the Brazilian government passed a law which expressly upholds net neutrality, "guaranteeing equal access to the Internet and protecting the privacy of its users in the wake of U.S. spying revelations"."

It is a good analogy. The chinese manufacturer makes the cable box, but the cable company puts its logo on the box. That was the point I was making about cell phones.

except I bought my phone without my carriers (I alternate 2 prepaid SIMs of different carriers) even noticing. I can't use another cable operator in the same cable box like I do with my phone.

I'm a US customer and we can also purchase through Electronics Stores like Bestbuy, Fry's, Radio Shack and other yet they are tied to carriers. otherwise the SIM would not be active and you wouldn't be able to make and calls. I free wi-fi call through your ISP might be possible, IDK.

I know, I've been there, and here in Brazil you can also buy a carrier phone in a generic eletronic store, but they must be unlocked by law. Locked phones are extinct, consumer rights demand the carrier to unlock for free if the user wants to. But the majority are unbranded by any carrier. I personaly bought my last 2 phones in the Nokia store, who doesn't sell carrier phones.

I am also not under any carrier and decided to check for any updates. Something is downloading it lookslike its Cyan, will let you know.


EDIT: Yep its Cyan !

Country: Slovakia (Lumia 925) didnt bought it from carrier

Actually Microsoft does use Windows Update to push out firmware level updates to their Surface tablets, so technically it isn't impossible. ;)

Yea but the Surface is their own device, all these different phone manufacturers not just Nokia, all wanting Cyan, MS don't have/make the firmware for them all

Still all Nokia really, MS did not make these phones even though they bought the company


Future MS devices will likely update like the Surface

first of all you know neither that "still all at nokia" nor that "future devices will likely update" this way. so please, don't sell on what you don't know.

Making perfect sense, Nokia made the Lumias, MS only recently bought them, Nokia team will 100% still be running all the updates to their own devices, owning a company doesn't automatically mean you take over all of their projects, Facebook bought Oculus, but guess what? Shock horror, its the same Oculus team developing the Rift - get a clue

you're making assertions you can't possibly back with facts you realize this right? These are MSFT employees now, that is a fact. We know many of them will get fired this week as per WP central's article. so nothing you really claim makes any sense.

I don't need to back them up with facts for n00bs peace of mind, it's how huge companies work, common knowledge, it would be retarded for a company like MS to buy Nokia, then think that they could suddenly take over everything Nokia were doing, seriously, get a CLUE, do some research, and finally stop being a hypocrite - you say I am making asertions I can't possibly back up with facts, have you even read what you are saying? You're doing the exact same thing dickhead

because you cannot make a civilized coherent argument backed by facts, and simply, you resort to name calling, insults etc. You realize any credibility or insight you may have had was just tossed out the window right? You're simply sounding childish and clueless the moment you chose to drive your point with the intelectual maturity of a 12 year old. you're done.

Microsoft Corp. is in Redmond, WA. Microsoft Mobile is in FINLAND. Ever hear of a wholly owned subsidiary? The buyout is not even three months old. Microsoft Corp. did not go back in time and "invent" the Lumia line. The SAME engineers who were working on CYAN before the buyout worked on it after the buyout. It is out of their hands now and in the hands of the carriers for "testing." Satya, Joe, You, MY MOM do not control the carrier process.

Actually MSFT Is a global company. Many engineers work in all continents under the same product. And the point remains:

-MSFT has the firmware already developed.

The point that the engineers who developed it did so months ago under Nokia is no longer relevant. These are now under the control of MSFT and their product is finished meaning the reason MSFT isn't releasing this has nothing to do with geographical distribution of its engineers period. You just cannot explain it that way.

Nokia finished the firmware. Then they tested it. And now they are rolling it out. Not sure what else you want at this point.

What's 31 divided by two? 15.5....if you round that up, it equals 16, so by that math, they still have until 11:59pm to meet you deadline.

The thing about carriers, if you look at the 'about' section in settings, it says something (even if you have an unlocked phone) so I imagine you are pushed Nokia's universal update for your model of phone

Ei Daniel, any thoughts about this: And a bonus for you folks with a Lumia 520, Lumia 525, Lumia 620 or Lumia 720: If you currently run local HERE Drive, you’ll get a free upgrade to global HERE Drive+.

The country-variant of the Nokia company. They are the same slow as the carriers, just having a country variant phone does not grant you special treatment at all. At all.

I am with you on that. Since no Carrier is involved and the phone is directly from Nokia I do not understand why it is still under testing. :(

But well, a few more days/weeks of waiting won't kill me. :P

Think of it another way:
Nokia/MS does not own the towers, the carriers do. When they make the firmware then they make it for the device-specific features and then test the radio stuff according to generic specs and standards that the carriers may or may not use. At the end of the day you are going to hook up your device through a carrier, and if they have done some sort of schenanigans to get the network to function and your device gets a generic firmware update, then your phone will run into issues.
This whole process is Nokia sending the firmware to the carrier, and the carrier makes a few changes and sends it back to Nokia. Nokia makes sure the carrier changes do not break the device, and they go round and round until something works. In this process Nokia learns what should work for the generic devices that could be on any number of carriers for the regional variants and will release the firmware when they feel they have ironed out enough bugs on enough carriers. People are annoyed that the Amber and Black updates took forever on ATT, but they are quick to forget that there were a whole series of small firmware updates that fixed and broke features before the Amber release because ATT pushed the update through too soon without enough testing. Annoying as it is, it is far better to wait and get a solid product than to get something broken early... especially when it is something as critical as a phone.

If you have a SIM in your phone, which you have, then the carrier you pay money to each month, or even PAYG, are the ones who will distribute the update to you.

