Verizon’s HTC 8X and Lumia 822 coming on November 12th with pricing revealed


As we get close to the big Windows Phone 8 announcement next week, certain bits of info are starting to leak out. Case in point, Verizon has been a sieve lately and now we have what looks to be some credible info on two important aspects: pricing and availability.

First up is the expected release date: Monday, November 12th. That coincides with some other info we were tipped on including Verizon employee training that is occurring now and an HTC “Save the date” for the 6th. While AT&T is presumably still beating Verizon here for a launch, it is by mere days. In fact, T-Mobile is then expected to launch their phones just 48 hours later.


Next up are devices and price points:

And sorry folks, there is no Samsung ATIV S, which as far as we can tell is completely MIA from the US lineup. That of course could just mean a later release due to some issues with Samsung. It also shoots a hole in PhoneArena's original tip, which stated that Verizon would get that device and the Lumia 920.

RUM: 8

As you can see, colors are also mentioned:

  • Nokia Lumia 822: White, Grey and Black
  • HTC 8X: Blue, Black and Red (no Limelight Yellow)

Pricing is a bit higher than we anticipated, with the Lumia 822 coming in about $50 more than what was originally hinted at. Likewise with the HTC 8X.

Of course, things can move so until Verizon announces anything on Windows Phone 8, don't bet on it 100%.

So what does everyone think? Are prices too high? Selection not enough? Sound off in comments. 

Source: Android Central


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Verizon’s HTC 8X and Lumia 822 coming on November 12th with pricing revealed


okay then poor verizon customers who wanted those colours, i dont really care about all this as we in India are gonna get every colour but the point is when are we getting it? n at what price points? since there are no details about the launch in India

Why exactly? Unlike Verizon and AT&T, T-Mobile doesn't suck you dry like a vampire with their monthly prices. I've been a T-Mobile customer for almost 11 years now, and I gotta tell you - it's been nice to pay a bill of $41 per month for the same plan for nine years. The rest of this time thus far, I've had a bill of $54 per month because of my data plan. When I think about what I would be paying if I were with Verizon, it makes me shudder. With so many people struggling because of the economy, it would be wise to switch to T-Mobile. As for the "ghetto" comment, I'm not quite getting it, but whatever floats your boat.

because of your data plan......you pay too much.  I pay $42 with unlimited data and no contracts....and ATT coverage.

I pay $10 extra per month for unlimited data on tmobile, plus 10% off corporate discount. TMO also has the best family plans and excellent coverage.
Let's not get all Appley on loving our carriers, they're all kind of crappy.

Yeah, we know, StraightTalk, right?
*rolls eyes*
$54 is not paying too much for a plan that includes data. We get it, you pay $42 for your plan. Good for you, homes.

Did the math, tmo vs ATT. You're paying an arm and a leg on ATT! There is no way you're paying $42/month on ATT with unlimited data. You're lying bud.

He uses Straight Talk (Wal-Mart). It operates on AT&T spectrum or whatever but Straight Talk has deep discounted pricing, blah blah blah.

Ha I had the same question. The only way to get that kind of price is with some kind of corporate discount! Straight Talk makes sense though.

I also use Straight Talk -  I canceled 5 lines on ATT and moved them all to Straight Talk and saved about 50%.  I now just use a work provided phone but Straight Talk worked great and my wife is using them on her Android device and loving it.
She is not techie, so that I put it in and it just works and shes never had an issue is huge for me anyway!  I'll never be on a contract again, we like to change phones too often.  Waiting on the perfect WP8 device and I'll get work to get me one.....

How much does your phone cost? I assume you are not geting a subsidized phone. So, you have to buy it up front. Take the cost of the phone and divide it over 24 months and then compare the plans.

I have to agree. Limelight Yellow is a must have. Potential customer eyes would immediately be drawn to it.

Crop?  Don't you mean crap?  What midrange trash.  The least VZW can do is add the ATIV so that they have something high end in inventory.  It would also be helpful if WPCentral could post some scoop on the 920 exclusive with AT&T.  Specifically: When does it end and will VZW be picking it up after that.

Since when did consumers want higher prices so they know their device is premium? You fanboys can spin anything.

I'm not on Verizon, and I don't plan in getting the HTC, but I would be very disappointed on the pricing for that phone. I feel for my fellow windows phone lovers on Big Red.

I agree... Verizon ALWAYS overprices their phone options, and it's absurd. I have a lot of coworkers on Verizon that area often complaining about the prices of their plans AND phones.

