US Elections and Microsoft SmartGlass in action with the Lumia 920

We're still early on in the US election and while some in our audience are very enthralled with the politics we're geeking out over the technology. Tonight is Microsoft's first real widespread use of their new SmartGlass technology--the augmentation of their Xbox 360 media offerings via smartphone and tablets. In fact, SmartGlass just launched on iOS this very evening to coincide with the election coverage (provided by NBC).

We decided to give it a little video coverage ourselves, showing the service in action. The SmartGlass app allows you to participate in the live polling questions, get up to the minute electoral map coverage, details on various aspects of national and state elections and more. Overall, it's quite a fun experience and we're looking forward to more of these interactive and expanded events on the Xbox 360.

Kudos to Microsoft to really bringing something unique to our living rooms.


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US Elections and Microsoft SmartGlass in action with the Lumia 920


Agreed, I wanted to punch everyone at Engadget for the 920 review. Worst review ever!!! If you could even call it a review *rolls eyes*

@daniel - every one is trying to review the nokia 920, but what abt lumia 820, i m really lookin forword to it, as the 920 is out of my price range,
it wil b realy helpful if u also reviewed nokia 820 in detail,


Pretty cool... I actually think I'm more interested in seeing how it would work with movies showing information about actors or movie details. It's kinda neat to think that we can finally have the VH1 "Popup Video" stuff any time, lol.
Actually, I really like the interactive poll questions too. That's really neat.

...when it is done and everyone else's reviews are in ashes, then you have my permission to read my Lumia 920 review. (Yes, I'm channeling Bane)

You made it through the video holding the 920... with a single hand! I guess it isn't that heavy after all.

I wish I had a 920.

Oh well. I'll just have to take consolation in the fact that we're only about an hour away from Obama winning reelection.