WPCentral Contest: Win your choice of Windows Phone 8 device!

Windows Phone 8 Launch Day Contest: Leave a comment to this post letting us know which Windows Phone 8 device you want and you could win it courtesy of Windows Phone Central!

It's been a huge day for Windows Phone fans. Windows Phone 8 was officially lauched by Microsoft, and over the days and weeks ahead we'll see a number of next-generation Windows Phone 8 devices hit the market. Further adding to today's excitement, here on WPCentral we unveiled a newly updated site design! We have lots of contests planned as the Windows Phone 8 frenzy continues, but we're going to kick things off right now with a device giveaway to celebrate both the official launch and our newly updated site. 

How To Enter: Leave a single comment to this post letting us know how you're liking our new site design and what Windows Phone 8 device you want to win. Lumia 920? 820? 822? An HTC 8X or 8S? Or maybe a Samsung ATIV? Let us know and you can win it! Full contest details below. If you're not yet a member of Windows Phone Central, today is the day to join! Good luck!


Contest Details:

  • Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Winner will be announced next week.
  • Contest is open worldwide.
  • Depending on what phone you choose to win, we'll buy it and ship it to you as soon as it becomes publicly available.


Having difficulty posting a comment?

Following our site relaunch there was an issue where some members were having difficulty posting comments to articles on the blogs. This issue has now been fixed, both via the website and via our app. If for whatever reason you find yourself unable to post a comment, please logout and log back into the site. If you're still experiencing any issues, please let us know on this forum thread. Be sure to let us know what browser you are using and how you are visiting the site.


Reader comments

WPCentral Contest: Win your choice of Windows Phone 8 device!



Gray lumia 920!
Being a symbian user for more than 7 years, now I'm fascinated by wp8.
And lumia 920's camera rocks

I am looking forward to getting the Nokia Lumia 920 in the Gray, Yellow, Cyan, whatever color really.  It looks like a sweet device, and it is driving me crazy that there isn't any release date for availability.

I love the site! Reminds me of the WP UI without being a complete copycat.
I love my Lumia 900, so I'd really like to upgrade to a Lumia 920.

I would lika a Nokia Lumia 920. Really like the new design because it reminds me of the tiles of Windows 8, which i love!

It's great there are still some very hot things to expect in smartphone area!!!
I wish Nokia to recover, we need more competition.
The site is beautiful as well as WP8 and W8

The site design it's clean and easy to use. So everyone can call it Modern like Microsoft's new products interface.
If I win the contest I would like the Lumia 920 Black.

Loving the new site design. Been a lurker for a long time and finally made the jump. I want the lumia 920 to win. I've been using the 900 and would love to have its sexier sibling.

The site looks more Windows now, but i will have to check it more often to get used to it. Hey, definitely HTC 8X - all my Android friends have HTC One X and that phone is great! HTC is my choice for WP8! I've had Nokia 800 and 900 and now it's time to test HTC ;)

I think your new site design is amazing! It's clean and fast, and provides me with the content I am looking for rather then having to search for stuff. The colors really make things easier to read too! I'd love to get a nokia lumia 920 for ATT. I have the 900 right now and it's beautiful but I'd love to get windows phone 8! :)

The new site design is clear and fine. And i would love a blue HTC 8X. I think it will be the best wp8 phone.

Website's UI is great and with the new look its becoming more like Win 8 and Min Phone 8 mixture <3. Really cool site with soft colours presentable to everyone.
and i would like to grab a nokia lumia 920

Apple used to be simple and intuitive, now they are complicated and busy. Windows used to be complicated, now they are simple and intuitive. I want the Nokia Lumia 920 beacuse it's the best phone, period.

The new site design is eye catching!  However, I think too much real estate is being wasted at the top with highlights from the latest articles.  I liked the smaller summary in the previous design.
I prefer the Nokia Lumia 920.  I like the design of the device combined with the features.  Also I am interested in the Nokia exclusive apps.

I like the new clean layout and the comment count tile is a nice feature.  I am missing the list of recent topics that would show at the bottom of page 1 as new articles are added without having to load page 2.  Would love to have an 8X on VZW!

