Nokia announce new features coming to existing Lumia devices

WP Central Nokia announce new updates coming to existing Lumia devices

Nokia have just a announced through their Conversations website that existing Lumia phones will get some sweet new feature updates. The new features announced will include addition Bluetooth capabilities, a ringtone maker and of course the new Windows Phone 8 start screen aka the 7.8 OS refresh.

Nokia are not forgetting about their existing customers, they made this clear at the launch of Windows Phone 8 and now we’re seeing them keep to their word.

Here is the list of new features announced:

  • A new Start screen look and feel, familiar from Windows Phone 8, giving you a whole new look the moment you unlock your phone
  • Ringtone maker app to selected markets to create a personal ringtone
  • Contact share app updated to support sharing over Bluetooth in addition to SMS and email
  • Bluetooth file transfer to send media files via Bluetooth from your Lumia device to any other phone

The update will be applicable to owners of the Lumia 610, 710, 800 and 900 devices.

If you tuned into the Nokia Windows Phone 8 event you would have seen their Cinemagraph app being demoed. If you didn’t, it is a neat little camera app that allows the user to highlight certain parts of a scene and animate it. Well that’s coming to existing devices, as are some “additional surprises” to help make shooting and sharing as easy as possible. Intriguing and exciting.

Unfortunately Nokia weren’t able to share when we can expect these updates, as its obviously part of the Windows Phone 7.8 update we have still to hear for certain when they will roll out. That will be down to Microsoft rather than Nokia.  

Source : Nokia Conversations


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Nokia announce new features coming to existing Lumia devices


I was going to replace my 900 with the 920 but will just add a 3rd line for the additional $35 per month with the new sharing plan.

The more I see how much they care about there costumers the more I want to make a switch to Nokia

Is this Nokia only, or part of the 7.8 upgrade from ms?
Hopefully ms doesn't forget there's actually other wp-devices out there as well... :-)


Microsoft haven’t detailed the 7.8 update plans fully. But we know all devices will at least get the new start screen. I suspect the Bluetooth update could go out to other devices also but we have nothing to confirm that. RB

Hope blutooth's getting an upgrade. Used to sending files with my old stoneage wm6.5 :-) miss that.
Guess I end's up with a 920, only don't like that's no radio onboard...:-/
Else seems like a phone that defines a new standard in mobile phones :-)

Probably Nokia-specific upgrades, just like flip-to-silence and all that stuff came with Nokia's Tango firmware and not the OS update.

Well, that is at least something we HTC owners had from the beginning...  Too bad they didn't bother to continue to create new features and apps for us as Nokia did, which is why I will be jumping on the Nokia bandwagon first chance I get.

Other OEM's can also bring this kind of functionality to their WP7 devices. If they dont that is Nothing to do with Nokia, or even MS apart from not being built into the OS already. But if Nokia can do it, so can Samsung and HTC.
There should be no anger or negative feeling about this, these are Nokia developed features, just like HTC's much vaunted Sound enhancer. You dont see Nokia owners crying that they dont have that app on their phones, do you? Lets be honest and recognise that this is Nokia supporting their Lumia owners, as they said they would.

"You dont see Nokia owners crying that they dont have that app on their phones, do you?"  Acually, there has been quite a lot of that throughout the comments section of various articles on this site. 

That is something I have seen very little of (definitely nowhere near the almost universal moaning about Nokia exclusives) and in fact the majority of Lumia owners seem quite satisfied with the sound quality. And even then Nokia demoed an equaliser function in Nokia music so when that hits that "advantage" too will be negated for those who viewed it as such. So once again Nokia's support is a plus.

Nokia have been the best OEM for WP for a while now and a blessing to the OS.
MS have repeatedly failed Nokia, the loyal consumers and themselves with their own lack of support. Giving features that should be exclusives, to other OSes under the guise of business.
Last time I checked, exclusivity didn't hurt Apple.
And why can't they find a good ad agency? Google just released an ad about some girl going back to school and corresponding with her dad using all the google services. MS has all of them as well but the average consumer doesn't know it. They're busy going to google chrome on a windows PC to use their services instead!!
If WP8 fails, it will be purely MS's fault as it is awesome. But no one knows about it...

Why have MS failed Nokia? Is it not that the other OEMs have spent more time on Android where Nokia has the resources. Lets not forget that MS is making the OS, its not like they have done nothing!

My take is that, even with a little less than 2 months before WP8 is supposed to launch, WP8 still hasn't gone RTM. There's also the lack of the full sdk > possibly less quality WP8 apps at launch. Notice all the complaints about no pricing or release date for the Lumia 920? You can chalk up the release date problem to Microsoft still developing WP8.

WP8 is RTM, I've been running Enterprise for about a week now... Your right though, the OEM's have done more for WP than MS has.

Glad to hear a bit more about what us 900 owners will get , still getting a 920 though. A shiny glossy white one is calling my name..

I said it before...if you want the best WP experience you have to go NOKIA....WELL they better have the 7.8 out there real soon cause as soon as the 920 comes out im adding that beautiful thing to my family plan...i couldn't believe im saving more money with additional line via att

Microsoft needs to buy Nokia and allow them to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Nokia shows the ability to execute in ways Microsoft is simply too slow. Nokia has the right stuff but this is also a game of advertising and those funds should be spent showing how good WP is compared to iPhone and Droid OS.

