Sneak peek of MetroTube for Windows Phone 8

MetroTube for many Windows Phone users is the be-all, end-all for your mobile YouTube experience. With a slick design and excellent performance there’s little wonder.

Here at BUILD we were able to catch up with the developers behind MetroTube (and the new Windows 8 Twitter app Tweetro) for quick look at the upcoming update that will bring some new Windows Phone 8 features, including doublewide tiles and a new preloading feature (basically downloading for offline viewing).

In addition, we got a preliminary look at MetroTube for Windows 8 RT, which we can confirm is now officially in the works for your Surface.

Finally, we got to play with the new Tweetro Twitter (tweetroapp.com) app for Windows 8, one of many Twitter apps that are now on the Windows 8 Store. We happen to like Tweetro a lot due to its ease of Tweeting and great design. But check out our video and you and take a look for yourself.

You can pick up MetroTube for Windows Phone here in the Store and Tweetro for Windows 8 here.  We’ll of course keep you posted on when the new update for MetroTube goes live in the Store.


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Sneak peek of MetroTube for Windows Phone 8


Yes! I've been waiting for Metrotube for Windows 8/RT. Now my Surface is complete. Also, I'm super impressed with how fast Apps in general launch in Windows Phone 8.

I don't have a WP8 device yet (I pre-ordered the Lumia 920 today), I'm just saying from watching videos of devices running WP8, in general, the apps launch much faster. I saw a video where someone launched WhatsApp and it loaded almost instantaneously. Now, if you've used WhatsApp on WP7, you know how slow it launches.

Yup, I have WhatsApp and know how slow it launches. I'm definitely looking forward to the increase of speed.

Looks nice! Daniel, will you be providing an article wrap up of everything from Build? I'd also be curious to know your thoughts about what other developers thought about the conference. Are they excited about WP8 and will that translate into them making apps for it, W8, and RT? I'm hoping developers come away from it genuinely excited about the possibilities of WP8.

Dude we're in the same boat. You might as well quit asking this question until we get more confirmed information.

it is might be!!!! One of the features of WP8 was that it would allow us to play videos etc in whatever app we want. kinda like android which brings us an app list and you can click whatever app you want it to play with.
I havent played with a WP8 device so I cant be 100% sure. But this was quoted as a feature!!!

Met those two guys yesterday, solid devs and I'm stoked to see Metrotube coming to Windows 8/RT. Were you able to get it on video or any pics of it?

Good question. Ideally the Marketplace would detect your OS and present you the stuff that's compatible with your OS version, however I have a feeling it won't be as nice and that you just get a "Not available for your device" alert once go into an apps details.

Would be good if they allowed you to expand comments to fill a window on Metrotube for phones because there's just not enough screen room to properly read comments.

Metrotube should come as the default YouTube player for the Windows Phone OS. It is light-years ahead of what they have now which just redirects you to the YouTube website.

Will WP8 multitasking allow this to continue playing in the background? 
Say you have a music video playing and need to jump to whatsapp, email or browser without it tombstoning?

They should add mail, video recording and upload, and text history. Hate to retype search. Be great if with the large tile there be in video tiles. Then you can scroll through your home screen while video is playing. Xbox music should have this. All videos and music with controls viewable on the large tile.