Well, I have to say that the new design is nice, but TBH I really think that pics are way too huge for the headlines (and so are the titles). Since I'm mainly using the WP application, I won't tell it's that annoying, but I was a bit disappointed the first time I got there after the update. I guess I'll get used to it...
Regarding the phone contest, well, I guess a black HTC 8X would be a great gift ;-)

The site is looking a lot better. I do think you can still improve on the top banner, but it feels fresher all around. I really like the small orange line in the footer, it's a nice detail (although the striping on it goes against the rest of the design).
Finally the "Browse acessories by phone" ad seems completely out of place.
And I would take a Lumia 920 to go please :)

The site looks fresh and bright. It is very welcoming. I'd love to have my first WP be a Lumia 920!

well this site is pretty organized and the the information provided in a very appealing way... and regarding the phone i would really want a htc 8x californa blue color

I really like the site redesign.  Simpler is better, especially since you are catering to a bunch of Windows Phone (and likely now RT and Windows 8) fans.  It looks really nice and it is pretty easy to find reviews and read without distraction.  
If I am lucky enough to win I would choose an HTC 8x for Verizon or for T-Mobile (I have both services). 

First of all, I would like to say that I'm reading every day the news from WPCentral and I believe that is the best Windows Phone news site, so please don’t shoot me for my feedback.
I like the new look of the site, I can see lots and lots of improvements, but honestly I don’t think that is quite there. It looks good but it’s not fully Windows Phone. I can still see the mix with the old style: HERE  HERE  HERE   HERE
 I hope to see this tinghs improved, to look more metroish and why not, to see some active tiles. I wold like to browse on WPCentral in the future from a Nokia Lumia 920 yellow.

Honestly, I believe I have visited this site only a few times (although I read your articles through some apps on my HD7) but I have to say that I do like the website. It is a clean and simple interface with soft bright colors making it easy on the eyes. One suggestion however is that the "Add new comment" box should be on top of the posted comments so users don't have to scroll all the way down to post a comment. Although this is not really an issue at all because you have the "Add yours" link the top of the posted comments. Just a suggestion.
As for which Windows Phone Device I would want, it would have to be the yellow or cyan Lumia 920. I want a phone that will  truly allow me to take photos soley on my phone whenever I need it (such as when on vacation) and it's performace in lowlight situations makes it really hard to choose any other device!

First time on this WPcentral. So far I like it except that ADs on the site should also be related to WP. An AD about JetBlue does not go with sprit  of what "WP" means.
As for phone I would like to own a Nokia 920. Always been Nokia fan and would love to remain the same unless it is too late.

Hey Guys!  I really like how clean and bright the new site is.  Craberry Kevin is right it "is happier."   This is the first time I've used the comments section too. Very nice .  I'd LOVE a new HTC Windowphone 8X in red from Verizon. I've had the Trophy from Verizon from pre-order and love it, but want to take advantage of the new OS features.  I think my kids (19 and 17) are going to use theire new every two to get themselves a new Windowsphone also. That means I cannot upgrade until January while they can go as soon as Verizon sets the pre-ordering up.  Getting the HTC 8X earlier than January would make Joe a happy boy! 

I think the site is simpler, a little more thematic tie in with Microsoft's recent design changes. I like it. I'd still like a more mobile friendly version though. Thanks!
With all the hope in the world, Cyan 920 for AT&T. 

Love the site.
Love the info.
Please get the Lumia 920 released so I can buy it!!!!!
BTW, I heard a rumor that the 920 will come with a free charging pad.  Any truth to this?
Also, will Costco be carrying the Lumia 920 at the in-store kiosks?
Keep the updates coming!!!

