PayPal App for Windows Phone now officially available in the Marketplace

WP Central Official PayPal App for Windows Phone now available

We reported a while back that Nokia were helping to bring PayPal to Windows Phone. Well for all those out there that have been waiting with bated breath, it’s finally with us.

We are still trying to confirm the availability in all regions but can confirm 100% that UK and USA are able to see and install the app--you don't need a Nokia phone either. Having installed the app its looking very nice indeed, sporting a smooth scrolling panoramic layout. For a version 1.0 release this is looking very good indeed.

Official Paypal app for Windows Phone

The app is free and signed off in the marketplace as coming from eBay Inc. So we’re certain of its authenticity, just a little surprised at the lack of hoopla for this important release.

WP Central Official PayPal App for Windows Phone now available

The features included are :


  • Whether you want to send a money gift or pay off a loan from a friend—sending money is easy and FREE(when using Bank or Balance as a funding source)


  • Check your balance, withdraw funds or view past transactions—anytime, anywhere


  • New “Local” feature where you can find local merchants who are using our PayPal Here™ service and pay them with PayPal.
  • Online or on-the-go, your financial information is always safe and secure with PayPal.

Another important piece to the puzzle fits into place with this app. For many users it's apps like these that are simply not replaceable. This is a clear case of Nokia helping to strengthen the eco system with this sort of developer initiative.

This is quite early on so some may not see the app through searching, if the app is unavailable in your region let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Mark Tepper for the tip! :)

Download link HERE

QR: PayPal


Reader comments

PayPal App for Windows Phone now officially available in the Marketplace


I see the app from this link but it states that is not available for now. I hope soon to get it because i use often paypal for oversea paying.

Sweet. Nokia partnership is continuing to yield divdiends.
BTW - its "bated" breath, not "baited"... =)

damn Nokia didn't even take credit for helping bring this to WP yesterday, I think it is because they were so shook up at the shambles of their demo.

First thing I did was disable location services. It lets merchants know who you are and that you are nearby. Why?

"It lets merchants know who you are and that you are nearby"

I think you have it backwards..it's to let YOU know what Merchants are nearby as sometimes they offer deals...no?

Where does it say it does this? All it seems to do is list nearby businesses and gives you the OPTION to use Paypal to pay there.

Through Geolocation--the app asks you if it's okay.

The commentor above though is saying merchants can see YOU and where you live. That's bollocks.

This is Nokia truly helping the ecosystem in the sense that the app comes to all devices, that's how it should be (even though I own a Lumia). That said eBay already had two apps on the marketplace ao maybe it was coming anyway.

Now if only the Chase Bank app was available. I asked them about it a couple days ago via email and they acted as though they hadnt' even started on a Windows Phone app. It's been officially announced at a Microsoft event, no idea why they're being coi...maybe the person was just stupid. 

Well, for those out there...

Having installed the app, it's looking very nice indeed...

coming from Ebay Inc., so we're certain of its...

Robert, I think your comma key is faulty.

I love updated bank of America take a picture of your check to deposit feature. Has anyone used it yet? I did and worked fine

Don't be cry baby just because USA blew away Canada in the olympics hahaha also sad your Canada taxes are so fricken high. Shows u USA best. You understand Canadian bacon onk onk onk. :-D

Can't get it on Samsung Focus (originally Rogers, now unlocked on Bell) in Canada. Says "Not available on your device" and goes on to state it may be due to software update needed (latest OS running), may be excusive to another provider or not available in your region :(

Please state in future which Countries the app is available in. As a Canadian, I could care less if an App is available in the United States. Just Sayin!

The SECOND paragraph states confirmed in US and UK. Do you want a list of every country in the world, or can you not extrapolate that the specific mention of these two implies other countries may not have it yet?
Just sayin'


Trust me, if we had a magic list we could consult that told us where this app was available/not available, we WOULD tell you guys.

Why don't we tell you PayPal is not available in Canada? Why we have no writers from Canada to test for us. Not to mention what about the other 100+ countries? Shall we consult with them all before running a story?

I can see it now. Paypal comes out Sept 6th. On November 2nd, WPCentral will finally report it after verifying its worldwide availability...


You seem a little defensive, Drew.  Relax.... Canada is a great place... 
The app is coming.  If we all have waited this long, a little longer to let it reach every market won't hurt.


We could love to but we didn’t get an official announcement on this one. We do the best we can and did say that we couldn’t confirm other regions. RB

Its also why many people checked out on their phones to gather that information. The boys of WPCentral can't be everywhere.

Very good, happy with this.
Also made me realise that the eBay app on marketplace is v1.18 and the pre installed one is only v1.13.

Main difference seems to be selling options, though still seems some way behind the IOS version unfortunately

Not available for the first generation Samsung Focus.
Also, it's requesting access to camera, location services, data services, phone identity (all these I can understand), but also music and video library, and contacts (why?).

I just installed on my Samsung Focus.
F'off Troll.
Can please a moderator delete the misleading message?

Says who?  Intuit's website says Android or iPhone, nothing more.  Even Blackberry is no longer supported.  Where does it work on WP7???????

Despite my love for my Focus S, it is support like this that is pushing me to buy a Nokia instead of an ATIV.  We so need Nokia to reap the benefits of the ecosystem they are helping to build.  I really will give Nokia a chance to steal money away from Samsung this winter.

Kudos on a great app, and despite Nokia giving paypal the push to get the app out, it's not Nokia exclusive. Awesome!

Another one of my crucial apps that I needed. I love it. I hated using the website. Woohoo! Huzzahh!

Not available in Germany, but I don't really see how the app is usefull anyways. I use paypal a lot to pay, but what would I need an app for? I usualy never send money "directly" and if I do, the webshops usualy already direct me to a pre-filled form that I only need to login to paypal and click "buy" or "pay" or whatever. Am I missing something here? 

Maybe like me. I use it to get paid for freelance jobs, and when the paying arrives i send in the work. So i dont have to wait or check every minute for it. I hope the has a notification system...

No -- not happy.  Without the ability to use the new PayPal To Go card swiper, this is a poor effort at best.
I really, really want a card reader to bill clients and still my L9 has no options.  Not Square, not Intuit, not PayPal, nada.  Ughhh so frustrating.

lol, are they joking?
Supported languages: Swedish
But it's not avaiable in sweden...
Wonder what geniuses did that.

Nice security. Going to have to start using my PIN to lock my device down or uninstall PayPal. I noticed right off, the app doesn't prompt you for your credentials after the initial login. I probably should be locking down anyway but it seemed like an extra step I didn't care to take each time I used my phone.

Yeah, I've been lazy by not locking down before now but I haven't had a reason like this to do so. I'm sure there will be others to disagree and to them, each to their own. Whatever works for you. We're not all equal in our needs.