Live wallpapers revealed for Windows Phone 8: ESPN, USA Today and Bing

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A new image has leaked out tonight revealing for the first time Window Phone 8's new "live" lockscreen wallpaper feature. We have mentioned live lockscreen wallpapers before, specifically when the Windows Phone 8 SDK leaked over the summertime (and we told you about them even before then). The feature is not quite as “live” as Android where things are actually moving around, wasting your battery. Instead, this is truly useful.

The image above, received by the site Nokia Innovation, shows three examples of this Live locksreen wallpaper: Bing, ESPN and USA Today. The former will refresh the lockscreen every day with Bing’s latest background, ESPN can show you sports scores presumably of your favorite team and USA Today highlights news via tile images.

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Those are but three examples as any developer can add this feature to their application. What’s more, it can be based off of geo-location, time and pushed updates, giving quite a unique and super useful experience for Windows Phone users. It’s “glance and go” taken to the next level, in our opinion.

There’s a lot more to these lockscreen wallpapers and you’re sure to see more coming Monday morning when Microsoft shows off Windows Phone 8 to the world. We’ll of course be there covering it live.

Source: Nokia Innovation


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Live wallpapers revealed for Windows Phone 8: ESPN, USA Today and Bing


I don't think I'd want to see how badly the Panthers got beat all week...but if it works for NCAA bball then it will be awesome

No my mario brothers snes live wallpaper is a live wall paper...this is simply just information over a wallpaper at best and is second fiddle to the real deal. 

I wonder if you'll be able to use them in combination? So, I can set up say, 5 apps and have it cycle between them. That would be stellar.

I'd love to see it prioritize them.  Using 2 of the 3 examples above - I'd want to have it show my favorite football team (Seattle Seahawks) - first via ESPN, but only if they are currently playing a game - I don't care about the score 3 hours before or 2 days after the game, so why show me the live wallpaper?  If the Seahawks aren't playing, maybe check and see if the Mariners are playing, and show their live wallpaper.  If none of the teams I care about are playing, then move to the next app, and in this case, it would show me the bing wallpaper.

It looks like the USA Today one shows weather, but if there was an API so apps like WeatherFlow can use it, that'd seal it up

Doesn't look like it, at least not for WP8, I would suggest that on the WP uservoice page once we know for sure. 

I'm concerned about what features will be part of 7.8 vs 8.  I guess we'll find out Monday.  With my luck, all the cool features like live wallpapers will only be in WP8.

I LOVE it! I hope it looks like that.
Never really cared for the current lockscreen-layout. MS need to use more fat font as well throughout the OS UI, like in the marketplace.

OK, this is awesome. I'd love to have the ESPN version linked to "My Teams", then it would automatically show Michigan on Saturday and the Lions on Sunday. Mix in the Red Wings, Pistons and Tigers and that's a dynamic lock screen. :D

Can anyone tell that I'm from Michigan? Haha

Hmmm. It looks like that feature will be coming to existing Windows Phone devices. Look at the Windows logo. LOL!!!!!

I think this one might make it over to 7.8 (judging by the easy implementation and old Windows logo).
Thinking the same about improved lock screen notifications.

Can't say I like the new layout for the time and date (it looks unpolished), but I guess it gives more room for the background.

Yeah. it doesn't look very good. I guess that's the trade-off when you enable a live wallpaper. Unless I find a wallpaper I really like I probably won't use them specifically due to the less attractive date and time and the apparent loss of detailed info for my calender.

Pretty cool feature.
And I actually like Android's live wallpaper feature (currently using an Android til I see what WP8 has to offer). I guess it depends on the phone and what wallpaper is used as they don't really waste my battery very much. Can get about a day and half out of one full charge while using the Paperland live wallpaper

Go Eagles! This is a really smart idea and a great point of differentiation for the WP8 platform that fits well with the platform.
I cannot wait for Windows Phone 8!

Why the old Windows logo? I know it can be attributed to using old graphics from the previous emulator... but I can't imagine why they would do that... I think the WP8 emulators have the new logo.

I just got an iPhone 5 after my Arrive breaking. But only because Sprint seems to be wholly against WP. Hopefully by March Sprint will get some and I can steal my wife's upgrade. These are the types of things I prefer in my OS.

I would have the Bing wallpapers, just like I have for my desktop on my pc. Love it! However I agree with some of you about the time and date format isn't as nice looking.

I'd love to see something like this for photos in the phone. Every few hours or so many unlocks it could cycle to a new pic from your selected gallery so you don't have to change it yourself all the time. I could set it to cycle through my favorited pictures.

Very cool. If the ESPN Live Wallpaper updated everytime the score changed that would be awesome. I can also see having a Live Wallpaper for a traffic app with a up-to-date picture of the local area if there were a traffic incident.

OK, I've been looking for this. I have the ESPN Scorecenter and the Nokia ESPN apps both installed, but this live wallpaper isn't an option to choose.