Date set to begin selling Lumia 920 in Denmark and Norway

Date set to begin selling Lumia 920 in Denmark and Norway

It has been announced that sales of the Lumia 920 will commence in both Norway and Denmark on the 29th of November.

The official date was announced on Nokia’s own website along with operator and suggested retail pricing for the device.

Denmark operators who will be stocking the device include TDC, Telia, Telenor and 3 and will have a suggested retail price of kr 4,900. The flagship Nokia handset is said to be arriving in choices of yellow, red, white and black.

Norway will also be picking up full distribution at the same time and the carriers announced include Telenor, Tele2, TeliaSonera Norway, NetCom and Chess. Colours to be made available are yellow, red, white and black. Suggested retail pricing of kr 4700 without subscription.

Markku Suomi, Product Manager at Nokia Denmark, had this to say:

"It is very gratifying that the new Lumia 920 will be available in Denmark in a few weeks. We feel a great deal of interest from both our partners and from the Danish consumers, and I look really looking forward to the 29th November. "

Nokia Lumia 920 comes with the latest in Pure View technology. With the help of advanced liquid lens technology, the Nokia Lumia 920 bring in five times more light than competing smart phones without using a flash, which makes it possible to shoot crisp, bright pictures or movies indoors or in the dark of night. The camera also compensates for shaky movements while the picture is taken.

Good to see some official dates on availability of the Lumia 920 from Nokia. We don’t know what deals are going to be available when they do start selling so check with your preferred network. If you spot a good deal then let us know about it.

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Date set to begin selling Lumia 920 in Denmark and Norway


Has there been an official announcement for Finland? I'm sure they would love to get their hands on the 920 over there.

Yay for danish news! This plus the fact that Xbox Music works perfect here in Denmark has made much com full circle. My only wish is that the Lumia 920 will be available in cyan...

Does it? Are artis backgrounds now available as well? That would be great news if true.
Can't wait for Lumia 920!

The same goes for Sweden by the way. 

Either way, hope they ship it here in Norway from that day. Cannot wait to get my hands on the red one!! :) 

I asked telenor support (in Sweden) if the new release of "week 48" (was previously "week 46") is for everyone or if it is changed only for the preorders made after the date change. He said that it is only for the new preorders, meaning I will get mine in week 46 (next week), but I can't say that with confidence though.
Some Swedish resellers will get their Lumia 920 accessories on nov 16 (end of week 46) which could possibly give this week some merit but then again they get their stock of 920 and 820 handsets in mid December (week 50).

Btw, all of the above in this post only applies to Sweden!

Yup already preordered a yellow 920 on 3 for a nice price of 3055 DKK + a 6 month contract of 299 DKK which pretty 15h talk, 20gb data and the rest unlimited
Can't wait for the 29th!

And then you get a free wireless charging plate along with it... I'm waiting to see if bibob stocks it soon or I'll go with the same offer...

I just won a 920. Epic awesomeness :D
I wasn't going to upgrade to WP8 in the start because im fine with my WP7 (Samsung Omnia W). Picking it up the 14th nov :D

Bibob will probably get i afterwards, whereas 3, Telia, Telenor and TDC will get it at the danish launch date due to their more expensive contracts...

I'm hoping Tele2 will bring Lumia 920 to Croatia. They've announced Windows Phone 8 devices "in a month or two" but didn't specify which ones. And my contract ends by the end of this month, so come on, Tele2, be good! :D :D 

We in the Netherlands have to wait until December. Freaking annoying! They will announce on Npvember 27th when exactly and how much it will cost. It's killing me to wait so long but I will!

Finally announced. I'm waiting for my new SIM-card with 4G, pleased to see on the norwegian Nokia-pages that LTE is listed. (I attended Build and got a black 920 on my desk, anxiously waiting to test if 4G/LTE works on the Telenor network with it).

From denmark here, didnt have the patience to wait so im getting mine from the UK instead, hopefully that will leave me with a 920 a couple of weeks before the rest ;)

I don't think so ; HTC has started pre order on flipkart  while my sources tell me Nokia Lumia 920 will not be coming this year :(

you can STFU, your sources are COMPLETE SH*T.... & you are a Big Fat Lier.. Nokia is releasing the Lumia 920 THIS NOVEMBER.. just wait for the official price & release date...... Its confirms for NOVEMBER !