Nokia releases exclusive Contacts Share app for Lumia line of Windows Phone

Nokia Contacts Share

Nokia promised back a few weeks ago that they had plenty of software to still releases yet for their Lumia line of Windows Phones and today they did so again with the Contacts Share app.

Contacts Share is yet another “fill what’s missing in Windows Phone” app from the Finnish company and should be a huge boon for business users. The app is simple enough as it allows you to send contact info via email or SMS to any phone including Symbian, Android, iOS and BlackBerry in standard Vcard format.

The contacts are then imported by email or when the app is opened and they brought right into the People Hub like any other contact...

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Couple of things we would like to note: the app isn’t working right now on our Lumia 900 for AT&T. That could be because we don’t have a SIM, though it is telling us that our OS version is not up to date. We’re not sure which the case is so you can let us know.

The other is the app notes “this is not compatible with CDMA” which should not be read as Nokia not supporting CDMA phones in the future (like Verizon or Sprint), it’s simply because the app is based off of the SIM card inserted into the device, so don’t read too much into that.

Update: Confirmed for AT&T users this will not work as this app is evidently dependent on a yet-to-come firmware update (or possibly tied to Tango). That update should be forthcoming in the coming weeks.

Pick up Nokia’s Contacts Share here in the Marketplace for Lumia Windows Phones. Thanks, @JCinWinupd8 and Scott M., for the link

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Nokia releases exclusive Contacts Share app for Lumia line of Windows Phone


Installed succesfully on my Lumia 900 in Belgium, bought from amazon germany.
OS version : 7.10.8779.8

Works fine on UK Lumia 900, but as you say in the article, this should've been built in to the OS itself. I just hope all of the obvious features are a standard in WP8.

Just tried this on my Lumia 800.
Not a very good app: scrolling through the contact list is sluggish, and there is no way to search for a particular contact (only to jump to a letter), which leads to a lot of slow, sluggish scrolling.

I however experience no lag while scrolling, but a search function would come in handy.

If you scroll really really super fast, then you can see the contacts loading... But I wouldn't call it laggy. However, I agree, a search function would be nice

Okay, now I know what you mean. It takes indeed a second to load them completely when scrolling really really fast. Next update will hopefully get rid of it and add the search functionality ;-) Oh and I don't like the overview of the alphabet, should look exactly the same as in the people hub..

Installed on my unlocked Lumia 900. Although I did have an unexpected update yesterday too which might have something to do with it...

Checkout an app called "People Search" from the market place. It dies a much better job of sharing contacts...

Appeared in the Malaysian Marketplace and just downloaded it unto my Lumia 800 (have to search in the 'More from Nokia Corporation' tag, by the way).
I'm planning to buy an X6 as a spare phone since I lent my 6700 Slide to my mom for her to use after she lost her X3. Hope it works (and I sincerely hope no one else lose their phone).

Well, it doesn't work on AT&T with the Lumia900. My phone is running the latest and greatest. So, maybe Nokia needs to apply a fix here.

"they" should be "then" in your third paragraph, Daniel. You really need to take a second and give your posts one quick proof read. I find the typos very distracting.

Never had that problem on my Lumia 800. All the buttons work fine.
Just give them some time because based on the responses in the link, it looks like it is difficult to reproduce and I suspect it had something to do with defective batches (which is possible to claim warranty if it is still within the warranty period).

This is one of the reasons why I desperately want a Nokia Lumia on Verizon, especially one with pureview.Nokia have their own great apps while HTC has one app that I use......notes

I REALLY NEED A SUGGESTION WHAT TO DO, not working on my nokia lumia 710, i really need this APP, reply on this comment will be much appreciated, thnx