I really like the top stories layout on the top of the main page. Also the color scheme is funky and bold, kinda like a certain mobile OS. But I would love a Nokia Lumia 920 in red! That phone looks stunning; just sucks that my carrier (Rogers in Canada) will only have it in black for the first while. :(

I'm not a fan of the color choices... Feels like Miami beach. The Pink is too much, the color is fine, but its too intense. Same with the green. I think if you tone back the brightness of those two colors, I'd be fine with the choices. Blue always looks good. The redesign is still very good. Layout is good, navigation is good, and it feels a little faster too, though maybe that's just IE10 ;)
I'm on T-Mobile, so I'm kinda limited to the HTC 8X (black) as my number one option

I want a Nokia Lumia 920!  I love the camera and the wireless charging station.  I also love the new look of the website.  It's  beautiful just like Windows Phone 8!

First off, I love your new site design! It is cleaner and it has a bit of a windows 8 feel on the top of the main page which is nice because I love the new Metro 8 look. The site also loads faster which is a big plus.
I am looking forward to the HTC 8X for Verison and if you gave me this phone I would pin your site to the front of my phone and let all my friends know where I got it and that their iPhone and Android phones do not compare to my Windows 8 phone!

Nokia Lumia 920
I had a Nokia N900 for nearly 3 years and it just broke, now I look for a new Phone. I love the WP8 and Windows 8 experience, but the Hardware is just way over my budget :( Thank you guys for a chance to remedy this (^o^)~~

I want NOKIA Lumia 820 ! 920 and 8x are too big and the 8s it's just a middle range phone, unlike the others! Let's hope i win ! Cheers :)
P.S. I like the new design, although i don't find it that different from the way it was before !

I do like the site and I would go with Nokia Lumia 920.  I like the 8X smaller size but feel the 920 offers more like better camera and Nokia apps.

I do lke the site and it pretty much matches the Modern UI currently being used my Microsoft. It's indeed a refresh though the site seems a bit more cluttered than the inspiration.
I love the Nokia Lumia 920 and would want the Black Matte if available (or any other Black variant). It's indeed the phone to own considering Nokia's Floating Lens technology on the camera as well as wireless charging. Just imagine showing off the wireless charging bit in the office. Priceless!!!
Munachi (Nigeria).

Love the new site. Been reading for a couple of months now.
Nokia Lumia 920 in Black or Cyan.. Been a iPhone user for 4 years and it's time to change...
Thanks and keep up the great articles on Windows Phone....

The new site design looks pretty cool, looks quite similar to the Windows Tile design as far as the headlines go. The format looks much more pleasant with the new icons and is a design that stands well with the current Windows design. Great work guys!! As far as my new Winmo goes I'd really love to have a Nokia Lumia 920 Cyan. Currently using a Lumia 800, big fan of Nokia + Windows. 

The main article pops up in front and cannot be ignored and the site has blue squares... new to this site
Nokia 920 please if you will

Nokia Lumia 822...I really wish the 920 were going to Verizon. But after messing for the last week with a 900 (coming from Android- OG Droid, HTC DInc, Droid Bionic), I'm pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to WP8!
As far as the site is concerned-I am coming from being active on AC, but I'm really liking the site so far!

Love the new more-in-line-with-Windows design! It's clean and fast, unlike many other sites, like Engadget (and their terribly buggy comment system!!!).
Being a Nokia fan and a photographer, I would obviously go for the Lumia 920!

The new design is more identical to what your news is about and moreover checking your site on my lumia 900 seems to be great. I would like nokia lumia 920 which has lots of benefits and I should say I'd like to have 920 as my next phone.

Made an account just for this but I've been a reader forever. Love the new layout. Red or Yellow 920 would be central to my WP experience. (Corny I know)

The new website is quite nice, but still... I can only imagine how AMAZING the experience will be on a brand new Nokia Lumia 920! I can't wait to give my current L800 to my grandma haha.
Keep it up :) Much love from Holland for keeping us up to date with the latest W(P)8 news!

I like very much the new design, because it is modern and very easy to use and I want the Nokia Lumia 920 in red!! It is the best smartphone ever with the Pureview Camera, the Nokia Apps and the great design. Thanks! 

Nice! A Nokia Lumia 920 would be the best! (color doesn't matter, so suprize me!) 
Greetings from the Netherlands
ps, love the new design of WPCentral! 

