AT&T Lumia 920 Preorders are on with a $450 off-contract price and Yellow coming slightly later

This morning AT&T threw open the preorders for the Nokia Lumia 920, which is commanding a super-low $99 price tag on contract in addition to a limited offering of a free wireless charging pad.

What may be of interest to some is the fact that the off-contract, no commitment price (but yes, still locked to AT&T) is just $450. That’s quite fascinating as most had expected the no-commitment price to be north of $599. That is what Best Buy (and eBay) had as the off-contract price and considering the technology on board the Lumia 920 it made sense. Even when some of us applied a 25% off coupon on the eBy preorder our price was knocked down to $450, which at the time seemed like a steal. (Best Buy is price matching AT&T, so keep that in mind if you ordered from them).

That’s good news for those of you who are still on contract but are itching to get the 920 in your hands. Although $450 plus tax is still far from chump change, it’s about $150 less than some of us were banking on.

The other news is that indeed Glossy Yellow is slightly harder to come by in terms of the color offerings. When you head online, the Glossy Yellow option has a ship date of November 12th, adding a 3-day delay to your order. That’s not exactly a travesty though and considering the original AT&T plan didn’t even have some colors available for online purchase, we’ll take that slight postponement.

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AT&T Lumia 920 Preorders are on with a $450 off-contract price and Yellow coming slightly later


I wanted to check out the grey myself. Probably have to go with boring black because I want the matte finish for grip-ability. What colors, besides black and gray, come in a matte finish?

Exactly. Grey or GTFO!!! For $450 this is a steal. I'll wait for the Gray instead. Guess I'll be passing on the Nexus 4. Great news.

Where have you been? lol We've had pics of the AT&T Lumia 920 for well over 4 weeks now...That was such a nonsense rumor about the logo...

Do you guys know if att will give you a choice of color in the charging pad if you buy from a local store. Also, when the stores have the phones available on the 9th, do we know if the yellow phone will be available right away or not? Are they not taking orders online so they can have the yellows in store on opening day?

I think the free charging pads will be black.  There was a photo a few days ago regardig the promo, and that black was picked to go best with all the color selections

I have now been told that at store I will be able to choose the color, if they have the stock. Not sure if they will actually do that. Secondly Yellow is short but is not online only. Lastly, my deal got even sweeter. they gave me an additional $25 off for my troubles and them not able to answer most of my questions. I was also put on hold so they can father some info. So, my phone wil come for $74.99 with a MATCHING free charger. Awesome! Worth the wait.

I am still looking for the option of an unlocked device and not just off contract. I travel fairly frequently outside of the US and need a device that will be the phone and not just a camera.

Will I be able to pick the cyan phone at the store? How does the free wireless charge pad offer work if I go to the store?

When I went into the store by me, (Apex, NC) the rep and manager said that they were only going to have Red, Black, and White in store. Yellow and Cyan would be online only. I am not sure if that applies to stores in your area, but I wouldn't count on Cyan being at the store.  
As far as the charging pad goes, I have no idea.

That might be a different promotion that's not in the US. don't count on it. If you want the free charging pad get your Lumia 920 early

I talked with an ATT rep, and  he told me that both online orders and in-store orders will come with the charging pad while supplies last.

Better be careful when buying from best buy. they told me they can't give me the wireless charger and they didn't know anything about the 920. Even when I called 800# they didn't know anything.
I spoke to AT&T and Nokia, no one knew about the free charger. It seems like they don't want me to buy the Nokia.

i talked to their online chat earlier about how to get the charger and they didn't know anything, frustrated, i waited a bit and then called 611 to inquire about it, for what it's worth, the lady told me that the chargers will just come with the box, there's no need to do anything to get them. 
so if that's accurate, it seems like the early shipments will just have it all bundled, and when they run out of that package, the promotion is over.
we'll see what happens on friday though, all i know is if it's not in the box, i'm going to an att store to get my stuff!

No. We need to select wireless charging pad with the order. At checkout the final price will reflect as $0 for charging pad. If you don't select wireless charging pad, they will not ship.

The att chat guy told me NOT to put a charging pad in the order, because it will come bundled.  This is sooo confusing.


FREE Wireless Charging Plate offer. Purchase Nokia Lumia 920 and receive a FREE Nokia Wireless Charging Plate. Additional restrictions apply.

Limited-time offer. Offer runs through January 10, 2013 11:59 p.m. EST. Purchase Nokia Lumia 920 and receive a FREE Black Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate. Nokia Lumia 920 and Wireless Charging Plate must be added to the cart to qualify as it will not be automatically added or shipped.

