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Microsoft refreshes Dev Center for Windows Phone 8

Amidst all the announcement and unveilings, Microsoft has also taken the time to refresh the Windows Phone Developer Center with the release of Windows Phone 8. The Dev Center is the developer's HQ when it comes to Windows Phone development, deployment and support.

The refresh includes a new look at matches the main Windows Phone website, as well as the colour scheme used (more purple anyone?). The team has reorganised much of the website's content and has also taken a number of suggestions into account.

Here's a list of other improvements applied to the Dev Center:

  • An all new document library (tens of thousands of pages) with a new code gallery, API library, and a sections on games and Direct 3D app development.
  • Support for landscape screenshots so they’ll appear in the correct orientation on your app details page.
  • Better keyword discoverability.
  • New advertising unit sizes (480x640, 480x800, 480x853).
  • New confirmation messages for certain actions during app submission.
  • For new apps using the map control, with the new SDK you can now get the required authentication tokens via Dev Center. (If you already have maps in your app, there’s no change required.)
  • The new auto complete drop down list (shown below) makes it easier for developers with lots of apps to find the one they want to manage. 

Be sure to continue leaving feedback where applicable to further enhance the experience when developing for the platform.

Source: Windows Blog


Reader comments

Microsoft refreshes Dev Center for Windows Phone 8


I too think they should merge all into one Dev Center with categories inside for Windows 8, Windows Phone, etc.
I will take advantage of the offer of $8 for a Windows Phone Dev account but I'm amazed that I can't find anything regarding a shared account for Windows 8 development and how much it costs. They talk about linking dev accounts but nothing on the pricing for Windows 8 accounts if you already have a WP account (which I will have later when registering).

Is it possible to link a WP8 app and a W8 app to share roaming settings/files? This would be a very cool feature...

At app level yes, you'd save it some sort of server.

But as far as it being built into the OS, no. That would be far too complicated

I think the general recommendation is to use the user's Skydrive account as the cloud storage mechanism for saves/syncing.

I hope now more app makes will be attracted to wp
again really guys you are oss as you have really made the wp central a ossm website thanx 
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