Bing Rewards exchanged for Windows Phone Store credits. Here's how it works.

Do you have Windows Phone 8 (see review)? Okay, well probably not quite yet but if you are about to get one and you have some Bing points sitting by (you know, those things you get for every time you do a search using Bing on your computer), you can use 'em for the Windows Phone Store.

Yup, Bing Rewards has two special Windows Phone 8 offers on hand--one for 170 credits ($1.25) and one for 525 credits ($5). Redeeming them will turn into credits/voucher for the Store, which you can then use to buy Windows Phone apps...

The process is kind of neat and requires Windows Phone 8 because it uses the Wallet feature. After your purchase, you will receive a conformation email with a long code which you then redeem.

On your Windows Phone 8 device, you head to Wallet and tap "Add" to bring up the Microsoft Gift Card. You then simply copy/paste the code there and the OS will take care of the rest by validating the information. It then creates a Microsoft Store Credit in your Wallet which you can then opt to use to pay for apps.

Over all, it's a neat addition and finally brings Microsoft and Store credits to the masses. We can envision picking up Gift Cards at Microsoft Stores as stocking stuffers for the holidays. 

Head to Bing Rewards (US only) to get the deal. Thanks, John H., for the tip!


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Bing Rewards exchanged for Windows Phone Store credits. Here's how it works.


Very cool! I have 1,619 Bing Rewards points saved up myself. Do we have any info on whether or not Microsoft Points can be used to buy apps?

I was saving them until I had enough to buy Microsoft Points for Skyrim: Dawnguard. However, after seeing this, that'll change. Like I said before, I previously used some to get Minecraft for the 360, and that was a huge disappointment.

I know this has nothing to do with the post, but damn that 8X is beautiful! I'm having 920 pre orders remorse.

Don't.  The 8X is one sexy beast, but the 920 is also, and comes with some serious goodies the HTC doesn't have.

I know what you mean. I know I'm going to get the 920 but I can't help but get tempted by the 8X. Gotta stay strong.

...and 16GB more storage and wireless charging all for $100 less on AT&T. WP7 apps also don't look screwy on it due to the matching aspect ratio. Build quality is also better. 

Edit: Oh and the HTC 8X does not record in stereo either, so not sure how that is relevant. (If someone told you it does, they're an idiot).

Sorry for interjecting a downer, but the Wallet thing is not working for me. When I press "ADD"  I don't get a list of any kind.

Try: half the price, twice the storage, more exclusive content and services and a screen usable in sunlight.

Well, you also get twice the storage, the wireless charging (and a $50 charger), and the exclusive Nokia apps...oh, and it's half the price.

Have you seen the video recording from the Lumia 920?
Nokia has great signal reception and call quality. Should be better than the 8X at those. Lumia 920 has Dolby digital processing technology for headphones to compete with the overhyped Beats audio.
Lumia 920 - wins with call quality, signal reception, camera, display, outdoor visibility, super sensitive touch, audio recording, wireless charging and exclusive apps.
HTC 8X - Front facing camera and that's about it.
I've heard both Lumia 920 and Pureview 808 use the same 3 mics. Here is an audio from the 808 to compare with the Lumia 920.

Dolby is system wide for headphone use on the 820/920. It's only for Nokia Music when it comes to 7.x devices in the future.

"By using state-of-the-art digital processing technology, Dolby Headphone creates an acoustic illusion. Much like when you’re in a cinema, at a concert or listening to music through a home entertainment system, your ears pick up direct sound from each speaker as well as sound bounced from other surfaces and furnishings in the room. Dolby Headphone technology recreates this audio experience, producing the sonic signature you’d expect from a perfect acoustic environment."
It's from http://conversations.nokia.com/2012/10/02/dolby-headphone-is-music-to-ou...
If its SQ gets close to my Cowon J3 or Zune HD then I am happy :) . Lumia 900' SQ is lacking.

I'll take the mono rich recording/high amplitude recording ability of the 920 over the stereo 8x any day (in fact is a major selling point for me).

even if it records in MONO its still rich recording and better than the 8X ... dont believe me? go check some related posts on mynokiablog(dot)com

Daniel, can you please change the title of the article. MSFT isn't giving away windows phone store credits, they're letting you redeem your search points for windows phone store credits. It'd the difference between Best Buy giving away Lumia 920s and Best Buy letting you redeem store credit for Lumia 920s.