Yeah I didnt add it to my cart initially, but ATT has since added a second item to my order, calling it "Replacement Card for iPad." which supposedly as others have said is the charger being added in (if you didnt do it yourself).

The wireless charging pad is not showing up on AT&T's website during the order process.  I went through the upgrade process to pre-order a red 920, and nowhere in the process was I offered the option of adding the wireless charging pad.  Reviewed all the possible accessories and it didn't show up anywhere.
I cancelled the order and got on the phone with AT&T.  The rep I spoke with was very helpful but knew nothing about the charging pad offer.  I pointed him to the press release on AT&T's website advertising the free charging pad, and he then spoke with someone in another department.  She told him if the charging pad wasn't showing up, it must mean they had already sold out and the offer was only available while supplies last.
I pointed out that pre-orders had only been open for a few hours and how could they alread be out.  Indeed, it didn't even show up in the list of accessories one could purchase.  More holding, more consultation.  Finally, I was told to go ahead with the order and that the charging pad should be shipped with my order, even though it didn't show up anywhere during the order process.  I also was told by the rep that his manager told him to give me a personal assurance that I would receive the charging pad free, and a call back time was arranged for next week to make sure I got it.  We'll see.

U would geta popu saying u can add free wireless charger or if us dont get thepopup in acesseries just select the wireless chanrger and at checkout it will be free. also make sure u pick the same color charger as ur phone. 

The offer details that the charger must be BLACK and added at to the cart at purchase (online).  Then the charge will be removed at checkout. 

Also, the fine print states you have to have a "qualifying" data plan, which among other things means the data plan needs to be $20 or more per month.

Yes. when you select preorder, it will popup a message telling that to add black wireless charging page for free. it will show $49.99. But at check out it will show $0. Make sure to select black.

see my post above, i hope the CSR i talked to knew what she was talking about, she did seem pretty confident about her answer, so maybe they had a memo go out or something later in the day.

This is how you get the offer: It worked for me. Choose the phone you want, and click preorder. Then you will go to a page called Accessories. On that age, either on the 4th or 5th row, you will see Nokia Black Wireless Charging Plate. Remember this offer is only for BLACK color charging plate. This item will NOT have an image. Select the quantity as 1 and click on continue. Then continue with the process and your final total should be 99 dollars plus whatever plan you chose. All the best!

I called them asking, they said it was only for a first come first serve.  So in the 5 hours that the preorder started.. and issue with the att site for 3 hours.. they sold out :(

Just ordered one (red).  AT&T's website only ordering made it 10 times more difficult and confusing than it should have been. 
You had to select the charging pad and then when it shows up later in your cart, the price is applied back as a discount.  It all makes perfectly no sense to anyone, but it is AT&T.

Pocketnow posted this same story earlier this morning but in their article they added "Continuing on that pleasant surprise note, the phone is also available unlocked for a bargain!". But I don't see any confirmation of this. Is this true or false?

I was gonna order the cyan online and the rep had no iea when phone would be delivered or if cyan was available instore. Ill wait until friday. Does anyone know if the phone will be available in cyan instore?

I believe there are several hundred sources noting the Cyan as order only. Maybe a Microsoft store will have it. Do some digging! I've recently found this site and it's an incredible source of information between users and staff.

Press release does not say that. Re read it. This is what it says
"Available in red, white, black, yellow and cyan, the Lumia 920 is available for pre-order beginning Nov. 7 at www.att.com/lumia920 for $99.99 with a two-year agreement."

I just pre-ordered Cyan from my store in DC.  THe REP said that the charging station would come with it.  No real issues in Store--But ordering online was a PAIN!!

I really hope Nokia/Microsoft/AT&T sets a new standard with this kind of pricing! We've all seen this pattern before in different markets where a company sort of cuts out the fatty profit laden legs of the competition. That company AND the consumer seem to win mutually (assuming the risk pays off and consumers bite), and then a new standard in pricing is set for the market in order to stay competitive!

I stopped at my local store and the nokia/ms rep was there training employees. Got to play with not only my future phone the lumia 920, but a surface 4g. WANT.

When I ordered in a corporate store this morning, they said I could get any color except yellow. That includes cyan. I wanted red but that is good news for any cyan lovers.

Any suggestions guys. I tried to order today for the better part of 2.5 hours as a new AT&T customer. I got to the final screen and kept getting a credit statement that says I'm not eligible for this order. Now my credit scores are over 780 on all three sources so what gives. Any ideas on what to try next. I can wait and go into a store on Friday but really like to finalize the order today.

