New Nokia video reveals Magenta Lumia 920

Sure, when it comes to the Lumia 920, Nokia has supplied us with black, glossy white, yellow, red and even the return of cyan. There's also the hard to find matte grey. But what about the more lady friendly magenta? We saw magenta come out for the Lumia 800 and eventually the 900 release but so far, none for the 920.

However, forum member Pontifex has spotted what clearly looks like a highly shiny, glossy magenta Lumia 920. Although it's only spotted at a distance, you can clearly see that curvature and the signature headphone jack of the Lumia 920. 

We're not really sure why Nokia doesn't come out with Magenta with the main release of the 920, instead presumably we'll have to wait awhile until they mix up that polycarbonate. But one thing we do know is that color looks to make a comeback should carriers ask for it. Check the video after the break.

Source: YouTube; via: WPCentral Forums


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New Nokia video reveals Magenta Lumia 920


If I was into stereotyping I'd go with girls like "shiny pink things"? But honestly, I dunno. Personally, I like glossy too.

Yeah, too bad its dependant upon carrier choice which means that the nutjobs in charge of Rogers are never going to stock it.

Why do they go for the gloss finish? I've seen it in phones4u and it looks really tacky and cheap. It also smears heavily with fingerprints and scratches are more noticeable on a gloss finish, not to mention the lack of grip.

Bring back matte cyan and magenta! Also release a royal blue or indigo colour.

Chris, have you owned a glossy Lumia? I've had a white glossy since launch day. It doesn't scratch (mine has no case). I don't notice fingerprints, ever. Grip is excellent. I'm not interested in pink, but I think glossy is awesome and looks better than matte.

Lol go figure. My sister has the white LUMIA and its a fingerprint catcher and plastic scratches Iv decided on getting the black lumia 920 the red looks to toyish and yellow just screams BATMAN and being a HULK fan that would be pointless if I had a choice matte dark green LUMIA is perfect ;)

Honestly I wish Nokia had this process of their order where customers can choose variety of different color for there for the Lumia 920. It'd be a phone designed for you. Nokia keeps teasing people with their colors! Argh they need stop :)

So I was just admiring the new logo for wpcentral on my windows phone and had a thought. Are there plans to have pictures inside the individual squares of the logo"? Kinda like how the USA Today app is.

Does WP8 have anything similar to the "media hub" app on the Galaxy S3, that allows me to rent or buy HD movies to watch on my phone?

From what I've read it seems you need to have an Xbox to stream the movies, I have no plan on purchasing a game console to get movies on my phone, if that is the case. I noticed windows marketplace has terrible entertainment apps, that can be a game changer for somone who uses their phone for video media.

I was hoping for a cyan or magenta 920 at 1st all hope was lost but now that both colors are confirmed im excited tho I won't be upgrading yet . Don't really want glossy but I will take it ! only thing that would make me upgrade to wp8 now is a purple 920

thanx nokia but nI would preffer black
wp central man this site have Beauty in everthing
nokia lumia 920 black

Do people like the glossy colours?Its not that they looks cheap they just look unappealing.Matt all the way