I would like to say that your site has a nice layout. Very user-friendly. Good job and keep up the great work!!! I have been a long time windows phone user, and would love to see and HAVE  the windows phone 8x, that would be my choice. One more thing, Do you know if US Cellular will be carrying WP8 products? Thanks!  


The site looks very clean, just like Windows Phone. Adheres well to the design style that shall not be named.
I would love a Lumia 920!

I'm loving the new layout. It's much easier to find the newest articles and forum posts. I also like the different viewing options/article previews on the front page.

I like the new design, it has a 'Windows Phone' touch, from the color to the pictures and posts tiles.
with the margin of the webpages, it looks like a Cyan Lumia 920 :P Exactly as the WP8 device I wish to have.

The miracle phone, Nokia 920 in yellow!
I dig the website! It's like a Surface Tablet and a Nokia 920 had a baby! A rainbow of colors!

Good - The metro revamp makes the site look new and just fresh.
Bad - The part on the right about acessories is still non metro (cases, chargers & more), it looks ugly and really sticks out.
When you do a search on the main site using the top search box it just gives plain text style results, again this takes away the metro feel from the site.

Otherwise everything else looks very much like it's supposed to be there and does not stick out when I'm using windows 8 to browse this site :)

Yellow Lumia 920 Please :D 


I like the site,information in the purchase section is upfront and clearly layout,it contain information that I look for  eg:international shipping, and summary of the product. Overall site was OK. 
If I win I would like Nokia lumina 920. Thanks

Loving my Lumina 900, but feel somewhat betrayed not to be getting the full WP8 upgrade. Yellow Lumina 920 for AT&T please!!!

I do like the win8 style icons and look of the site.  I do disagree with the pink wpcentral icon at the top left.  not a fan of pink = ).  hoping for a lumia 920 to replace my droid x

Loving this metro-ish site design, i was actually recommended to this site from a friend so this is my first day! For me, id say the "Cyan" Lumia 920 would be my dream phone!

I would love a Nokia Lumia 920! All the things I would do! pictures i would take! and Check WPCentral ALL DAY LONG!

New site is awesome, especially as the new os and phones are released!
I'd love a Lumia 929. Beautiful phone. 

I've been following this site since august and its really great and very informative! I love the site update and win or not  I am definantly getting the HTC 8X

i like the changes to the site. Makes it look more windows 8 like. Its cool. So is Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8!
After reading the specs for the Lumia 920, with the camera and the Nokia apps, there is no reason to purchase any other phone.Id like a black one to match my surface

Lumia 920 for me..
New website, gives me feel of windows phone 8 itslef...as in page starts with kinda live tiles ..n those tiles are connected with the story thread...  

Love the new site, always enjoying reading your stories and updates. Lumia 920 or me please . looking forward to the mobile site, keep rockin! 

I love the new color scheme of the site.  Being a verizon customer I would prefer the Nokia 822 (unless they get a 9xx variant then I would take that), though the sound quality of the 8x is intruiging.  Listening to your last podcast I realized I don't know much abou the 822's camera.  Is it comperable to the 920?  Also the storage on the 8x seems a little lacking.

The color scheme is very cool!. It's more lively than some of the sister Mobile Nation websites. I would like a Verizon grey Nokia lumia 822, if you please.

I love that your new website is "Modern UI" Style (don't you dare call it Metro!).  It fits the content of your site, and I find it a bit easier to navigate the elements at a glance.  
I would love an AT&T Cyan Nokia Lumia 920, if you could please.  :)

I been long time reader of this site this were I get all my WP information, but never commented before. Guess today is a good time to start lol! I'm liking the new look.  Anyways, Lumia 920 for me.... is there any other device worth it?? Don't think so

I just recently found this website, so can't comment on the old design.  But I do like the overall look of it.  Very clean, easy to find what you're looking for.
I want the Lumia 820 with a red wireless charging shell.  I like the interchangeable shells and the smaller screen over the 920 (I don't have large hands).  Actually, I would have loved if they had kept the 4" display that the 800 has.  I tried it out in a store and it fit my hand perfectly.

The site looks attractive and quite easy to navigate, would be one site I will stick quite frequently as I am so tempting to get a Lumia 920.
My favaourite choice of windows phone 8 would of course be the Nokia Lumia 920 in RED, and best of all if it comes with the wireless JBL speaker, in RED too :-)

I'd like the Lumia 820 for its upgradable memory through sd card. The new site looks  good. Quite easy to navigate through and headlines are clearer.

New to WpCentral.The new UI is simple and readable without any glamour fizz as it should be.Most important is the content which is up to date on any WP related information.Your impressions on Wp8 have been great.
I would love to own a Nokia Lumia 920.(White/Grey).Simply love the design and the OS that goes along with it  :-)

Nokia Lumia 920- Yellow, Because its just awesome and  it is Nokia. Nokia  build their Mobiles to last long, both physically and technically.

The site looks great and easy to navigate even though I am only browsing on my phone. The Theme is great since your blog is about windows phone 8. I  cant wait to browse your site in the most innovative smartphone ever Nokia Lumia 920. The site is full of innovation.

I like the new site design and the cobalt ascent color background makes the site truly windows 8 phone centric. And also the windows 8 tile experience for the most popular articles is really cool.
Between, I would prefer the smaller screen Nokia Lumia 820.

mmm , the new design is awesome , i like it more than the old one ;) If I Won , I Would Take Nokia Lumia 920 :D because it's the best windows phone mobile :D

The design is colorfull, edgy and trendy, but the newset comments should be on 1st page. Didn't know the old website so i could compare, am a new windows mobile user, and dying for a Yellow Lumia 920... cheers

The Nokia lumina 920 has the power to convince even my iPhone addicted girlfriend to turn away from the dark side!

Totally enjoying the new look of WPCENTRAL.com, it's a visual treat. A Samsung ATIV S is what I'd love to win. 

California Blue Windows Phone 8X from HTC please.
My take on the site, change the Pink logo to California blue. I find HTC's color choices more fascinating than Nokia's or MS.
Other than that, site is way way better than before. Very "Metro". And I'm a designer myself.

I've been following the site for a while now, but only decided to register a few minutes ago. The site's new design is simple, but logical and easy to navigate. Articles are well detailed and informative.
I'd like an unlocked grey Lumia 920.
Keep up the good work!

Been a member for just a while but in the last couple of days I went from only a reader to a commenter and participant in the forums. I didn't know they were already all those topics and people engaged in them.
The new layout and design is great and feels a little easier to navigate and see the featured sections. Good work guys.
I would like to win a Nokia Lumia 920 to start testing the couple of apps I have been developing. Good luck to all!

The new design reminds Windows 8 so it is understandable. It's actually really nice! And I would like Nokia Lumia 920. Thank you very much!

I love really the new website, because the design goes very well with WP8 and Windows 8. I would love to have the exciting Nokia Lumia 920 in yellow, because I think the design is so great and it beats the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5.

I really love the site's design, though you could have used Segoe font on it. I would really love the Lumia 920 because I would be the 1st Kenyan (I think even in East Africa) to rock a WP8 device and most importantly because it should be better than the best devices in the kenyan market i.e. the S III and the One X plus I'm a big fan of heft in phones.

Lumia 920! I realy like the new design. I think its great that you have adaptet the windows phone metro look.  Its very simplistic and clean! -> my number one reason for having this as my internet explorer start-window and the reason i'll always be loyal to the windows phone community! congratulations and greetings from norway

As innovative as the Lumia 920 is and as much as I love the expandable storage of the Ativ S...I NEED the HTC 8X. Quite possibly the sexiest phone ever.

Sweet contest! With lots of luck, I can replace my Lumia 900 with a 920. 
Site looks decent, though a bit busy with the marketplace stuff in the sidebar. 

Like your new design. I always think it's good to refresh such things time to time, so it stays more interesting for us, readers. I like the top part, where importaint news stands out.
Lumia 920 cyan for me, thank you. :D

Black Lumia 920 Please :P I'm sick and tired of my stupid LG ks360 (Feature phone with keyboard), it's battery is worse than a smartphones(Takes less than half a day to die) and it restarts and switches off on it's own D:..Thanks!