1) So I'm guessing Microsoft Stores are not selling this phone as their has been no info.

2) Only Cyan, Black, White & Yellow. With only Cyan & Black being Matte. *Sighs*

Cause not having options is bad. I don't really like the color choices, and the buying options. My only option would be White but it's glossy and I like buying from the Microsoft Store which has no mention.

IDK if it's still this way, but it used to be that as long as you hadn't done it already, you could upgrade with full discount after 6 months! if you are 18 or so months deep you should be elibible. Try calling customer service and getting it pushed through, they can do almost anything, depending on who you get.

I canceled my Best Buy order. I called Best Buy and was told thst they are not pricing matching AT&T because they don't price match carriers. AND they wont be delivering the phones until close to Thanksgiving. They actually advised me, that it is probably best to cancel my order. They person who I spoke with seemed well informed, because they had been getting lots of calls about the price matching.

Its 99 dollars on best buys website they are matching the price. When the order ships out on friday the price should drop and credit the account. If it doesn't once it is shipped we call and they will credit back the 50 bucks. I was told not to cancel. I spoke to them multiple times today about this.

What do the experienced phone jugglers think about the low off-contract price?  My contract just expired, but I wonder if it would be worth it to pay the extra $350 to be able to get a Surface Phone or other next-gen device in the future.  I think the 920 looks like a good phone, but it doesn't really excite me to think about having it for the next two years.  Any thoughts?

If it 920 doesn't excite you then passing on it is the right decision, however the decision shouldn't be made on a phone that you've never seen nor know when it comes out. Also note that other WP8s will be coming, probably by April.

Thanks for your input.  I should have mentioned that I will buy a WP8 now because I don't want to wait to upgrade from WP7.  The question is whether to pay an extra $350 to preserve the flexibility to upgrade again within two years.  I guess it is a judgment call.

Preordered a cyan one last night. No mention of the free wireless charger though so I went back and read the press release and it says it'll be included with order until supplies last.

they will allow u to upgarde but they might make u pay full price or less for the phone (which is stupid bcoz u can buy off contract for lil more money)

Called the local store and they said there were no preorders for them. I asked what colors they would have and they said they wouldn't know until they showed up. Didn't ask about the free wireless charger as the guy obviously had no clue about anything.
I called 611 and the ATT rep said they weren't doing preorders either and you could only do them through the website. I asked when those would arrive and they said 3-5 days AFTER the 9th. I asked if all the colors would be in store and they said they should be (likely false).
So, still just a big mess and nothing is consistent from the ATT side. 

pre-ordered white 920 today through AT&T upgrade. Got a pop up notification after I added 920 to my cart regarding the charging pad. Was told I could only request the black charging pad (which is the one I wanted anyway) and to add it on the next page - which was the accessory order page. I selected the black charging pad to add it to my cart. Checked out, had to pay $36 upgrade fee, and received email confirmation. Expect deliver on Friday. Stoked!!

I'm just going to go to the store on Monday.  They better have them in stock.  Or is Yellow online only?
*EDIT*  bah....confirmed online only.  WHY OH WHY!? ;p

I called the DE store and they said they don't sell Nokia 920, Called the annapolis one and said can't preorder it at all.
AT&T is a mess!

Ok went to the ATT store this morning to pre order. The first guy I talked to who was in charge of inventory told me I couldn't pre order it but it would be here friday. The manager repeated the same thing. Fortunately the rep I was dealing with said he would give it a try anyway if its available online they should be able to preorder it. He checked & it worked. So I ordered a cyan 920 & when they printed the receipt it showed they phone the sim shipping & something else that has to be the wireless charger it was listed as item number 83253 COL All COL COR QS V8. So just go in the store & be persistent that they try & you should be able to do it.

Give me a way to transfer my data from my current Lumia 900 and I would pre-order in a heartbeat. The fact that transferring user data from one phone to another is still a topic of contention is really a shame. This is the one area that Apple has down just about perfect (it pains me to admit this as I really don't like iTunes).

Doesn't Nokia have some free software app that helps you transfer all your stuff?  I know that have this to help you switch from iOS, etc., and it isnt' perfect, but you might look into it.

Got one ordered for me and one ordered for my wife. Ordered mine on the website, ordered her's on the phone, which was a nightmare. I'm not totally convinved it's going to show up. Haha!
Are we supposed to get them on Friday? Or they ship Friday and we'll get them Monday-Tuesday?

