Windows Phone marketshare reportedly overtakes the iPhone in China

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All eyes were on Microsoft's rather important launch of Windows Phone in China earlier this year. Nokia followed up with the Lumia 800c, released on China Telecom. According to Michel van der Bel, COO of Greater China Region at Microsoft, the company has achieved 7% marketshare in the country, overtaking the iPhone (sitting at just 6%).

Before you think "well 7% isn't something to get excited about", remember that the platform has only officially been available for just under two months. Windows Phone has captured 7% of the Chinese smartphone market in just 60 days, and the campaign has only just begun. This kind of growth is a struggling goal for the platform in other markets, so it's positive to see Chinese consumers choosing the Windows Phone experience. Plus, it's always a great headline when Windows Phone beats the popular iPhone.

With manufacturers also on-board and attacking supported countries, Windows Phone should look to repeat the success story currently being written in China, especially with Nokia powering through marketing budgets. There's still much more to do in China though, as van der Bel went on to admit the company understands the difficult task ahead and has deployed a 2,500 head strong team in its R&D department to focus on the Asian market.

Source: Emerce.nl via: Neowin


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Windows Phone marketshare reportedly overtakes the iPhone in China


I am wondering why some of the recent impressive Russian/China WP success has not been reported into any of the financial news outlets like CNBC, YH finance, MS finance. Hell even the proprietary research I get through TD Ameritrade has none of this info?

I wonder about that, too. Maybe no one can believe it. Maybe it's just an anomaly. Maybe it's not true. When 2Q Gartner report comes out and if WP has shown some gains then people will take notice.

Media is too much in love with AAPL & everything else is thrown under the bus at the moment. We need a really good quarter from Nokia to get some love from these outlets. Hope it's aroound the corner..

yo, but we need to get som WPs on China Mobile, ASAP. that the largest carrier in the world (by far), FYI..

they also don't have the iPhone officially on there (though many use it on the network, like t-mobile), but I heard Apple's in talks. it would be a major win for WP if the Lumias came there first..

This is very important for windows phone. China is the biggest cell phone market in the works by far. If windows phone does well in china and by the looks of it will do well in the US. It will be a huge success. I'm very happy to here this. WP7 FTW!!!

Now, we need more share in the US! Hopefully companies like Samsung and HTC will catch on to this, and push WP on American consumers... Just goes to show how much better Asians are at making decisions than Americans....

All indicators point to Nokia having more success here in the States over Europe (except Finland and Germany), which is a bit ironic.

You might have a better source of information but when looking at the statcounter.com data there are several other European countries ahead of the US in WP data usage share: France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg are clearly ahead while Greece and the Netherlands generally are still ahead of the US but it’s getting close. I do expect the US to start passing some of these countries in data usage share soon though.

That's because the Nokia marketing is non-existent over here! When they launched the Lumia 800 in Sweden they made some marketing for a week, and after that nothing. People have already forgot about the Lumia phones and gone back to buy what all the other guys are using... iPhones... :-(

But I am more happy that Nokia gets a good market share in US and china than in Sweden... For now...

Thru, but it was almost a month before the carriers stopped and it all went down. Im not so sure about my own patience thou being left out.

Now I would like to see some quality Chinese OCR software. Engkoo is good but it is missing vital components. MS should buy Pleco...

Let's face it... a lot of Apple's failure in China probably has something to do with the number of Chinese sweat shops that Apple is using to make iCrap devices.

It probalby means that they've captured 7% of the marketshare of phones sold in the last 2 months, not total installed base. That's absurd.

This goes to show that windows phone doesn't need to capture the US market for it to succeed. Microsoft needs to focus their efforts beyond US only, especially the emerging markets where there are many first time smartphone users.

China is a key market for both Microsoft and Apple. I am assuming this is only a comparison to the last two months and that the Windows Phone as a whole has not captured 7 percent because that would be huge. After all Apple made up shortfalls in other markets by doing extremely well in China so I think it is unlikely.
What is exciting though is that they are neck and neck with Apple in the region right now, so the Windows Phone looks like it is finally selling in serious numbers or Apple stopped selling.
Couple this with the good vibe coming out of the states and the Windows 8 release and we can see some strong signs of growth.

The success is more related to Nokia than Windows Phone. Anyways, that's a good thing since China alone is enough to keep the platform alive.

Even though I would love to hear this news, I doubt this is the case. All of the Chinese people here at my university in the UK have iPhones. Yes, 100% of them have iPhones. Not Android, not BB, not WP7. They are "fresh off the boat" as in they have come to the UK from China directly, solely for university purposes. 
Though I do notice that there has been an increase in Chinese comments on Apps on the Marketplace. So this is a good sign, nevertheless.

The iPhone isnt officially for for sale in china so beating it by one percent isnt really any special feat. (edit: it seems I had the wrong information. If so, good job for wp)

My question - if its such a big leap for windows phone, why hasn't Microsoft or Nokia come out with a huge ad campaign or news broadcast for this?? broadcast comeon, this is BIG news for all of us windows users.

It would be incredible if this story were true, but sadly few journalists (especially fanboy sites) bothered to fact-check this propaganda piece.  Thankfully Tomi did: