Microsoft Stores giving out Surface reservation passes

Surface Pass

Looks like if you live near a Microsoft Store or even a pop-up holiday kiosk you can stop by and get a reservation card good for one Surface RT come October 26th.

The info comes via our forums where member jdevenberg was given a pass from a Microsoft pop-up Store employee at Washington Square in Beaverton, Oregon. The pass simply reads that a Surface has been reserved and all the shopper has to do is bring the pass at 12pm on October 26th. This sounds like a good deal for those of you who are wanting to go and get one in the Store that very day instead of pre-ordering online.

Surface Pass

We’re told that a Microsoft employee is basically manning the kiosk, answering questions and handing out the cards of which there only looked to be about 150-200 (though who knows if they have more on hand). We doubt the Stores will set out on the day off but it may behoove you to swing by your local outlet if you have one and grab a card just in case.

The other news we learned of is not so great: evidently the bundles that we see online for preordering are the same for in Store purchases, meaning those of us who want a 64GB device and say a Cyan cover are likely out of luck. We’re not sure what madness Microsoft is thinking here with these limited bundles but it looks like you’ll have to pay extra for another keyboard or just opt for the 32GB version and forgo some extra internal memory. Weak sauce.

Source: WPCentral Forums; Thanks, jdevenberg, for the heads up!


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Microsoft Stores giving out Surface reservation passes


This is good and bad.

Basically, unless you get a "pass" there is no way you'll be able to get one at the store because I fully expect these passes to go rather quickly.

I just think it's a priorty system--those with passes get first dibs on stock. Much like buying concert tickets in the past where they would give out wrist bands before the tickets went on sale (Pink Floyd 1995 flashback!).

But if you don't have a pass, I'm quite certain you can still get a Surface that day.

The "vouchers" are only good for available stock. So if all the 32G's without touch cover are gone, you can purchase whatever's left. Not a fan of how they setup the bundles. If they make you purchase a cover, they could at least give you a choice of color even if it's 20 more. They could have many more preorders this way.

It will work like most hardware preoders. If you have a slip, you get yours first. The people who didn't have to wait in line and hope there are enough.

I got one the day preorders opened. I went into store after being told over the phone i could preorder in store when in fact preorder was online only. I couldnt use giftcard online so wanted to do in store. They said i couldn't and said u guys lied to me then gave me a pass for my troubles. They said i was first to receive and had about 100 to give

There is NO WAY Microsoft would spend the money for these Holiday stores and have a SINGLE DAY where they have no stock to sell.  These "sell outs" are a ruse...but if they are not, Microsoft just needs to substitute $599 skus for the keyboardless ones.  NEVER have nothing to sell in retail....NEVER.

Actually, I was just in the Scottsdale Microsoft Store and the person made it clear that 1) they were receiving a large shipment and 2) they really are selling through the online stock and are out of the 32 GB model.  As far as substituting the higher SKU, good luck with that.  If you order online and it says 10/26 that is when you will get it.  Otherwise you will get it out of the next shipment in three weeks.  For store stock, it is first come first served, just like anything else. 

So, for the first hours of business, if you don't have s card, you'll be pointed towards the queue. Those with tickets will be able to purchase right at opening. MS just guaranteed a "rush of buyers" and a "waiting line" for their Surface. Well played MS. Well played.

-1 for MS
Too much Apple wannabe. I would hate to be called a $Sheep from an iSheep!
Wherever Apple has a do-not-copy-me pattend, MS finds another, often better way (Metro, swipe-to-unlock, build-in apps, keyboard on a tablet etc).
When there is no pattend, MS copies their bad-bad practices (Paid AppStore for free apps, No homebrew, No copy-paste, Remove Start Button, no other-browsers-allowed etc). Now it's the same for rush-to-the-stores-sheep.

Actually, I think it would be good if Microsoft copied a few marketing tactics from the boys currently sitting on top of Smartphone Mountain. If Microsoft ends up with lines leading to their stores, good for them. And us.

agreed. If their will be lines and a rush on release day, even if they are "nurtured" through MS's release day policies, that would make for a nice buzz surounding the event.  Let's hope there will be lines.

