PhoneGap 2.0, the Adobe cross-platform development platform, adds more features as well as other improvements

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We last looked at PhoneGap, the Adobe-owned open source mobile development platform, when version 1.3 arrived which included support for Windows Phone. Adobe has now released 2.0 and further expands on the feature set provided to developers who wish to build apps that can easily be submitted to multiple platform app stores.

Using HTML5, CSS and Javascript, PhoneGap allows those who do not possess the knowledge of mobile platform native code to create and release apps for all the supported operating systems. So what's new in version two-point-oh? The team have implemented a new command line interface for building iOS apps, which removes issues surrounding Apple's Xcode tools, adds more support for enterprise app development, includes enhanced user guides and documentation, as well as security and stability improvements.

Cordova WebView is also present, which allows for the integration of PhoneGap as a larger native application. Listed with the new features is "Windows Phone support", which we're slightly confused at since it was added in version 1.3. We've reached out to the PhoneGap team for clarification just in case there are some incredibly useful features added. We'll update the article once we've received a reply.

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PhoneGap 2.0, the Adobe cross-platform development platform, adds more features as well as other improvements


I tried using a phonegap app I'd made for android on my Titan, and though the html and css seems to work fine (though there were scaling issues) none of the JavaScript or jQuery worked. Hopefully they've sorted this so I can add another platform to my supported list.

Seems a shame the only phone I can't get it to work on is my own.

Mainly for my firm, but I have done a small app for my boy who loves the Disney junior shows (but as I don't want to be served by Disney it's not on any market). We're moving our Windows mobile 6.5 system to be cross platform and Phonegap seemed the way to go without having to rewrite code in 3+ different IDEs.

Have you tried putting the files on a private webserver and loading the app in IE9 (both desktop & on WP7)? On desktop you can see the Developer tools and maybe see a JavaScript error to tweak in the console? IE9's much better than previous IEs, but still has its quirks. Good luck. :)