Nokia Lumia 920 in one of the darker colors might be exactly what this android guy needs to make the jump into the Microsoft camp ;)

Black Nokia 920 all the way!! The site is awsome just like the new Microsoft page!! Nicely done! :)

Have been an avid reader of WP Central, not a regular commentor but kudos to WP Central for revamping the site with a cleaner & faster site (i love what you did with the homepage - headlines section, easier for us to navigate to a news which captures our interest).
Amongst the Windows Phone 8 devices that had been announced recently, I'd wish to own the HTC 8X!
Loving the bold colors that HTC are offering for 8X as well as a sharper UI that will be on Windows Phone 8.
Probably its time for a revolution, goodbye to my windows phone 6 (i know its old) & my iPhone 4S & hello Windows (Phone) 8! :)

The new design is very nice. WPcentral is also very nice. Also, Nokia 920 Grey would be extremely nice.
Seriously, great new design for a highly informative site. Ever since I bought my Lumia 800, in a move away from android, I have liked the simplicity and at the same time the great possibilities that lie in the WP OS.
I have found the walk throughs on different functionalities of the OS very helpful in getting started with WP, and also some of the top ten apps for this and that have been of help. Hopefully, a lot of new users will be joining the community with the launch of WP8, and hopefully WPCentral will keep up the good job of introducing these people to Windows Phone.

I would like to win Nokia Lumia 920.
The site design looks good, but some minute changes are required. I'm using Chrome browser.

I didn't like the new design at first, but I must say it grew on me.  Well done!
would love to have the Cyan Lumia 920!  :)

Normally I lurk, but I really like the new site design!  I'd also love to win a Yellow Lumia 920 :-D
Have a great day!

New design is awesome!!! You have done great job, guys!!! Very nice and useful site with great appearance!!!!
(Lumia 920)

Site looks great.WP8 looks incredible. Surface is an itch I wantto scratch. Like the sites "live-tiles". Lumia 920 yellow, in gsm unlocked or Verizon global phone, if it becomes available.

I'm loving the new design.  Fits well with the windows metro theme.  I'd definitely go with the Nokia Lumia 920

HTC 8X. Samsung left me slightly burned with the Omnia 7, and the Lumia is a bit too bulky for my tastes. New site is swag, by the way...

I like the new layout. The more "Metro" feel works well. Good job.
Samsung Ativ S or the HTC 8X. I'm on verizon so who knows when the Samsung shows up.

I think the new design of this page is much clearer than the former one, but the choice of colors would not have been my favourite ;)
The new start page seems much lighter and I think it really puts the headlines in front, I always used to skip the headlines fpr the most recent news, but since the new design appeared I am reading them...
All in all: layot is great, I don't like the colors
I would like to win the HTC 8X, Nokia Lumia 920 and Samsung Ativ are too big in my opinion :D

I love the new design! It's superb and modern in contrast to the commenting part. It feels like I'm typing an email in yahoo, which is a bad thing. 
Anyhow, I like the Lumia 920, obviously, because I value looks over other suff such as weight, chunckyness ...

The new WPCentral Site is all about tiles. Without the advertisements it would look like an official Windows 8 Site. 

Im here for a Gray Lumia 920

The brand new look of WPCentral was a refreshing change. It was brilliant timing to change the look in accordance with the release of Windows Phone 8! I would love to own a Nokia Lumia 920 in red! :D

I already have a nokia lumia so this time i would like the samsung ativ.
The new design is clean and i love it. Maybe there is too much padding between the title and the article on the frontpage

The new site is quite like the windows phone platform and therfore shows new users and currents users the basic interface of the windows phone. As this site is all anout windows and its news it is very appropriate to place such icon and adverts in such a manner . The colors are very eye catching and has a vibrant entrance to the website and immediately shows what kind of information is about to be shown. Its new tiles are very attractive and trendy.
I would appreciate it and love it if i could have a windows phone 8 from HTC , the HTC 8x

The new site is quite like the windows phone platform and therfore shows new users and currents users the basic interface of the windows phone. As this site is all anout windows and its news it is very appropriate to place such icon and adverts in such a manner . The colors are very eye catching and has a vibrant entrance to the website and immediately shows what kind of information is about to be shown. Its new tiles are very attractive and trendy.
I would appreciate it and love it if i could have a windows phone 8 from HTC , the HTC 8x
thanks... a purple one if possible...

