Winning apps from the Macedonia Windows Phone Developer Camp competition announced

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Competition winners from a Windows Phone Developer Camp have been announced. The Dev Camp, sponsored by T-Mobile, saw a "huge" amount apps being submitted to win smartphones running Microsoft's OS. Much like we've seen elsewhere, these sessions aid developers who are new to the platform, who'd like to network and pick up on some skills and knowledge from more experienced personnel.

So what are the seven winning apps we speak of?

  • AquaGuard - a tower defense game that puts the player in charge of preventing water pollution affecting populated countries with strategically placed defenses.
  • Nastani Time.mk* - an event planner for residents of Macedonia. The app enables users to check out latest events, plan ahead and receive reminders.
  • LiquidLab - a thought-intensive game that requires the player to measure liquid in glass beakers, sounds easy? How about doing this with now measuring instruments or guides?
  • ColorFever - enjoy puzzles? You'll want to check out ColorFever. The object of this game is to paint the entire board with a single colour, but not everything is as straight forward as it sounds.
  • ProveriBroj* - a simple app that enables users to check the mobile provider of any given number. Data is supplied by the AEC database.
  • Najeftino* - this handy shopping app acts as a comparison tool, where consumers can compare the prices of multiple products.
  • Be Humane - the last winning app is a charity based solution, which provides users with the tools to view upcoming charitable events (blood donation, etc.) and more.

* denotes apps in Macedonian only.

Source: Windows Phone Dev Camp; thanks Martin for the tip!


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Winning apps from the Macedonia Windows Phone Developer Camp competition announced


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