Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster gets a video demo

You have to give Nokia credit—not only do they appear to be getting to release some innovative and boundary pushing phones, they’re creating a great ecosystem to go with it.

Such is the case with the super-expensive Purity Pro Wireless headphones made in conjunction with Monster (the company behind Beats). The headset features NFC pairing, Bluetooth streaming, 24-hour battery life for calls and music and is made from polycarbonate plastic (like the Lumia) for sturdiness.

In the video above, we also get to see how there are no buttons on the headphones, instead when you unfold them they just click on. What’s more, the built in active noise-cancelling feature kicks on when it picks up ambient audio in the room with once again, no input from the user. To turn them off you simply fold up the headphones and if your battery dies, just plug in the 3.5mm headset jack and they will still work.

We’re still a little iffy on the pricetag but we won’t deny we’re looking to pick these up. Over-the-ear headphones while a bit dorky looking are hands down the best for audio fidelity and more importantly, wearing for long durations (such as flights). Throw in the design and the rest of the “Lumia 920” package like a wireless charging stand, the JBL PlayUp speaker and those cool colors and we think we know where our money is going.

The Purity Pro headphones will be released in Q4 for €299.

Source: The Nokia Blog


Reader comments

Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster gets a video demo


I really wish they wouldn't have teamed up with Monster on this. They are one of the most despicable companies in the entire world.

How do people afford these? And why monster/ way overpriced on markup. At best buy the cables are $140 to the customer but best buy pays monster $20.

Wait a minute....are you telling me these have a microphone for making calls too? If thats the case i want black or white ones.

I hope this won't be the (only) colors for the lumia 920, because I really like the cyan lumias.

I'd throw another €100 on that and get the wireless Ultimate Ears. No idea what they can do when it comes to circumaural phones, but I think it's safe to say that their in-ear monitors have proven to be worth their price tags.

I have a set of UE ear buds and they are the best headphones I've ever used, no way I would pay the same money or more for Monsters.

They were made for and by music engineers before audiophiles caught up, so they have a reputation to keep up. I feel Logitech is putting a generous markup on the UE consumer products, and the new over-ear phones are probably based on their gaming headsets. But, by my own brief testing experience, the better Logitech headsets outclass Beats phones, and that at a half or a third of the cost.

Logitech has made great audio products for desktop use, but I guess they need a brand like UE to get their products next to Bose and B&W and similar brands that people like middle-aged middle class men spend money on.