That's the thing some Verizon customers look at others not on Verizon like they are crazy people. "Why aren't you on the best network!, blah blah blah"
Non-Verizon customers look at the cost of devices and plans on Verizion and think the same thing... "So this other carrier has good coverage in my area and is cheaper than Verizon? You would be crazy to sign up with Verizon!"

Well for the 822 the price looks reasonable, for the 8X it looks reasonable as well provided its the 32GB version

Ah...correct punctuation would be a help in understanding your comment. I didn't think there was a 32GB version. So let's just wait and see when it's official.

Agreed. The 8x is a great phone.  Not to sure about the 822 but I may hold out to see if the Ativ or the 922 actually shows up too. remember the picture about Verizon training, it did look like the Ative on the screen in the background.  At least we have a choice this time.

If I were a Verizon customer, I would be happy to be having windows phone support. Look at Sprint, they get nothing. The 8x is a premium phone that lacks storage and the support Nokia provides. Personally, I would take the Nokia based on wireless charging and Nokia support. One people that buying these phones more are to follow.

Rumor is Sprint will come back to WP8 in the spring, however now they look like the asshats that they are.
Nokia is probably happy about the $100 difference between their phone and HTC's. The 822 should be a big seller. I really hope so.

In the spring when the 6 month exclusivity ends for ATT. You will probably see Verizon get a 920 or variant at that point as well.

I really want the Nokia 920 because of the specs and screen res. The 820 variant just wont do it for me and the HTC lacks the pure view which is important. I think I am going to hold out till spring and see what is up then. I am not up for renewal till February anyway.

$199 8X?! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE. On a serious note. the 920 @ 199 and the 8X @ 149 on "another" carrier kinda makes me want to go RABBLE RABBLE for real. 

In fact its 150$ for the 920 and 100$ for the 8X on atnt at least on best buy.... So a 100$ premium on the 8X on verizon is pretty stupid.the 820 should be great value though considering it also has a micro sd slot and dolby audio.the only thing of "lower" spec is the screen resolution but I've used a friends lumia 900 a lot and found its screen just stunning so the 820 should be the same.this pricing would make the decision pretty easy I think.

99$ for htx 8x with 8GB model on bestbuy.. this one on verizon must be at least 16GB but i still think its over priced since there are much better android phones with 199$ with expendable microSD slots! its gonne be cheaper on amazon so if you want to pay less.. gonna have to wait few months for sure. I am on att, im probably getting Lumia 920 (yellow or red).

I agree. Leaving out the best color is stupid. That yellow is hot and the 8x is overpriced by at least 50 dollars. Good job Verizon.

I would not worry about it. Walk in to a Verizon store and tell them AT&T has it for $50 less and I bet you will walk out with one...

Too high. Why is the Verizon 822 priced at $99 and AT&T Lumia 920 at $149 with latter being a much better phone in most aspects?  What I can conclude from this is that Verizon is not too keen on Windows Phone and not interested in subsidizing the phones aggressively. So this is it I guess. It all comes down to AT&T to promote Windows phone. Nokia and HtC's fate in the hands of Microsoft and AT&T.

The prices for these phones appear to come direct from Verizon, and the other prices for the AT&T 920/8X we got from best Buy, a third party retailer, who have more flexibility in their pricing. You'll often find third party retailers are cheaper than corporate-owned stores. There's a good chance that the Lumia 920 is $199 on AT&T, and Best Buy simply is selling the phones for cheaper, a very common practice.

This is incorrect with respect new phones. These phones will be "MAPed" (minimum advertised price), so Best Buy, or any other Authorized Retailer, will not be able to sell these phones for anything less than the Verizon corporate stores. At a certain point, the MAP designation expires, but right out of the gate, the Verizon phones will cost the same at any location.

Anyone out there had experience with unlocking a phone from Verizon (since they're also CDMA) and taking it to U.S. Cellular?  I really want to remain a USC customer, but also REALLY want a Lumia... and have very little desire to switch to AT&T or Verizon.  :(

I don't know why people are acting like the original price that CNET estimated for the 8X, was $199.99. I'm not surprised at all, but that aside...T-Mobile needs to get the Red 8X as well, and not let it be a Verizon exclusive. I don't see the point for the carriers NOT offering all the color variants.

Hmm are we going to see the UK release before then? Pretty much all UK phone retailers seem to be pegging 5th (and some 2nd) as the release date for the HTC 8X.