An unlocked phone just means you can choose which carrier you like. It does not give you special dispensation to receive it ahead of everyone else. Therefore you ARE tied to a 'carrier'. that's where the hold up is.... Blame them if you have to blame someone!!!

Not true, you receive the update by internet, that includes wi-fi so you dont need a carrier to get the update. Remember the Smartphone is just a computer but with a SIM card and antenas that let you make pone calls.

update request on the server are backed up, kinda like mail around the holidays.....just wait, you'll get it.

In order to call yourself the metalchick, you have to know who is nicknamed "the air raid siren" and name all of their albums to start :-)

If you know how to ask the question, Cortana can give you the answer, but only if you type it. I'll give you a clue...ancient torture device.

As long as it improves battery and performance, I am ok with that. I know it wont fix the broken rooms though. Very annoying.

Prepare for months of wait... For example: Black started to roll out in March here in Brazil and some Lumias only got the update I'm the end of May!

What about an unlocked international version of the Nokia Lumia 1520 with a T-Mobile sim?  What do I do then?  Where do I go to check for that?

bro just check your info from about phone and check online, i have unlocked version that's singapore country variant and i just check online and see , ezpz

Same page... Look under Europe if you bought your phone in a country in Europe. Or look at the settings and it will say something like CV GB (for me), so that means I need to look under GB, country variant.

I posted in the forums last week... I had talked to someone in ATT tech dept.(friend) and as of then they hadnt recieved the update to test. So, Im guessing this "rollout" means that carriers like att have just now recieved the update to begin testing. So I believe your timetable is spot on because he(friend at att) said earliest October/November.

Crud..... I was really hoping I was wrong.... :(

Well, sounds like the Mclaren will at least be a worthy update to my aging 920. Windows 8.1 is nice on it, but without the cyan update it feels incomplete lol

ATT is full of sh*t.....they have it and are holding out in hopes of getting you to buy an iphone which is their bread and butter like everyone else.

Of course, ATT needs weeks to disable features....

When they do roll it out, I'm going to test it on my husband's 920 first. If it disables 8.1 DP tools like data sense, battery sense + my Qi charging, I ain't gonna take that update.

BTW, I just read in ATT forum that they're going w PMA wireless charging standard which I can get with a PMA shell. They actually want me to put a freakin' shell on my beautiful Nokia phone! They gotta be so far up Apple's backside they can't see daylight.


It's a shame what Tmobile did to the 810. Microsoft claims all WP8 devices will get 8.1....I have not seen Microsoft address the Lumia 810 situation at all.

At least someone on ATT understands the 810 treatment! Everyone else just complains about their "slow" updates and how it takes forever for ATT to get new phones.

Yeah don't know why this particular device got shunned out so badly. I feel like writing an email to both Microsoft/Nokia and T-Mobile just to see what they tell me. I have a feeling they will say its the other guys problem (MS/Nokia or T-Mobile).

If my 1520.3 unlocked and i have the preview for dev update and i live in Canada where the 1520 is not sell by any carriers, can i trust this list or i should try another region ??

The region from which your device is from. I have the hong Kong varient of the 1520 for tmo-us. I'll get cyan when they push to Hong kong

Same problem here mates. Lumia 1520.3 in Canada. All I know is that this is a Latin American variant but not sure under which country it falls.
Personally I am not worrying much. If my phone doesn't detect Cyan by itself I trust Nokia/Microsoft will make the new rom available for each product code, so I will just download it and do a clean flash manually tthrough Nokia Care Suite.

yeah you can, i have unlocked version and i just check my settings and match version # that's all, what you don't get?need procedure?

no i haven't gotten it as yet but i will once it shows mine would be available, do you know which one axactly on the sheet shows are your version?

1028.3562.1402.0001 it is all the same version for north and south America, and it is under testing by every carriers !!! But my phone is not own by any carriers

From what I understand, the lockscreen app code is already in place. In fact the new 8.1 lock screen with the larger clock font uses some of that code. I think it should just be an update via the Windows Phone Store when lock screen apps roll out. (Don't count me on this though.)

Thats what i thought, ive jut been waiting for them to do something with it... but, alas, Nothing has come :(

You can uninstall everything from AT&T, which is a big bonus of WP.  Unfortunately, you can't install data sense if they choose to remove it.

Does this update enable Cortana for other regions or are we waiting on that as well. I heard Canada was rolling out 8.1 with Cortana for their region is this true?

They said that the final build of 8.1 wasn't going to be the same as the dev preview. So will the Cyan update come bundled with the consumer grade 8/1, hopefully fixing some bugs?

I read ab article on this sire saying that the 930 had the same os number variant as the dev preview. So the 8.1 update is going to be pretty similar. Cyan just unlocks some functionality and kills some bugs.

Who said that? Windows Phone 8.1 PfD was RTM version from the start. Only some kids were repeating that it's beta.

Microsoft officially said that the DP wasn't the final release build. Not beta/stable level chanhes, but tweaks nonetheless. Not to mention we got like two updates before today, so uhm, don't know what you think you're talking about.

But they have updated the Dev preview after to make it same. That was stated before we got updates to the preview.

Do you have a source that says they didn't work on it anymore between the last update and now? I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if they just put it into GDR1, but I also wouldn't be surprised if the final version is different than even the latest DP.

You haven't been paying attention lately have you. The current DP build IS the final OS version. Cyan is not an OS update, its a Firmware update.

Current DP Build: 12397
Current Build in the Lumia 635\930: 12397

Source to back it up: http://m.wpcentral.com/nokia-lumia-930-unboxing-tour and also http://m.wpcentral.com/tmobile-lumia-635-quick-look

Yes, Microsoft said the DP was not the final OS, though that was when it was introduced and hadn't been updated. It has since been finalized on the OS level but, you will still see some updates to the OS later on.