Nokia mobile site lists the AT&T Lumia 920 for $149.99

AT&T has still not yet officially announced the Nokia Lumia 920, which is expected to come to the US carrier late next week (November 9th), but we're already quite certain of the price tag. 

Best Buy had a pre-sale and just the other day, eBay (with Best Buy) also had the Lumia 920 up for early orders. Both times the phone was listed at $149.99 (with a $599 off contract price). To us, that's all the info we really need but if you wanted just a little more proof of that super aggressive price tag, you can take a gander above in our pic.

That price is from Nokia's mobile site (lumia920.12dld.mobi), which via a PC just shows some static Tiles but upon launching it on your phone, you get a different picture. The top Tile reveals an AT&T logo with that $149.99 price, which should be reassurance for those of you who have not pre-ordered.

It should also reassure those worried about Nokia, as they clearly are gunning to make the 920 an irresistible sell. Throw in a free charge pad and we think they have a shot to sell many--after all, the 32GB Lumia 920 is literally half the price of a 32GB iPhone 5. Not bad.

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Nokia mobile site lists the AT&T Lumia 920 for $149.99


Nice! Nokia's pricing of this device is really aggressive. It shows they are really all in with Windows Phone.

$150 is great.  $150 with a wireless charge plate would be even more aggressive.

If any Apple people ask why some Windows Phone apps/games are more expensive than the same ones on iOS... we can say the Lumia 920 was $150 less expensive than the iPhone 5, so that's $150 worth of apps we can buy.

I was preparing myself to pay way more for this phone but hoped Nokia would be very aggressive to help build market share. If they throw in the wireless charger it will be icing on the cake. Wireless charging my not be a big point to most people but as a former Palm Pre user I miss it dearly. Now AT&T please take my money!

If next Friday really is the release date at this point a preorder may actually not be a good idea. You won't get it any faster and there's always the chance of a delay. Much better to just go to a store.

Naw I remember when I got the Focus at launch 2 yrs ago. I showed up the day before offical launch and they sold me one of their 3 units. They only had 3!
I honestly thing the delay is because they don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past were they don't have the phones stocked in the stores.
Calling multiple stores on launch, hoping they have a cyan 920 sounds like a waste of time for me. I'd rather get the exact phone I want shipped to my door. At least my family can get me something I actually want for christmas (1 or all 3 of the chargers)

I'm sure the off-contract pricing will be much cheaper than $599 at the AT&T store, more like $499. Best Buy ALWAYS gouges on off-contract phones.

Just wondering: what is the advantage to buy off contract from AT&T? you still get a branded device, don't you?
I am curious because I always buy SIM free, unbranded phones.

I think the reason is whenever you buy at the subsidized price, your contract extends another 2 years. Buying at the full price, however, doesn't extend that date and you still are able to get a new device to use with your service. You can then sell your old device and recoup some of the investment, should you desire.
You don't have to buy a device from your service provider though. If the same phone is available carrier unlocked from anywhere else, you could get that and then if you switched carriers, the phone would still work with your new provider.

Another advantage to buying out of contract is if you're grandfathered into unlimited data plans, they can't make you change those data plans.

I buy on contract and I still have one of the first TRULY unlimited data plans.  They've never made me switch.  (ATT that is)

Cause you can use straigh talk @ $45 a month instead of the equivalent ATT plan which would be at LEAST $80 a month.
2 year difference = $840.
This is a no brainer really... I dont know why on earth anyone would be a subsidized phone, unless they are too poor to pony up the money up front.

With Straight Talk do you get 4g and all the bells and whistles? I recall reading that there were issues with getting the Lumia 900 going on it.

To be really honest, there isn't a benefit at all for most people. 
ATT doesn't cut you a break on service pricing if you bring your own device to the table.  There isn't any price incentive in that regard.  And ATT's early termination fees are cheaper than the price difference between a subsidized phone and an unlocked phone.  $325 minus $10 for each full month of completed Service Commitment (direct quote from their site)
The only real reason to buy unlocked is either you plan on moving your device to another carrier or you travel overseas extensively.  If you're going to move that means pretty much TMobile here in the US.  And the fact of the matter is that if you're on ATT today you'll still be on ATT in 2 years unless you move out of their coverage area. 
So it boils down to this choice: Do I pay $150 for the phone or $500 for the same phone with the IDEA that I can move if I want?
For the record, I bought unlocked phones for years and finally had to ask myself "why"  I was paying hundreds of dollars for the thought that I could move to a new carrier. 
Long story short, it's almost always cheaper to just buy into the 2 year contract and get the subsidized phone. 