Check it out.  At first I didn't see the charging plate and figured I was too late.  But i was persistent with my chat support agent and here's how it went down.  This was at 12:33pm EST (after initial report were they were all sold out).
James Auman: I've picked out a White Nokia 920. Can you wave the $36 fee? If so, I'll upgrade right this moment.
Jeffrey Collins: I can definitely waive that for you.
James Auman: Also, I understand that the Nokia 920 comes with a free wireless charging pad. Is that true?
Jeffrey Collins: That is something that in need to double check, give me a moment.Thanks
Jeffrey Collins: For the charging pad James it is being sold separately.
James Auman: Do you have any information about the free wireless charging pad offer? Are you aware of that?
Jeffrey Collins: Yes let me double check it for you.
James Auman: Many others I am talking with online were able to get one.
Jeffrey Collins: Let me check it with our sales team.
Jeffrey Collins: Yes let me double check it for you.
James Auman: Many others I am talking with online were able to get one.
Jeffrey Collins: Let me check it with our sales team.
Jeffrey Collins: I have talked to my manager and beacuse you've been a very loyal customer to us, we will be sending you a FREE charging plate.We will call you on 11/09/2012 to give the confirmation number.
Jeffrey Collins: Ok so expect a free charging plate for FREE and thank you for placing your order. and I wanted to take this opportunity of simply saying "Thank You" for being a very loyal customer of AT&T and We are looking forward of doing business with you forever,Is there anything else that I could be of assistance?

I chatted with 3 and no luck for the waive, which page is this chat on? like chat to the sales or customer serivce?

$450 is not a Nexus 4'like steal, but is pretty darn good considering the goodies they packed into this baby.  Does this by chance have have T-Mo's AWS frequency, too?  I think I read an article on here earlier that stated the developer edition worked on T-Mobile.

say WHAT?  It comes with LTE, optical image stabilization, Pureview HD+  It is VASTLY better than a Nexus 4.  You need medical help if you choose any other phone over this one.

I saw a video of Nexus 4 and that phone is ugly like ugly.BTW it lag also that is what is so consistent with Android.

I'm excited for Friday either way. They just opened the only ATT store here in town. Thank God, cause I was tired of driving 70+ miles to Tucson to get to one. I'm pretty pumped.

I browsed most of the comments and didn't see if this was clarified. Can anyone confirm - could you buy the $450 off contract phone, and use it with AT&T's GoPhone/Prepaid plans aka $65 for unlimited text/minutes and 1GB data?

Last time I checked, AT&T's prepaid plans didn't allow for smartphones (I may be wrong though). What you can do with the off-contract device though, is use it on StraightTalk: unlimited voice/text and 2GB data for $45/month. They use AT&T's network. Only downside is that I've heard people before saying, that MMS can be a pain to set up. It varies based on the device.

Hmm I'm curious. On the prepaid plan detail page, the tooltip for data states

Smartphone users must purchase a data package to use data services, unless enrolled in the $65 Smartphone Monthly Plan with Data. Data packages are only available on the $50 and $25 Monthly plans.

So it would seem like smartphones should work with these plans. (But do they define that as "smartphones you buy from their prepaid selection", or all AT&T compatible smartphones?) As far as StraightTalk, do you need to "unlock" the device or can you buy an off-contract AT&T Lumia 920, and use it with StraightTalk out of the box?

You could do that, but You'd be paying $15 more per month than you would with Straight Talk for the same service.

Can you use an AT&T locked off-contract Lumia 920 with StraightTalk? If not, what is the process to unlock it?And finally, will you get 4G speeds with StraightTalk (i.e. exact same network coverage, etc as AT&T, right?)

I called Verizon about early termination and they offered me an upgrade option for the 8x when it's available. This was before knowing the lumia is only 99 bucks. I would owe 200 to break contract which is about the same price as signing up for the 8x

Is it possible that the pop-up window offering the free charging plate was only happening on upgrades? Can we piece this mystery together? I ordered mine at 4:30 AM as a new customer and didn't get any pop-up message nor was it listed as a possible accessory. When I woke up I realized I selected Priority Shipping instead of Next Day and called to change it. They said it was too late and i'd have to cancel and order a new one to change shipping. I asked about the charging plate and she wasn't sure so I directed her to the press release. She said they must be sold out. I tried again by placing a new order online and still didn't see any accessory for the charging plate. I called and spoke with one more rep who was nice and she said she heard a lot about this plate apparently they were supposed to be automatically placed with the order but that didn't happen. They then tried to apply them to orders already placed (according to her) but that they got an error that they were not longer available.

