Nokia Maps updated to version 3.0 for Windows Phone 8

Last night we noticed our 920 getting a few updates including Nokia Transit aka Transport and Maps. Nokia has now given some details on version 3.0, which also includes Windows Phone 8 support (basically just adding a double wide tile). 

The new Maps brings all sorts of goodies including offline support (it shares the offline downloads of Nokia Drive, saving space), venue maps (we can see our local mall) and it now gives you detailed walking directions. Heck, it will even hand itself off to Drive for car navigation, making Nokia’s apps a little more seamless.

Interestingly, on Nokia Windows Phones (920, 820, etc.) there is no Microsoft Maps for an application; it is only Nokia Maps. But seeing as Bing maps is basically powered by Nokia, it’s not that big of deal though they are called different things e.g. Maps (HTC 8X) versus Nokia Maps (Lumia 920).

As is customary, Nokia has made a neat little video showing off the power of updated mapping application. Hopefully some on iOS6 will take notice and maybe be convinced to jump on the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon with the superior mapping capability. 

Edit: Version 3.0 appears to be for Windows Phone 8 devices only.

For those on Nokia Lumia phones, you can head to the Collection to grab the new Maps app here.

Source: Nokia

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Nokia Maps updated to version 3.0 for Windows Phone 8


Is this update WP8 only? I can't see it in the marketplace on my 900 (apologies if I missed something in the article)

I agree it's not clear from the article.   I guess this is a new piece of info that WPCentral will need to make sure they include in these reports...

Wake up, man, you were left behind, 900 was basically a form of beta testing almost. Not the first time Microsoft did sth like that - look at their WM6.5 platform on HTC HD2 and don't expect any major updates. Expect to see complete lack of support for WM7 within the next 1-2 years perhaps, so sell your Winzphone and get a solid Android product! I am using Lumia 800 and am looking forward to a nice Android phone towards the end of my T-Mobile contract for it

Quite right,  I have the HTC Titan  and I sold it 2 days before wp8 came out. I now have a $170.00 andriod phone which is fantastic ... It does Everything my windows phone 7.5 should have done. It's almost perfect but there is  just one thing that lets it down and that the support for Exchange active-sync sucks.

I'm *really* bummed about no Bing/MS Maps app in 8 - wonder if that's true across all phones?   In 7.x there is no comparison between Nokia Drive and the TxT directions of "Maps" - the latter is waaaay better.

Well that's a bummer (that Nokia phone forego it). Is it an optional download from the store at least (traditional maps)? To be clear, I prefer Nokia maps, but at the same time don't like it when choice/options are taken away from us, the consumers.

yes the EXISTING Nokia maps app works on existing 7.x devices (duh) but 3.0 is NOT available for 7.x devices.  The careful tip toe wording we have to use around app updates these days is just ridiculous.

The link in the article takes me to a version of Nokia Maps that doesn't work with the Lumia 920. Says it only supports WVGA devices. 

These are the kinda of things that make me wish the 822 were just a LEEEEtle bit prettier on the outside. I hate to say it, but I want an 8x over the 822 almost purely based on looks.

I've pretty much decided to get the Lumia 822 over the 8X, despite the screen resolution (and the looks). Software, expandable storage, removeable battery, gyroscope and Nokia's support seals the deal. It also matches the 8X where it really counts with the SnapDragon and RAM. Price was never a factor for me.  I would say that the screen on the L822 is still sweet with the combo of AMOLED, ClearBlack, Gorilla Glass 2 and Super Sensitive Touch (now that winter is around the corner).  After 10+ years I'll be leaving Sprint for a "mid-range" phone; I thought I'd never see the day...

So this replaces the Maps app on Nokia phones? I assume then address links will open in Nokia Maps, so it is the default mapping app? Also, I am confused why this is even two different apps. Why not just make one app that has maps and navigation?

Yeah this gas frustrated me since the beginning as well. Consider even that there is a third app (Transport/Transit) for public transportation info and its even more ridiculous in my opinion.

Performance of the app looked a little jagged in some places, mainly panning around the map.  Wonder if that's an artifact of the video fps or not.

So this is not available on the 8x? Does the "maps" app on the 8x powered by Nokia have these new features and integration with Nokia Drive for turn by turn? This is a critical piece of info that is unclear in the post

Yeah, it is a freebie for Nokia Lumia WP 8 owners. Sad that Nokia does not sell it to other WP8 users. If I was in charge at Nokia I would sell the apps package to anyone who has a WP8 that can run my software. It would be good money and good marketing.

That's lame. My understanding was that the maps apps on WP8 would be Nokia Maps. Now I can see that this is going to continue to be fragmented with separate Nokia Maps (with new updates that aren't available on non Nokia phones that run a Maps app powered by Nokia). Can anyone confirm if Nokia Drive is in fact available on non Nokia devices?

Nokia has already stated that Drive will be available to other OEM's, but do they want to buy it is the question? My understanding is that Microsoft has licensed the basic maps app and that Drive would be offered as an option (not sure at what cost, if any). Is it $1 per phone, 1 penny or $10? I don't think we'll know. My feeling is that even if it's $1, the OEM's would rather steer people to third-party GPS apps than reduce their margin. That's just my opinion.

Lots of new software updates...just none for the many WP7.5 users. Beginning to make me feel more and more like the Windows Phone outcast that my Lumia 900 has made me...sigh

I think these apps will head to the existing devices once 7.8 is out...Pino from Nokia conversations seemed to hint it in one of his comments when one fellow was venting out his frustration...

Highly unlikely - look what happened to WinMo 6.5 on HTC HD2. Microsodoesnt seem to be interested in customer loyalty but mainly in selling as many new devices as possible. I have Lumia 800 but it's going to be Android when the time of my Y-Mobile contract renewal comes I guess. I bought HTC HD2 and its OS was abandoned, then I bought Lumia 800 and Microsoft are beginning to abandon its OS fast... As buggy as Android is, at least I can root it and get unofficial yet legal OS upgrades for free.

I've been waiting for Maps to integrate wuth Drive since I got my Lumia. Great update, now it's as good as it was on my Symbian.

Noticed that myself. There actually isn't a screen where there isn't lag. Can any of the reviews who have this phone already comment? is this typical?

IF WP7 gets it, I imagine it will be for devices running the 7.8 update. I completely agree with your stance. WP7 should get AT LEAST this update, especially since the L900 is a mere 7 months old...

Start saving up for a new windows 8 phone. Us windows phone 7.5 users will be left in the dust. I don't care what Microsoft says. The app developers are just going to work in windows 8 and windows phone 8.

Or a shiny Android Jelly Bean machine which most likely will not see you abandoned. I bought 3 Microsoft OS-running mobiles, Lumia 800 will most likely be the last one. My wife uses an inexpensive Android phone and I really like its OS. I bought an Android tablet a couple of months ago and like it a lot despite its OS's imperfections. The number of Surface tablets sold shows that Microsoft made a lot of serious mistakes, abandoning a number of their customers is IMHO one of them.