Without slick ads and sales reps promoting your device your doomed no matter how great your device is.

I wonder will the 7.8 update include screenshot feature or IE 10. But still I'm keeping my Lumia 800.  Can't wait for the update :)

this is one of many reasons why i like nokia
shouldn't bluetooth file transfer come with 7.8 from Microsoft ?or is it  up to the manufacturer to enable it with an update

This sounds like Nokia is adding it as a standalone app so probably not. MS is likely concentrating on WP8 and putting minimal effort into 7.8.

Although I've been happy with my Titan Nokia's commitment to their costumers is the reason the 920 will be my next phone.

I read yesterday that, although not officially announced, it has been "confirmed" (somewhere) that Instagram for Windows Phone will be coming. 

Yikes, Nokia strikes again. Them other WP OEMs need to step it up hardcore. Problem is with the other OEMs, they have alot going in in Android. NOKIA Barry has much going on elsewhere so they can really put in 100 percent. Which is great for WP owners. Folks that don't have a Nokia device are looking at them like ****. I made a mistake lol. We will see if Sammy and HTC are really going to put more into WP. But I doubt they will do as much as Nokia.

Nokia sold 80 million NON windows phones last quarter so they do have something going on elsewhere. They just released a big Symbian update too.

I will never understand the need for a ringtone maker.  Record crappy sounds and set it as a ringtone?  No thanks.

Kind of expected, most Lumia devices are below 12 months old, so they should at least bring new features for 6-12 more months... otherwise they would really piss off people with reason...
I sure hope these features are deployed promptly fast to end users, cause all this MS/Nokia/Carrier deal is definetively more appealing to iFruit owners who get their updates directly from the source when they are annouced (or few days later...)

I gotta say, Nokia is everywhere on WP websites. No other OEM comes close to this level of coverage. No wonder people who are not fanboys/nerds/geeks believe that Lumia = WP and WP = Lumia.

I need to see the camera of the 920 first out in the wild. 900 and 800 cams really were disappointing. If its as great as advertised I'll switch from my Titan.

Does anyone's contact share actually work? I still receive messages that are "not recognized" or something like that. Nothing ever shows up in the program either


Nokia has done some hard math here, and realized that writing apps for existing Lumia customers is far cheaper than giving existing owners an upgrade credit:


Giving every Lumia owner a $100 upgrade credit:

7 million Lumias * $100 upgrade credit = $700,000,000


Paying a staff of 20 developers to write apps for existing Smartphones over the next two years:

$160,000 per developer (over two years) * 20 = $3,200,000

Ugh, I'm so tired of hearing about these Lumia exclusives. I want one so bad but I'm not wasting my upgrade with the 920 right around the corner.
November cant come soon enough so I can get all this exclusive awesomeness.

Hey guys...when i went to read the actual article i saw that the last paragraph mentioned exclusive apps from Bloomberg, Whatsapp etc. If my memory serves me right, these were announced only for WP8 phones from Nokia right...? Does mentioning these apps in this article mean its coming along with WP 7.8 to the current lumia phones...?? 

This is why I won't switch to any other phone that is not Nokia. Nokia is just that awesome. Why would I switch if im satisfied with everything Nokia is giving to us the costumers.

This is why I will switch to a 920 as soon as possible... if I can get a gray one.
Love my Focus and even if it's plastic it's solid dropped it many times, not afraid to let my friend's baby ''play'' with it. but Nokia starting this fall for me :D I cannot hardly wait.

Some of these were announced at the New York event, you even see Shields using a black Lumia 900 demoing the features (during the time they couldn't get the connection working).
One thing that's nice is that ringtone maker. I'm wondering if it will just be a music trimmer and/or a music composer like Nokia phones have had before. That was really fun to mess around with.
Seriously with all these updates, 7.8 is starting to look more like 8 but just watered down, no completely separate.

Once again Nokia doesn't disappoint their customers. My lumia 900 is my seventh Nokia and its great just like the rest.

I only want 1 feature in the 7.8 update.

The ability to make the font size BIGGER in SMS messages.

My parents and grandparents all have Lumias (Mum and Dad have 800s) and my grandparents bought a 710 and a 610 respectively.

Only trouble, display is inconvenient due to smaller print and the need to wear glasses.

That's nuts. Sell your 900 online and use that to recuperate the cost of a full priced 920. No extra contracts and you'll probably still be paying ~$200 for the new phone.

I wish they would get the official announcments of features out of the way. People who may be swayed by some particular thing are going to be lost to the iHype by this time next week. MS is losing critical time right now as few outside of us fans will have the anticipation still fresh in mind when they finally can get the 920 / 820.

will my apps transfer over when I upgrade lumia 900 to lumia 920?  Cuz I just got words with friends for free from Nokia on my 900...will I have to buy it on the 920? 

bought a Lumia 800 for friend and was shocked to see:
Similar to WP8 Office 365 app, the icon was changed.

The app list was different than WP7.8 and similar to WP8.

hoping to see some more stuff like glance screen :D