Hmm... Strange that Verizon will be offering the 8X at $50 more than AT&T and T-Mobile. Sucks that they're not including the limelight yellow one. :-/

Like others I am interested in the outright price for the 822.
I would like to be able to keep my data plan and not have an increase to my monthly bill because of the new share plan.
Glad to see the white one isn't a myth.  I liked the look of the mock up.  If I get in the store and see that the screen is as nice as the one on the 900 I will have great difficulty walking out without one.

I was expecting the 822 to be around 100$ but that's 50$ more than I was expecting out of the 8X.... regardless I'm seriously considering just staying with AT&T and getting the 920, I don't think i want to wait 6 months in the *hope* that Verizon will get something. 

Should expect nothing less from the carrier that is selling the shitty droid razr max hd lte (insert more retarded names) for $300 on contract

In that case I hope Verizon is equally as successful selling the 822 and 8X, especially since those will be priced less. The 822 should sell like hotcakes if marketed aggresively.

Whoaaaaa the razr hd is far from shitty. Mind u the razr maxx series outsold the 4s with the $300 tag dumb ass.

False, the razr maxx was not only $300 while it outsold the 4s. It was not until the price dropped that it outsold the 4s. Before you call people intelligent names, you should fact check your statements.

It's going to be real interesting to see if Verizon salespeople will actually suggest the phones to customers. I'm doubtful.

I had to yell at a rep to sell me the Trophy.  He was trying to sell me on some Android phone and wouldn't let it die.  I eventually stormed out and got it online.

I always buy online. Hate dealing with reps and they always try and push a ton of accessories onto you. Less hassle and sometimes cheaper online than in store.

Looks like I might get the 8x. Bad move on Nokias part not to have 920 or a variant. Even if it cones to Verizon in 6 months.

Yep, I want to know the off contract price on the white 822. Also, these prices aren't concrete people. Wait for the announcement from Verizon. I'm betting they will match at%t.
Also, the 822 has wireless charging built in while the 820 doesn't. Even though I think it's worthless it does add cost to the 822.

Of course verizon would over price their devices. Shows they don't really care  about wp8, I am sure if they got a 920 variant it would be priced at $299

I'm a current owner of an HTC HD7 on a T-Mobile affiliate. I love WP7, but I hate (HATE) the camera on this phone. I will absolutely not buy another HTC product because of that camera that only works in perfect lighting conditions. I was planning on getting a 920 when it came to T-Mobile, but alas, that isn't going to happen now that AT&T gets exclusivity for 6 months. Thanks Nokia and Microsoft for making me switch to Verizon to get an iPhone. I'm so bummed out.

You evidently missed all our articles talking about much better HTC's cameras are in the last year. The Radar, Titan, Titan II all have excellent cameras due to using higher quality parts including a BSI Sensor.

The 8X is no different as it uses the One X's camera--just go and try that phone in a store now and you'll change your mind.

for just a stock camera HTC has a pretty epic offering. My Titan hands down produces better photos than my 900.  The Tango update for the 900 improved lots, but the Titan still edged it, and the Titan II blows it away.

Are you kidding? I love the HD7 camera... I went on holiday for 6 weeks and used it as my primary camera. Yes, I had another camera too... But it was so much easier to take quick snaps with my phone (especially in places where it was forbidden haha). It is good in low-light and much better than another camera that I use as a backup. I have a very steady hand so I can take great shots all the time... But I can understand if you've got the jitters that it won't work as well :P

Go ahead and get an iPhone. In a couple of months you will regret it and come back to windows. I left iPhone for my windows phone and have not regretted it once. I dont even miss the millions of apps on iPhone. I have the ones I need on windows to keep me happy.

Right price for lumia 822 . It may help nokia to outsell 8x (assuming that there are more non techie guys and nokia fans on big red) 100 bucks matter.

$100 bucks matters?  What about the $100s of bucks more you'll be paying through the nose trapped in a contract?

Dude, people in the US don't care about signing a 2-year contract. That's why it's working so well with carriers. What's the advantage of buying a phone unlocked? The ability to switch carriers at will, right? But what if you don't switch carriers for 2 years? You could've had that unlocked phone for a LOT less if you subsidized it.

I mean look at the prices of both lumia 920 and 8x (AT&T offcontact) . . .both are same. . .so 822 will be less expensive than 8x IMO

No one is trapped in anything. Look, say the phone cost $500 and you buy it on contract at $100. Then you decide to cancel it at $350 etf, you are still ahead. You sell the phone on eBay and move on. I had an upgrade at Sprint and bought the iPhone 5 at $200, sold it on ebay at $650. Whenever I want I can cancel my contract zero out of my pocket.