I upgraded and never got the pop-up window.   I was chatting with an ATT rep, and he assured me that all orders in-store and online will get a free charging pad while supplies last.

Just called AT&T about an early upgrade.  Person I spoke to said I won't be able to get it until next year sometime.  They do offer off-contract 920s but the price she quoted me was $499, not $450.

I got my Lumia in April.  My ETF will be $265.00. So I figure, $265 + 100 = $365 and another 2 year contract.

They probably did this to keep people from buying the phone and potentially cancelling contracts. They'd rather not give you a loophole. If all you want is the phone, it's easy to get it.

If the charging plate doesn't show up with mine I'm returning the phone and switching to Verizon.

for what, a crappier phone and higher cost? dude, it's just a charging plate.  they'll prob be on ebay for $10-$20 in a month or two. not worth it to get that upset over.

How can Verizon & T-Mobile justify $100/$550 (on/off contract) for 822 & 810 when AT&T can sell the far superior 920 for less?

The actual upgrade price is $199.99. At checkout AT&T applies a $100 discount bringing it down to $99.99.
I ordered two; one upgrade and one a new line. Can post pictures of the shopping cart if you want.

I've been trying to order mine, and I get the $200 Lumia in the cart with the charger and then it shows me somewhere on the phone page that with additional discounts I can get it down to $99 but I never end up seeing those discounts. It also never discounts the charging plate.  Did you change voice or data plans? Thanks!

This $450 price may have saved me from selling my 900 and picking up an iPhone.  I'll stick with Windows Phone 8 if I can get it for a good price (even though it's missing a lot of things I had hoped would come), and if I can sell my 900 for 200 I will basically be paying 250 for a 920 for Straight Talk.  Sounds good enough to me, but I really want to wait for the Ativ S since it will have expandable storage...
I hope off-contract pricing will be the same for the Ativ S, but if not I can make due with 32GB I think....

My local stores (3) say they will have yellow in store on the 9th. They wanted me to call tomorrow morning for confirmation.

Anyones knows if the ATT locked 920 will work on the Canada FIDO LTE? ...would be so nice..to just be able to drive to US pick..up one..and use it in Montreal:D

To anybody who has gone ahead and preordered the L920 from AT&T:
Did it give you a delivery estimate?

Yeah, still says processing for me too ... I hope they really are going to be delivered Friday. I'm having it shipped out of town since I'll be travelling... I don't want to prolong my trip to wait for the phone on Monday/Tuesday of next week.

Mine said processing when I clicked on the www.att.com/wirelessorderstatus link. However when I then clicked Order Detail it said Shipment Status: Backordered.

However I just tried it again (about an hour later) and now it says Shipment Status: Processing.

Hmm. I guess im getting closer.

I spend hours on Live chat with them. They said I will get the charger. Ordered 2, one yellos so I won't get it till the 12th.
None of the stores around Maryland have a clue what Nokia is. Very poor employees at At&t

I pre ordered mine in the store & here's what Att emailed me 10 mins later: AT&T - Pre-order Confirmation Dear Thomas Warren, Thank you for ordering from AT&T. Customers that place their order prior to 3:00 PM EDT November 8th may receive their device on November 9th.

I was able to order a whilte one with a white charging plate, not the black...who knows, they prob screwed it up

99 and 450 huh?
Someone, either AT&T or Nokia, doesn't seem too confident there going to be able to move these devices.

........and your complaining about the price.........really. I bet if it was 199 then the "oh it should've been 99" people would come out in droves. SMDH

Some please explain the whole trick about adding another line to my ATT acount and buying a new phone and then cutting off the old line.  Would I still be able to keep my same phone number too? Anyone know the details of this trickster transaction? 

I've nearly pre-ordered 3 separate times today but something about it just makes me nervous.  I HAVE to go into a store and hold this device.  Not to mention the chargers are completely gone according to a rep I spoke to.  Figure if I go to a store they'd have those if I'm in early.  The ATT reps really just seem clueless about what's going on though.  I'm going to pose as a customer that's never used a WP before and see what they say. ;)

The people at the stores are horrible. Try to do a on line chat. That's what I did and the lady knew what I was talking about (first person out of 15). She make it seem like if you order it you just get it. I didn't have anything to select to get it. I assume it will just show up.
Best Buy is even worse, they didn't even know what a Nokia phone was... :(

Why cant they just make it where you walk into a WalMart, Target or AT&T store and ask for the Nokia 920 bundle. Phone\charger any color. Plus a two year plan. Done deal. Why is this crap so complicated?

