WPCentral Contest: Win your choice of Windows Phone 8 device!

Windows Phone 8 Launch Day Contest: Leave a comment to this post letting us know which Windows Phone 8 device you want and you could win it courtesy of Windows Phone Central!

It's been a huge day for Windows Phone fans. Windows Phone 8 was officially lauched by Microsoft, and over the days and weeks ahead we'll see a number of next-generation Windows Phone 8 devices hit the market. Further adding to today's excitement, here on WPCentral we unveiled a newly updated site design! We have lots of contests planned as the Windows Phone 8 frenzy continues, but we're going to kick things off right now with a device giveaway to celebrate both the official launch and our newly updated site. 

How To Enter: Leave a single comment to this post letting us know how you're liking our new site design and what Windows Phone 8 device you want to win. Lumia 920? 820? 822? An HTC 8X or 8S? Or maybe a Samsung ATIV? Let us know and you can win it! Full contest details below. If you're not yet a member of Windows Phone Central, today is the day to join! Good luck!


Contest Details:

  • Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Winner will be announced next week.
  • Contest is open worldwide.
  • Depending on what phone you choose to win, we'll buy it and ship it to you as soon as it becomes publicly available.


Having difficulty posting a comment?

Following our site relaunch there was an issue where some members were having difficulty posting comments to articles on the blogs. This issue has now been fixed, both via the website and via our app. If for whatever reason you find yourself unable to post a comment, please logout and log back into the site. If you're still experiencing any issues, please let us know on this forum thread. Be sure to let us know what browser you are using and how you are visiting the site.


Reader comments

WPCentral Contest: Win your choice of Windows Phone 8 device!



I love windows phone. Every day once I wake up I used to see the Microsoft channels in YouTube on any new videos and the WPCentral for any news on Windows 8, Surface, Windows Phone 8, Office 2013 and share it in my Facebook page :). I never got bored seeing it everyday ad it is inspiring me with its design. I love it ever :)

is much more pleasurable navigate the page with this new design, i want an 820 or an 810, both are nice! 920 is the best but is too big!

The design has the 'metro' feel to it. The top bar's color(the one linking to BB, Android etc) doesn't blend well with the page. Same with the frame beneath the 'Add new comment' box. Overall, awesome design.
I would love to have a Lumia 920. 

The new website looks great! However, I follow you guys through my smartphone 90% of the time. Do you no longer provide a mobilized style of your website? Anyhow, I'd like the Lumia 920 out of all other Win 8 devices.

I like the new site design. Its much cleaner and faster than before. 
And  i would love a cyan or yellow Nokia Lumia 920 because that just blows the competition to smithereens. 

Nokia Lumia 920 without any doubts. Hasslefree charging options. Nice camera options. Great display. Totally digging it.

Fantastic looking site update...colourful.
I'm a Nokia fan and would love to have a Lumia 920 to replace my existing Lumia 800...

The new site design is fine and the content of the pages is great. As far as the phone I would want to win? The Lumia 920 would be my first choice but any model with W8 would be good! Thanks!

I'm from India, so I hope it will not be a problem for you guys shipping a phone to me if I win lol. I'm willing to pay for the shipping, but I so desperately want a Lumia 920 (Cyan). It'd be better than christmas, or even diwali. And I have my birthday coming up in January so it would be the best birthday present ever too! 

I like the look of the new site and it's easy to navigate. I was hoping to get a Nokia 920 but since I am a Verizon customer I guess it's going to have to be the HTC One X

I would like Lumia 920. It has Windows 8 OS and it design is spectacular. I love it, I like it and I really want it.

I'm liking the new site design because it's really appropriate for the arguments of the site.
I would like to receive a Lumia 920 because it's simply FANTASTIC  Thanks a lot 

Love the smooth Metro look of the site!!!  Would look even better if I won a HTC 8X for the Verizon network.

This site looks clean and fresh, however I'm gonna be real and say this commenting system is a little different and can do with some improving. I really like the Nokia 920 because of its shape and size, it looks like it will really fit in my hand perfectly. I also really want this phone because I currently have a Samsung E1086, I have also never owned a smartphone and I think this is the best place to start I have been watching many videos of it just dreaming of having this phone.

Not sure about that magenta logo.
Cant wait for tmo to release their 8X phones!
Can seem to edit my previous post... uu

Nokia Lumia 920 or the HTC 8X.  I like the site - trying to get back into the windows mobile area again.  I have been with Apple and can't find a phone the meets what the iPhone can offer maybe a Windows 8 phone.

These contests lately have been top notch! WPCentral is one of my daily website stops! Enjoying all the great coverage and practical reviews of devices and software.

i know this contest is over but just wanted to suggest to add some small transitions(if possible) n customisable themes.. that'll be really cool..

The new Website design is so awesome...no words...but it can still get better as the only thing i didn't liked is the comments section which prevents me to scroll down the page till the end.Please look forward to it.
Oh,and yes,i want a nokia lumia 920!

As a designer, I can tell you I like the new look very much. Its clean and functional.
Thanks for the chance to win a Samsung ATIV    !!

I LOVE the new site design. It's in line with the Windows 8 look, and is quite refreshing. I would love to win a Nokia Lumia 920 in white or cyan. Windows Phone all the way!!!

the site very well put together comparing to other sites.i would be very much greatfull if could win a   nokia    lumia  920

Loving the site it's easy to search. Really wanting an HTC 8S. Actually I want it for my boyfriend he cureently has an HTC 6800 and I want to get him an newer phone. He loves his windows phone. Thanks!!!

The new look of wpcentral is a total rebuild of the website. The new things like tag search, advanced search, ad banner(to the right side) etc. are giving the awesome look.
And the Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 sticks to the signature look and design of the series and it looks absolutely great and royal in Yellow!

I would like to win the Nokia Lumia 920. Wow I have visited the new site I must say it looks really amazing, I just loved the way its designed and its contents. Keep up the good work!