That's another good point that I could've included in my reply to inteller. Although not all phones collect that much $$ as iPhone, you can still get some good money for your phone.

Yes, but the point is you're paying more just to be on contract... I paid 600 for my phone and I pay 20/month to my carrier, including data (pre-paid/non-contract). A friend has the exact same phone on contract and pays 75/month. If you do the maths, after 2 years I'm over 700 better off. If my friend wanted to break the contract he'd have to pay out the remainder owing on the phone + contract break fees.

Are you in Europe? To my knowledge, here in the US the only carrier that will discount your plan if you bring your phone is T-Mobile. The rest of the carriers don't, so contract or no-contract you pay the same. It's a scam, I know. I believe the government was looking into that, but I'm not sure.

T-Mobile better get the ATIV S. I'm not sure why anyone thought it would come to Verizon as the only 4g band it supports is T-Mobile's HSPA.

you do know that Snapdragon SoCs can be configured to support a variety of bands right?  What they are having a time with is retrofitting it with a CDMA radio for voice.  Don't go with carriers still invested in antique CDMA tech.

Wow... Really? So anyone older than 16 is old, boring and doesn't like colours? What about women? The fashion conscious? People who are tired of years of boring black phones? You're probably the kind of guy that carries his phone in a belt-clip/holster

I carry my phone in a holster. What's wrong with that? I have too much stuff in my pockets and I don't want my phone taking more space or getting scratched up. You make it sound like a bad thing to have a holster.

I agree with Joe. So carrying a phone in holster is not "cool". Think what you want but I carry two phone and now way will both be in my pockets.

Not sure where people are getting the $150 price for the 8X on AT&T. The only confirmed price we've seen from them for the 8X is the $99.99 preorder price from Best Buy. So that makes it $100 more (twice as much!!) on Verizon for the same phone. And it puts Verizon's 8X at $50 more than the Lumia 920 on AT&T (again, as offered via the now-sold-out preorder at Best Buy). I've been a Verizon customer for more than 12 years, and there's no denying that their coverage is far superior to any other carrier, but I've seriously just about had it. It's one thing if AT&T has an exclusive on the 920 (and I wouldn't hold my breath for Verizon to get any version of it before it seems outdated in several months, if at all), but to charge $100 more for the exact same phone (the 8X) just screams, "Hey we're on top and we can do whatever we want to our customers." That kind of arrogance turns me off, and really makes me consider moving to AT&T, despite the downgrade in coverage. And whenever I'm in one of AT&T's poor-coverage areas, I could pull out my Lumia 920 and take a beautiful photo or ultra-steady video, and remind myself that it isn't all bad (plus I would be paying $10/month less AND getting an extra gig of data per month). Verizon, you've been warned; I have one foot out the door. Can you change my mind?
PS - Is it just coincidence that my current Verizon contract ends on the day they'll release their 8Xs and 822s? I think not. ;)

822 with expandable storage, replacable covers and lighter (better) form factor with 4.3" is a strong device for Verizon even at $99. Better than just about any $99 phone with a nice/large screen. Two devices will help their marketing effort also (vs getting the Trophy 6 months after WP7 launch and having no WP7.5 devices).  Not a bad start for Verizon truth be told.

I would say 149 would be a better price for an 8x, however Verizon has a pretty captive WP audience. So if you want a signature WP8 device bells/whistle, etc on Verizon, I guess they know they can make you pay. I for one will definitely check out the 8x before going 920 (I'm on ATT).

There are no bells and wistles in 8X.. it has just the looks and Beets audio. Thats it.. So that is only one bell and one wistle

Actually it has a chip specifically for the camera, a wide angle ffc in addition yo a few other thing that escape me at the moment. 8x is a very capable phone.

Captive audience for sure. Heck, just yesterday I was checking their online store and they have the HTC Trophy for a whopping $179. WTF is that all about? That should be a penny phone by now.

If the last 2 years is anything to go by, we should have fresh models by then... Hopefully with 32GB + microSD in a flagship device

As a Verizon user who can't switch right now, this is definitely a mixed bag. I think it will really depend on what the final specs are for the Lumia 822 and whether or not there is a 920 variant in the works down the road.

As an HTC Trophy user, I am not keen on the 8X. All around I think hardware-wise I would be happy with the 8X if there's no chance of a Lumia 920 variant on VZW. Where the problem lies is HTC's support of Windows Phone. Has anybody tried their exclusive apps for WP7? They're no good while Nokia's exclusive apps are miles ahead.