Yes!  I'm a source!! 
I was trying to convince my wife to go stand in line for me on launch day, because I have to work 10-730 that day, she said no way was she lining up early for it.  This pass changed my luck, and she said if all she has to do is show up by noon, she is cool with going and getting me my Surface on launch day!

Yea she alright mine bought mine for me thx to the backorder on the 32 she got me one with the case but she gets to play it first cuz I gotta work that Friday oh well I'll give her my Zunehd when my lumia 920 since she pays my subscription. :-D

First off, I'm not driving that far. Second, I'm in high school (I'm almost 15), so it isn't very easy to do that. I hope they sell it at best buy and target too, maybe even staples.

Yeah buddy!! Talked to a guy about a week ago about buying Surface and Lumia 920.  We had a fun time shooting the shit about every device I've owned from WP, so he said try us once preorders go up on line for the Surface. 21st came and knew the announcement was coming and almost preorded online, but called new friend at MSFT store and went. He said they weren't able to set up preorder, but come back tomorrow after he put my name in CRM tool. His manager called yesterday and said we can do you one better and BOOOM!! Got offered to come and get a pass and I have no. 2 on mine which apparently he said gives you priority in priority line if you're there! I'm pumped and can't wait til next Fri. Already talked to the boss and told her what I was doing and all she asked was for me to come in, just so she could check it out! HAHA! Oh and got a bunch of FREE SWAG from him to hold me over til next Fri!
Ok, enough bragging : )

What swag? I ended up doing their Bing vs google challenge and ended up with a free 1600 msp card which I thought was pretty sweet, and their bags are amazing nice.

Has anyone picked up from a Holiday store yet?  Curious how you get one from a pop up holiday store that isn't open yet.

I hit mine at a holiday store. There was a guy there Answering questions about surface and when i said i intended in getting one launch day I was offered the pass

Yeah I was wary about this. My Holiday Store is still a 40 minute drive for me. So, I didn't wanna drive over there just to witness an empty kiosk. But, I'll go tomorrow and hope somebody's manning the joint. Maybe mall staff will know and I can call them and ask.

Saw this article and went right to the san diego store. Got myself a reservation. Now just have to find someone to get it for me before noon while im at work.

My husband and I got ours on the 17th. We're numbers 1 & 2. I'm still trying to decide if it's a good thing that we're first or a bad thing that no one has gotten them before now.

I got one today from my Microsoft store, there's a separate line for people with reservations, super simple process and I didn't even have to put down a deposit.

Plus the employees at the store are the nicest I've encountered in electronic retail. Very excited about their products.

These odd bundles of only the black keyboard cover will hopefully mean loads show up on eBay. Good for those who wanted a black cover. :)

weaK sauce is right. The keyboard has been a debacle with not allowing to choose color or buy a 64gb without one. I am going to see how they price the pro. Disappointing news regarding this entire situation. Weak sauces indeed good sirs

Does anyone know if there is a pop up store anywhere in NYC? I'm interested in seeing one in person before buying but not in paying $30 for a round trip LIRR ticket to white plains for the privilege (still a mystery to me why Microsoft likes opening stores in suburbs rather than cities)

The MS Store indicates two Coming Soon:Microsoft Holiday Store's opening in the city:
Times Square - 1540 Broadway
Time Warner Center - 10 Columbus Circle
both list the same phone number - (855) 270-6581

There are no Microsoft stores, Holiday or otherwise in Wisconsin.  Closest one to Madison is over 2 hours away in Illinois.  Bummer. 

If nothing else they should at least partner with some other retailer to get more widespread exposure.  Send out Microsoft sales teams to Best Buy's or something.  I remember them doing that when Kinect was launching...  They had in-store demos, answered questions and were giving away swag.  They should do that for Surface as well.

This is not something being done by Microsoft.  It is a retailer thing that I think has just gained momentum.  The are not offering any sort of passes at the Scottsdale store.  They are just opening earlier than the mall....

I was going to wait and see if the microsoft store nearby would have a midnight release, but once I heard 32gig model getting pushed I had to get the 64gig before it did too.  Hoping it will arrive early on the 25th so i have a chance to play with it before working nights 26/27/28th