I'm really having a hard time deciding; l920 or 8x. I just like the red on the 8x and its size, but I like everything about Nokia except for the size and wanted gray, but it's not available at att. This is tough!

HTC 8x size - 132.4 x 66.2 x 10.1 mm (5.21 x 2.61 x 0.40 in)
Lumia 920 size - 130.3 x 70.8 x 10.7 mm, 99 cc (5.13 x 2.79 x 0.42 in)
Hands down the 8X wins. Its a whole .18 inches narrower and a whopping .08 inches less thick.  Add in the red and I'd say the choice for you is easy.  Go for it!
I'll go for build quality, superior low light photography, more memory, brighter screen, LTE speeds... well, you know... for those that don't compare here: http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=4975&idPhone2=4967

I do get the sarcasm. :) Which is why it's strange that people feel the HTC 8x is really that much smaller, when in fact it's 2.4mm taller than the 920. IMHO, the height of the phone is way more important than having the 920 .18 wider and .08 thicker.

Not only is the 8x taller, it's got a smaller screen, so you are looking at more 'wasted' space on the phone.

Maybe people really do like taller phones (at least the fans of the 8x?).

When they say smaller I think they really mean "lighter"

Because apparently people forgot what it was like to carry the old Motorola flip phones was like and have turned into a bunch of silly little sissies that can't bear to lift an extra 2 ounces.

always consider this. 8X has ~13GB usable and non expandable memory. HD games with huge size will pop in WP store plus there is a HD recording and you might also want to enjoy HD videos on HD display and audios with decent bitrate on beats audio. ~13GB is not going to work. Many people and reviewers are not heighlighting this concern as cloud storage is given too much importance but its lot less practical than physical storage.

This may be a stupid question, but do you think the people who pre-ordered from Best Buy will get the free charging pad too? If you only get the free charging pad when you order from AT&T, it'd be worth it to cancel the pre-order from Best Buy.

Been trying to get someone to answer this for while. This is the first time I've ordered a phone online. Any Best Buy or AT&T reps in the house? (I'm talking about that would have insider knowledge not store employees)

Given that Best Buy did not advertise the free charging pad (or any accessories) and unless ATT and/or Best Buy confirms this rumor, you may not want to cancel your order :)

I'm just expecting FedEx to deliver my lumia 920 this week with no fore warning the way at&t is going....

Given how AT&T clusterf*cked the launch of the 900 on Easter Sunday , it wouldn't surprise me--a bit--if they were waiting for Thanksgiving Day to launch the 920. This has been one strange rollout. The USA seems like it is going to be last on the list...

Considering the number of languages and markets Windows Phone 8 now supports and the number of markets where Nokia retails, it seems anyone complaining about USA availability is a crybaby ;)

Just called bestbuy and cancelled my per-order. Don't trust them and I rather get it straight from AT&T. Hoping for a free wireless charge plate !!!

Great thinking! The wifey has a gift certificate from the previous challenge. We will buy our 8x's from the MS store in Costa Mesa.

AT&T is ridiculous. Give us a date already. Then tell us that L900 owners under contract can get a 920 for $149 also :-).

Did my pre order at best buy few wks back. I'll do a pre order with AT&T too.. If AT&T giving out free charging pads. Worth getting the 920 from them. Really don't understand why best buy did the pre order so early. I was told they wsd going to release it the same time as AT&T.

I was at one of the AT&T Corporate stores in Columbus(Ohio) today and the manager confirmed that sales of the 920 will go live on Nov. 9th. He however said they have not received the pricing yet but but he was certain that their price would not be very different from Best buy's.

Still possible I end up going with 8x, but the hope that nokia will push out a software update addressing the very real issues with the daytime camera function may push me over to the 920 by next Friday... :)

well in my country I have to buy it without contract
Wp central Guys you have really made "THE SIMPLE YET SIGNIFICANT " site
nokia lumia 920 black

To those who know, I'm just wondering; in USA can you buy phones that have an exclusive deal with a certain company unbranded and outright? If so, where from? We can in Australia, I was just considering picking one up when I was over there in a fortnight and didn't want all the AT&T branding on it.

there aren't really any stores in the us where you can go pick up an unbranded and unlocked phone aside from the apple store

even they aren't going to sell unlocked global editions that don't have carrier branding. they are just going to have all phones available on all the carriers at one place
with the way the spectrum and markets are carved up in the US, there just isn't a strong enough market for unlocked phones as there is elsewhere in the world.