I love the new website, it's very refreshing! I am a recent college graduate as of May and started up my new job a little more than a month ago. It would be incredible if I could update my old blackberry for a Verizon Black HTC 8x.

I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the Nokia Lumia 920 cyan ... KOOL web design and the app its a killer keep up with the newest news that concern us...

Like the new design, reads perfect in IE 10 on Windows 8.
Keep up the good work
I would like a Yellow Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920, for sure.
I like the site design a lot, but I think the mobile version leaves something to be desired..
With a little more work though, it's an awesome site, regular and mobile. App is also great.
Awesome giveaway, let's hope it goes well :D

I'll keep it simple: the new site is amazing! The new layout does a nice job of showing off Microsoft's Modern UI—without completely mimicking it—and it just seems so much cleaner and to-the-point, so to speak. When I log on to WPC, it's nice for me to see an attractive webpage without it being so overwhelming to the point where I can barely navigate it. That's something every website should strive for. Perfect job, guys—you hit a home run!
I'd like a yellow Lumia 920, please (if you can get it unlocked, as I have T-Mobile). Otherwise an 810 would be great!
Thanks to the entire WPCentral staff for the awesome contest and the awesome website. Keep up the great work, guys! ;D

I would love to have any of the two Nokia Lumia WP8 Phones. And yes, WPC's new webiste looks great!! :) Thanks!!!

can not wait till i can get my hands on a yellow nokia 920
i hate all apple products can not stand goggle
i use only bing used msn since 1996 somtimes use internet explore 

I absolutely love the redesign! In my opinion it perfektly matches the metro modern UI! That new design makes your site even more appealing (I check back at least ten times a day :D ).
It would be the Nokia Lumia 920 for me by the way ;-)

This new design is really simple and direct  and... I would like to have a Samsung ATIV phone.

I don't mind the new design, and that mean it's good. If the new design was bad, I would miss the old one, and I don't.
Well actually I don't really notice it, since the content stands out and pulls all my attention.

I'd fancy a cyan Lumia 920 if I were to receive one.

I like the new design for this website. It's neat and the color choices are nice and pleasant to the eyes (at least my eyes)

I am glad if I can have Nokia Lumia 920 since I have been a big fan of Nokia and this will be my first time having Windows Phone. Btw, I just bought Windows 8 Pro just because I can't wait sync'ing my Windows 8 with my Lumia 920 :))

the new site design looks great.
currently still trying to find something to complain about.
now give me my Lumia 920.

I'd love an 820 with higher resolution...920 it is then, hope I win and thanks for the giveaway guys, you are the best source for WP news around.

Can't wait for the Nokia Lumia 920 to be released, looks like it will make a pretty big splash. Love developing for Windows Phone and can't wait to get my WP8 device. Nokia 920

I like this website desing because it kind reminds of me a new Windows 8 UI.
Clear and easy to navigate.
And the phone I wanna win is Lumia 920

I would like to win an HTC Windows Phone 8X in black colour.

Congratulations, WPCentral on your new website. The 29th of October was my birthday so I feel a special connection to WP8 and as a graphic designer I am in love with the UI.
Nice to be here. A great way to increase the WPC community.

I'm a succa for redesigns (cause I'm a Web Developer) and your redesign is just beautiful. I've never had a Windows Phone Device but try developing with C#. I want to develop apps for Windows Phone 8 but my Hardware is old (crap) so a phone to test out my apps on would be great. I'm also one of the few budding developers from Kenya. I would like the HTC 8X. Thanks for the opportunity!