Was able to pre-order upgrade at 12 midnight last night. Everything went through fine; it seems as though you need at least the $20.00 data plan (300MB) to get the charging plate because when I kept my $15.00 plan, the charge for the plate came back. Didn't matter anyway, since for some weird reason, AT&T keeps on canceling my pre-order whenever I make it. So I "called it in" instead, with a real person, just to be safe. Since the person on the phone knows nothing about the Free Charging Plate offer, I'll just bring it in to an AT&T store after I receive it to see if I can get it for free from them afterwards.

Mine happen the same. so basically i have to pay $5 extra a month for the free charger. 5*24 is a lot of money instead of paying the $55 one time for the charger. I guess i am just going to buy the wireless charger separately.

Anyone have any idea which colors are available in stores friday? I really wanted yellow....I suppose I could go with cyan or white but I'd be upset if I had to settle for black.

Anyone have any idea which colors are available in stores friday? I really wanted yellow....I suppose I could go with cyan or white but I'd be upset if I had to settle for black.

I just preordered two of the Lumia 920s at the AT&T store. I ordered the black one and my daughter is getting the yellow one. They discounted the phone an additional $49 each phone and then charged us $49 each for the charging pads. It worked out to be the same but took forever to do(4 orders).
I was glad to hear this time I was not the first to preorder a Windows Phone this time. Last time when I preordered my wife's Lumia we were the first person to do so at that store.

I wonder if Microsoft will also be doing some sort of promotion for this.  I remember last year they had a $25 visa card.  A year before that, it was an xbox game.

Just pre-ordered my yellow 920! Too bad I have to wait until Wednesday, but at least I got a free wireless charger!

2 AT&T stores told me I have to pre order online only. Hell with it. They gonna have them in the store Friday anyway. I'll be the first one there to get mine

Perserverance. Several hours later I think Ive preordered two 920s!   The att site doesnt work well with some browsers as I found out (including the latest Explorer with win8, would recommend an older IE as best bet).  And I found out that the early upgrade offered online was only was for my main phone (not my sons that I got at the same time) but got a rep to change that. I will see what actually arrives and what I am really charged but would not be surprised if it will take more time on the phone with ATT to get it right. That said, the reps were trying to be as helpful as they could and I dont blame them for the mess that their system seems to be. Ive had similar problems before but eventually they get it right.

Any of the Admins here (Daniel Rubino for example) has any idea when there will be relative mass availability of the 920 Black Factory Unlocked? Negri Electronics pushed their stock date to 29 of this month :( and the new Lumias are nowhere to be seen in Amazon yet. 

Question?  I am currently on Verizon and want to get a No Commitment Phone.  Will they let me get a phone on AT&T without a plan?  Second Question?  Is it cheaper to get a No Commitment Phone and buy data monthly or a plan?

Must be nice to have a phone coming soon for AT&T... Not for us T-Mobile customers, I want a WP8 bad.. Hurry up T-Mobile!!!!!!!!!! Lol!

Still pissed AT&T is not offering people who purchased Lumia 900 an early upgrade to the 920. They did it for early iPhone adaptors so why not do it for earlier Nokia/WP adopters?

Woohoo! They've shipped and will arrive Friday. One is shipping FedEx, the other shipping UPS. Weird.
My third one that was somehow ordered by mistake has not yet shipped. Not sure what to do with it. Return it and get $99 back or sell on eBay for much more...

I wish it was easier to find information about getting locked/unlocked phones from AT&T and using them with either GoPhone/Prepaid plans or Straight Talk.

you ordered yellow? and got shipping infomation that itll be delivered before the 12th? lucky. im anxiously awaiting any order updates for my preorder hahaha

Nuts I was going to preorder the yellow but saw that it shipped the 12th and was too impatiant for that :( Figured I would take my chances either with the AT&T store but according to them they don't know what colors they will carry, if they don't have it I'm hoping the Microsoft store will.

Dang! They must be selling like hotcakes because I ordered a red lumia 920 yesterday at 2:00PM and my confirmation has the phone on backorder with no date and the person I spoke to has no clue when it will be available.

I WANT MY YELLOW NOKIA 920.  It's 11/12 and there is still no update on my order from the day that i placed it (on 11/7) :( i'm so excited and i can't wait, JUST SEND IT TO ME AT&T!!!! STOP THE MADNESS!!