Eh, I changed it but the point is moot in my opinion. They ARE giving credits away for FREE.

I just got $5 worth of apps for $0. I earned those "credits" just by using my computer but it still has not cost me anything.

I'm aware that some of us that already  use bing might think of them as free, but the credits aren't free.
You have to search with bing to get them. Find any user that prefers google vs bing and tell them about  this, and they probably won't consider the credits free. Especially once you break down that to get the $5 card they would have to wait about 33 days, and do approx 984 searches...

Well, I switched to Bing a LONG time ago. I cannot say I necessarily prefer it to Google, but I also don't prefer Google to Bing. However, when you're comparing Bing (which is visually pleasing and has a rewards program) to Google (which is visually neutral and has no rewards program), preferring Bing makes sense, and I prefer it FOR that.

Oh, and if you are an Xbox LIVE or Windows Phone user, not needing a Google account for Bing is also a positive.

True but there is a bigger point to the story: Microsoft can distribute Gift Cards that can be redeemed in the Windows Phone Store.

That's true regardless of location and even if you can't get Bing Rewards, you should be able to get a MS Gift Card for yourself or friends/family in the future. In other words, it's big platform news.

But only if you have Windows Phone 8. That's a tiny fraction of the audience. Most of us are still on WP7.5 and under contract and will be for some time.

Now you're bringing up a separate issue from kidjenius, so I'm not sure how it is relevant. The first sentence mentions Windows Phone 8, so you are clearly forewarned about the proceeding content.

Platform news is still just that and we write both for those with current phones, those who are upgrading and those who are yet to join.

Irrelevant to the article, but any of you guys here in WPCentral has an idea of when there will be availability of the black Lumia 920 factory unlocked? Does it even exists yet?

I've been using Bing rewards for a while now. Mostly I use it for free xbox live points. I bought the last walking dead game episoide with points I acculated over time.

This is perfect...there were already some apps that I wanted but didn't want to pay for(I never buy apps for mobile devices)...now just gotta wait til Friday

Can you get bing rewards for doing searches on your PHONE, not your computer? Sorry new to the WP community :) planning to get the 8X on VZW.

As awesome as that would be, no. I have asked Bing people from time to time about this. No indication that will EVER happen. But, who knows.

Hitting the search button on your phone doesn't, you have to manually go to the bing.com desktop website and sign in.  You should write Microsoft an email telling them to change that...

This conversion ratio is not as good as it is for Microsoft Points (400 MSP = 475 Credits) or Amazon Gift cards ($5 =475 credits), so I will probably pass. Neat for those that dont have an Xbox and only want to buy apps on the phone.

It totally depends on what you want, though. I have no desire to get an Amazon gift card, and I was disappointed in my purchase choice with the Microsoft Points I got with Bing Rewards (Minecraft), so getting some nice apps for my phone is worth the extra few cents.

Was wondering if/when they would bring store credits to WP. Wallet integration? Nice. Too bad Bing Rewards is US/wherever-only though.

Been doing this with Amazon gift cards. I think this is something else that should be in WP7 at least. Can't imagine a hardware requirement for something like this... anyways. I hope they find a way to implement this for WP7.x users as well, just like putting credit on their account like Microsoft points on Zune.

"... Bing points ... (you know, those things you get for every time you do a search using Bing on your computer)"
Really? I do?

Oh awesome a Tip I sent in was put on the site nice work guys! I already got me 10$ worth and my Lumia 920 on pre-order cant wait to roll up some c++/cx code for this baby :) - John H

im psyched about my red 920 but good lord HTC did such a beautiful job on the design of this phone. Seeing some of the test photos for this baby id say that camera quality is fantastic. i was seriously considering this over the 920 had it been cheaper it would have been a no brainer but because its the same price as the 920 may as well go for the suped up phone

I use the points for Xbox Live points. I have accumilated close to 2000 points through Bing searches. Now being able to use them for the Windows Phone store is a great feature. It might be cheating but what I do is start a search and then just keep clicking the related search links :) You can rack up points quickly that way.