This was one of the great things about living in Australia, even a decade ago, when I lived there.  I went to an Optus shop and bought a phone I used on Telstra (or some combination thereof, it's been a while) and I remember thinking "this is how it should be done."  
To answer your question, I doubt a non-branded version will be available unlocked from anywhere in the US, given the exclusivity agreement.  Unless you can get your hands on one of the developer phones given out at BUILD this year, at least.

The USA is a real joke with all tha carrier BS! I feel sorry for you guys really. I live in DK and all phones a available on all carrier, if they want it that is. But Not all are giving you the charger for free though. Of all the many carrier we have, only "3" give you a free pad and earbuds... which the dev guys who got a phone at build didn't get. Just saying don't count on gettung a free pad with all L920'ties

Oh yeah and you can buy it unlocked and unbranded everywhere for 800$....which it really expensive.... but htne it is unlocked and unbranded pure Nokia delight 

Still unknown. I have a friend in India and she's been trying to find out. I'm doing the same on my end for her despite me being an American.

This price is what WP needs to compete and stand against IOS and Android. Personally I believe the Surface should've done something similar.

Uhh...I read here a couple of days ago, that At&T would start pre-order today?? Nov4th, but they still haven't started taking any pre-orders for Nokia Lumia 920???? If Nov 9 or Nov 11 is the date when at&t launches the new windows phone 8 in usa, I thought this would be a perfect time for pre-orders

That screenshot looks a little strange. The strip with "Lumia with Nokia Music..." does not as wide as the regular full with Live Tile is. In fact, it looks even shorter than the small Tiles just above it.. Is it just because the person appears to be arranging the tiles (they don't seem to align perfectly so I assume they are hovering in the arrange mode), or is this just a simulated screen?

Edit does not work for me on IE10...
Anyway, wanted to add: OR, are the three small Tiles above and the strip with "Lumia with..." all part of one large tile?

Well everything sounds really nice but still we don't know anything about availability of the phone please at least offer a pre order cause I am going to ask for a teal one and i guess it has be order online!

I'm torn on this. If I preorder I get what I want but possibly not when I want it. If I go to a store they might not have the color I want and thus I end up in the same boat. Stores in my area are notorious for having 2-3 devices. Not worried about selling out; just that I specifically want red. :)

Who care about the price anymore I think AT&T and Nokia have lost there 3.6% because they are unprepared andunorganized.  Is anyone else as fed up with the games as I am?  Im one more day  away fom going back to the iPhone if this is how they do buisness.  And just to be clear I woul prefer the Lumia 920 but Microsoft/Nokia/AT&T are either unorganized or there still something wrong with the OS/phones.. Eiter way I'm aggravated

The holdup is ridiculous. I was so excited for this, but my excitement is waning. I don't necessarily think it's impatience, but more of a questioning of what on earth could be botched with this launch for it to be taking this long. If everything is ok, I can't imagine they'd hold off on taking my money nearing two months...

I dont think anything is wrong with the hardware or OS because there are quite a few reviews of the AT&T version out there and seemed to be no issue withthe test models...But I am so anxious for this phone to come out so I can ditch androidand sprint

I doubt there is anything wrong with the hardware or the OS either. But something still smells funky. At first the "excuse" (on the interwebs) was that we had to wait for Microsoft to officially announce WP8. That date came and went and we honestly don't have any more information (from the carriers... thank God for sites like this) than we did before.

I'm not ready to call the whole thing a failure. But I too am confused as to what is up with all the waiting and non confirmation of official prices and dates from the horses mouth

I agree. For trying to gain some market share, they sure know how to do things half ass backwards it seems. Watching the subpar fuzzy daylight camera photos doesn't help either lol.

oh, is there a release date for that on AT&T now?
not that i'm knocking the 8x, i played with one last week and it's quite nice, but for the money unless you really need something super thin and light, the 920 has much more value going for it.
the lack of concrete dates is perplexing and frustrating, but it seems like we might be reaching the end of the journey soon finally.

Image at link to nokia .mobi site no longer shows price or "buy now" (which I was hoping was a link). Now it just says "coming soon".

How can you release a phone on Friday when you haven't announced the release date as of the previous Monday? If this is the best they can do, I can't help but predict that WP8 will be a complete failure.