This isn't just about the hardware and specs. To-date, HTC has not shown any sign, that I can see, that that'll be any different. Meanwhile, Nokia keeps cranking them out.

My contract is up in January, so we'll have to see what hits the shelves for the Big Red. I sat on an upgrade for over a year waiting for the HTC Trophy. I think I can wait again if need be. At least this time I have WP7.x. I'm actually interested in when/if I get WP7.8.

I'm stuck on Verizon so the 8x will be my next phone. I can't wait any longer for the 922, which will likely show up 6 months from now. I'm still using the original Samsung Omnia so yeah, I'm not waiting any longer. The price is what I expected since I've never seen a premium phone on verison for less than $199. It is what it is. I was considering getting the 8x over the 920 just because of the size difference but I guess the choice has been made for me lol.

Prices are not bad. I am going to wait for a nokia phone with pureview tech on Verizon. I will impatiently sit with sprint until i am compelled enough with the phone i really want.

Yes but it was Best Buy that had it for $99 not AT&T. We have still yet to hear official pricing from AT&T directly. Best Buy may have been doing an initial sale ....sale.

Wow, the comments fill up fast on any Verizon article.
Microsoft and all the OEM's take note.  Want market share?  Get on Verizon with a quality device.  Look at what moving to Verizon did for the iPhone.

"Look at what moving to Verizon did for the iPhone."
Heck, look what they did for Android! When Verizon commits to selling a phone, they really push it.

I as well am currently tethered to Verizon for a few reasons and if this holds true it makes it more and more unlikely that I'm going to ditch my iPhone for a WP.
The only "hero" phone being the 8X would be very disappointing. It has no features that are a must have and although the general design is nice its elongated figure gives it the appearance of being a feminine phone - even in black (let alone purple or red).
I was hoping for the ATIV - in all its plastic-coated glory. So now it's either switch to AT&T and pay all kinds of ETF fees (family plan) or go with whatever hotness Verizon has to offer in Android. Ugh.

Just wait for thanksgiving.... all WP phones will have amazing discounts at Amazon Wireless (mostly with no tax and no activation fee)

I'll be glued to my laptop on Thanksgiving and the day after like I do every year. I'm mostly glued because I ate too much, but you can get some sweet online deals on a lot of stuff, including phones.

What did you call out? The phones? The prices? Both? I will go through every single comment you've made, Daniel! Haha, kidding.

I'm good with that.  Likely the 8x for me.  Just gotta feel them out for myself in the store.  Thank God all those rumors about wp8 NOT coming to Verizon weren't true.

The 8X is a high end wp!  The fact that verizon uses htc more so than any other mfg should let you see that.  I have a 4s and it was a good phone until os6.  Now the iphone 5 is just crap!  Why the crap do people still load up a phone with music?  You can stream music from pandora for free on wifi! Get real people.  I haven't even touched a gb on my verizon share plan.  I go out of wifi at work all the time listening to music on my 16gb share plan.  It's my nephew and mother-in-law that eat data.  You need to get of the pron videos people.  That's what's eating your data. :)  I want wp8 and the verizon htc 8x looks real good.  At&t just sucks and that's why they sell it cheaper.  My boss has the newest android on at&t and can't even talk in the building cuz it drops calls, so he runs out back just to make and take calls.  What a joke.  If at&t could give their phones away they would just to suck customers in.  I said I would never use verizon.  3 years ago I left tmo to verizon and every where my family goes we never lose service, ever.  Yes it costs a bit more, but the service works.  CS on the phone is great.  There's just one chick in our store I hate!!  All I do when she ask what I need with her little attitude is yes could you get someone from the back that actually knows what I might be going to ask.  All attitude, but she ain't making extra money off a sell either.  My favorte rep told me they were getting the htc 8x wp in nov and I said really.  Now your talking me out of the iphone 5!   He said yep.  You already have issues with it on just little things.  They have been testing it for months in town and no one even new it.  Trust me. HTC 8X is awsome as a wp.  Now verizon needs to let me have it asap!  Oh and it is suppose to be 16Gb not 8Gb.The issues with verizon on the network were samsungs crappy wp not wp8.  Samsungs crap won't even stay connected to the network.

Seriously getting fed up with this.
Im on Verizon, and first I wanted the lumia 920...but someone dropped the ball.  Then I decided that I was going to get the yellow 8x and now Verizon doesn't have it.
Seriously keep getting disappointed with WP8 and the phones aren't even out yet.

