Windows Phone 8 SDK preview release leaks online [Updated]

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Although we’re expecting Microsoft to release the Windows Phone 8 SDK within the coming weeks, this morning the full SDK has managed to leak online via the site WPXAP.

The full SDK is available via two methods—the official Microsoft server with a password or a third party file site (which requires a 3rd party app to install first). We have downloaded the SDK and validated that it is indeed the full package.

Files include the SDK, which can only run on Windows 8 64-bit preview edition meaning many folks won’t be able to run this right now. In fact, we’ve heard that the official SDK will be a Windows 8-only release (both 32 and 64 bit).

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The files included are

  • Network Monitoring for Windows Phone Applications V1.pdf    
  • Optimizing Windows Phone Applications for Efficient Battery Consumption V1.pdf          
  • RPALSDK_LKG25.zip
  • Simulation Dashboard for Windows Phone Applications V1.pdf
  • Windows Phone 8 Developer Docs.chm
  • Windows Phone Apollo Release Notes.htm        
  • wpexpress.zip

The Developer docs (CHM) containing all the documentation with the new dev options--screenshots are posted below. We’ll get more up as soon as we can go through the files.


Source: WPXAP; Thanks, talan1314, for the tip. More shots after the break...

Updated - Here are our follow up analyses


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Windows Phone 8 SDK preview release leaks online [Updated]


Files include the SDK, which can only run on Windows 8 64-bit preview edition meaning many folks won’t be able to run this right now. In fact, we’ve heard that the official SDK will be a Windows 8-only release.

How are you developing without 64 bit in this day and age? I could not even think about not having more than 4GB of ram available for my tool sets. :( .. MS Also did this for Sharepoint developement which required 64bit like last year.

Well if I dont have a 64bit PC already am I supposed to go out and buy a new one or format the one I have? The WP7 SDK installed fine on my 32bit Win7 Pro, cant expect me to blow that away or buy a new pc just to start learning about app development. And Windows 8 is not out yet so restricting dev to the 64bit version of that seems a bit silly.

Yes if your running a pentium 4 or pentium D then yes .. you should be upgrading .. any Intel Core 2 Duo and higher can handle a x64 bit OS.

Except you need a Core-i5 or higher for Second Level Address Translation for the emulator if you want to TEST your app.

The Windows Phone 8 emulator utilizes Hyper-V.  That's a certain method of virtualization that requires certain hardware functionality.  Among what's necessary is a feature called Second Level Address Translation, which unfortunately a Core2Duo will not have.  For what it's worth, this is also why I'd say with 99% certainty that there will never be a 32-bit version of this SDK; Hyper-V only works on a 64-bit system.

hehe, oh well... my comp is 5~6 years old, i guess they are telling me to upgrade now :P
thanks for the info :)

XP mode doesn't use Hyper-V, as far as I remember.  It used Virtual PC.  Also, I was simplifying a little bit.  Hyper-V works if you don't have SLAT on Windows Server 2008 as the host, but with Windows 8, when Microsoft brought Hyper-V to the OS, they added the hardware requirement of SLAT in the CPU.   Since the SDK is Windows 8 only, and since the SDK also explicitly mentions SLAT support to run the emulator, it's easier to just say that Hyper-V needs SLAT.  I doubt many people here will be using a Windows Server 2008 PC, and the SDK doesn't support that OS anyway.

Not correct, I have server 2012 here on the same hardware as I had server 2008R2 running hyper-v. Server 2012 run's just fine, with hpyer-v enabled without SLAT. But yes I do have hardware assisted virtualization.
And since I get the feeling you don't beleive me look at this:
BTW, I never said XP mode uses Hyper-v, cause it doesn't. It uses virtual PC.

All you need is a graphics card with directX 10 or higher to run the emulator. CPU really doesn't matter.

At this point I just want to start learning about developing for WP8 and Windows 8 so blowing away my current working install or buying a new PC is not an option. And yes, my current hardware is perfectly capable of running a 64bit OS but thats not really my point.

it looks like u can install both 32bit and 64bit now, the only question remains is if u are required to have win8 (which would kind of suck for me too, since mine is the main HTPC so i don't get to play with it as other family members are using it to watch TV)

So, if you have plenty of disk space, why not use one of the following options:

  1. VMware Workstation or Player
  2. VirtualPC for Windows 7
  3. Boot to VHD

I use Boot to VHD for almost everything that I want to test on physical hardware.  It's so easy, and very efficient to use or even migrate to a new drive or system (just copy the VHD and done.)

They recommend against 1 and 2 in the release notes because then you'd be running a VM on top of a VM when you're trying to use the WP8 emulator.

If this is true, this will be a problem. I'm fairly certain they will back-port it to windows 7. They basically have to if they want the independent developers to keep rolling out apps.

I highly doubt that - WP8 development is nearly identical to Windows 8 development, and they did not port that to Windows 7 as well.

Stuff I found in the docs so far:
- native code / C++ support
- not identical to desktop WinRT, but very close
- NO HTML5 apps a la Windows 8
- speech commands
- Bluetooth and NFC APIs
- read-only SD card access
- app-to-app communication using URIs
- in-app purchases
- DirectX 11.1 but with lower level of tech compared to desktop and no Direct2D / DirectWrite / WIC (bummer!)
- easy scaling for multiple resolutions support and auto-scaling
- Wallet APIs
- IPv6
- Nokia Maps API
- faster lag-free Panoramas and Pivots
- right-to-left text support
- built-in emoticons support

It looks like the documentation is missing some vital parts - for example it still containts old Silverlight socket classes and not new WinRT ones, although in the list of compatibility it lists WinRT sockets as supported. I wonder if I should try to download full SDK instead of just the docs - 1.3 Gb at 90kb/s...

Also I can see expanded tiles support - including double-width tiles and tiles with slide-shows (similar to the tiles of Pictures hub).

Some nice developer changes are there. Too bad that I can't test them out on my Lumia 800. I wonder if they bring some new APIs with 7.8...

I'm downloading it right now. At 80kbps... Only 4 hours remaining. I hope that MS dosnt take the files offline in the next hours.

If this is the full SDK then I wonder if it has the device emulator? If so then someone could give us an early preview of the OS ;)

Very curious to see how the scaling handles graphics. Camera api's sound awesome, can't wait to play.

"Windows Phone Apollo Release Notes.htm"
Uuuh... you can't just post that and NOT tell us everything that Apollo has to offer! IT'S NOT FAIR TO MY SANITY!!!

the leak is a preview version of the SDK, indicating that Microsoft may be planning to release this kit officially in the coming weeks so dont get to excited yet :)

I don't know, I think the release notes includes some important stuff... like Wifi connections won't work in the emulator, Visual Studio won't work if you have the Office 15 preview installed, etc.  To me that says it's probably another month or so before something is released to the general public.

You don't need to download a 3rd party app first. I just clicked on the file name and it allowed me to download it. I'm not sure I should though

Where are the links to download the SDK?  I went to the WPXAP site but couldnt make heads or tails of it.  I think my reading skills are being washed out by my excitement to dig into this.

Yeah click the first link on WPXAP and it takes you to some download page. Click the file shown and it should download*.
*It seems to only work in IE

I hope that you have downloaded the SDK and give us a download because I was downloading this but because of your article the server seems to have some problems and i have to start the download again -.- I think that in six hours there won't be any download anymore :@

So in the images I seen it speak of sd card access =) might we finally be able to expand the storage capabilities now?

The SD card is read-only for applications though.  So you most likely won't be using it for much more than your music and videos.

I think that'll depend on the specific hardware each manufacturer uses, but I see no reason why it wouldn't be.