Mobile Nations Passport is now live!

Easily access all of Mobile Nations, all with one account! You can now also register and login via Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft!

Your most-requested feature is finally here! Instead of having to maintain separate account logins and passwords for each and every one of our five communities -- Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, Windows Phone Central and webOS Nation -- with Mobile Nations Passport you can now access all of your favorite sites with one easy login.

Now, don't worry! Even though we've unified our account management, we know and love the unique identities of each of our sites as much as you do, and we're not changing that. The power to control which sites you want your account to be associated with is still all in your hands -- we're making it easy, not automatic and certainly not mandatory.  We're also maintaining your individual post history and forum profile on a site by site basis, so you get the recognition you deserve for each and every platform.

The video above will give you a quick, two-minute run-down of how Mobile Nations Passport works. Watch it, and then register or, for existing members, simply login to activate your Passport now!


Reader comments

Mobile Nations Passport is now live!


Much thanks! I'll send the love to the tech team... they deserve it. Projects like this are INSANE. Could turn it into a case study. Really huge and lots of great improvements coming now that we've crossed this major hurdle / milestone.  Really lays a strong foundation for us to keep building on. 

This was definitely a smart move on your guys' part. Even though I'm probably not going to spend time on the other mobile nations sites (I love WPCentral), I know other people have been waiting for this.

Side note- congrats on your win in the WP8 new phone contest!! Tons of jealous posters are happy and envious all in one moment!!
Not ME of course... I am just happy...

I'm a bit lost to be honest, I tried to link my accounts but now I cannot get into crackberry and I can no longer work out what pass works where. 

Anyone else think this will open up for more cross platform trolling from site to site? I hope not.

@cgk1, the password will be the same as the first account you used but I see that you've linked two sites neither of which are crackberry. So perhaps you had a different username for crackberry?

To link your crackberry account to cgk1, whilst logged in as cgk1 on either of your two sites: click the cog at the top of the page, select Your Account, scroll to the bottom and click Link Existing Accounts. On the link accounts page there are tools per site to retrieve usernames and passwords just in case you forgot them.

Quick link to the Link Accounts page if you're signed in: http://bitly.com/YWNFet

Hope this helps...

Hmm this is not working. I am logged in, when I try to connect my MS account it asks for password but its not accepted. I have asked to reset my password but i dont get any email. What the hell is going on? :(

Finally got the reset-mail so now I could log in. It was sent to my old e-mail tho, and when I try to change it to my current mail it says that adress is "taken" and linked to another account.
So what is happening here? Help. :(

@nizzon You can retrieve the username associated with that other email by clicking I Forgot My Username on the login screen below the main form fields.

You'll receive and email the username associated with that email which should hopefully jog your memory (if you don't see it  check your junk mail folder just in case).

From there you can link the accounts (in either direction) and get that email back.

Lovely, and I am sorry for pestering Mr Blake about renaming my account so many times. He must've known this was coming along!

I love my Nokia Lumina 900 the ease to get to web,Facebook,emails is outstanding,way better then the iPhone!!!