I'm in the same shoes as you, when 920 was announced for art I said ok makes my choose easier, yellow HTC 8x it is but now im very disappointed, now I will not be buying a wp8 when it comes out but probably wait couple months and than see which wp8 is available, my trophy is still kicking

I don't mind the color choices, but I was also really hoping to get the 920 right away. Now I can't decide if I should wait, get the 8X, or sacrifice the screen and go for Nokia's 822 software.

I think these devices are alright, but not the homerun needed. I just can't see the 8X being a 200.00 on contract phone. And the 822 seems to be the better option with Nokia support and is priced well, but the 8X has such a nicer screen.

I still believe both the ATIV and a 920 variant will make their way to Big Red, but I realize you can only judge what is there.

$199 is the norm anymore for a high end phone on Verizon unfortunately.  That doesn't mean that Amazon, Wirefly, and those types of places won't have it available for substantially less however.  
What I'm really interested in, is off contract price.  If it's only $500 or so, you'd be stupid to spend almost half that to re-up for another two years IMO.  

Yea, that is what I was thinking. Off contract price or wait for 2-3 months after a android/iphone fanboy picked one up and puts their used one on ebay/creigslist...

$120x24=$2,880 this is how much I will be paying att by the time im done with my contract by the way this is a family plan no text 3gb data 500 minutes only...im a big twitter and Facebook guy.. My roll back minutes are almost 3,000 minutes that tells you something right.. If you have the money just buy the phone out right then go to WalMart and connect to WiFi all the time to enjoy your lumia...the reality is if you want the full capabilities of the phone now a days you have to be under the big 2 att Verizon..you get what you pay for

Go to Walmart? Most of us have jobs and don't hang out at Walmart all day buddy. Other than that, your figures are depressing.  I can't believe we all pay so much for these stupid phones. Maybe we should just forget about them and enjoy other things?

I guess I am keeping my Trophy longer....sigh....thanks Verizon.
When are you going to get high end models for Windows Phone ? The 8X is not high end with only 16gb and no way to expand.
I really wanted a Windows Phone 8 device on release but, if this is their only line up of devices, sad but, i will have no choice besides to wait longer...

Time to drop the silliness.
The 8X is a top tier phone in every respect and making disparaging remarks like calling it a mid tier are simply foolish. It has the top current smartphone CPU (Krait), what is widely considered either the best or VERy close to the best camera, superb display with advanced display tech (it is an improved version of the One X display which was itself considered the best of breed when it came out). 
And Verizon is (like it or not) far and away the best US carrier. It is the largest for a reason - it has the broadest and most robust network out there. It has the lowest dropped call frequency and its LTE even under heavy load is outperforming the others. Does it have warts? Sure. It's a bit pricey (not so much if you have an employer discount) and a lot of the service reps seem to come from Venus. 

Meanwhile, back in the real world with phones you can actually buy now, here are the bestbuy.com WP sales rankings currently:

AT&T (82 phones offered)
24. HTC 8X Blue (not available a week ago, not available a month ago)
26. Nokia Lumia 900 Black (59. a week ago, 38. a month ago)
42. Nokia Lumia 900 White (56. a week ago, 64. a month ago)
47. Samsung Focus Flash (69. a week ago, 33. a month ago)
56. Samsung Focus 2 (44. a week ago, 63. a month ago)
59. Nokia Lumia 900 Cyan (45. a week ago, 65. a month ago)
69. HTC Titan (67. a week ago, 73. a month ago)
71. Samsung Focus S (68. a week ago, 74. a month ago)
HTC Titan II is not offered
Nokia Lumia 900 Pink is not offered

T-Mobile (27 phones offered)
25. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (25. a week ago, 23. a month ago)
26. Nokia Lumia 710 White (18. a week ago, 24. a month ago)
27. HTC Radar (19. a week ago, 25. a month ago)

Verizon (70 phones offered)
68. HTC Trophy (65. a week ago, 51. a month ago)

Sprint (40 phones offered)
None offered

I expected $200 for my next phone, but I was banking on the 920. If this turns out to be all Verizon will offer, that's better than nothing... but I really hope they'll get the 920. If not, I can't decide between the 822 and 8X because on one hand I want an HDPI display, and on the other, I want Nokia's software.
Is Nokia software only installable on Nokia phones?

I know having a high-def screen is nice and all, but is it really that  big of a deal on a phone?  I can't decide between the 822 or the 8X, and the screen is the one thing I keep coming back to.