AT&T selling wired Nokia Purity Headphones for $99

Nokia Purity Headphones

AT&T are selling Nokia Purity Headphones by Monster for just $99. The wired headsets comes packed with in-line media controls to manipulate music playback, with comfortable fitting being featured as a highlighted selling point.

Note that these Purity Headphones are not the new Pro ones that were demonstrated earlier this year - this model is wired with no NFC or Bluetooth connectivity. It's good to see Windows Phones listed as compatible devices too.

If you're all set with a Lumia 920 pre-order, be sure to check out this deal to pick up some quality headphones for Xbox Music.

Source: AT&T, via: Windows Phone Daily


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AT&T selling wired Nokia Purity Headphones for $99


Was so excited when I saw this thinking they were the wireless ones, but I guess not. Still look like a decent pair of headphones, but not what I'm looking for, so I'll have to pass.

IDK, I'm an in-ear person so I can have it in one ear and listen to people. That, and those don't fit in my pocket, haha. I'll probably stick with the ones that came with my Zune (assuming they don't break) or PRAY that Nokia's giving us a decent pair with the 920.
Otherwise...ehh, it's almost Christmas.

I dont think the Nokia boxes have ear buds in them.  I did not get one in my Lumia 900. Is this different this time?

That's a really good price actually. I paid that much for the in ear version at the Microsoft store about a month ago and I've been really impressed by them so far.

Word of advice: avoid these. Quite thin sounding, and the controller works very sporadically when the screen is off.

I have the Nokia L900 and don't have this issue after the last update. They work great. Great sound, comfortable, I don't have any complaints.

Sure! I'd put their worth at $20. Why $20? Because you get a windows phone compatible 3 button controller. If you can find it for $20 and own a w8 device, I'd say get it...

I'll stick with my V-Modas!! Pure premium sound, but the Purity do look to be a nice set of headphones.

"... just $99....": I own professional, studio use headphones that cost me much less. You are paying for fashion.

I want to know where you can get the professional ones at much less than $99. Are those the parking lot specials?

So because of the amount of people talking clear outta their ass on this, I feel it's necessary for me to jump in here. 
Nokia gave these out as a door price at the 920/820 event in the city and I actually won a pair of the red ones. 
Since this is the internet, here's the link: http://i.imgur.com/2mslS.jpg
The Nokia BH 905i's are the best pair of Nokia headphone's I've ever had, this is a distant second because the noise cancelling is only in design of the ear cup (I have 4 pairs of Nokia headphones.  2 BT, one ear bud and these).

  • The music controls work when the screen is on.  On some phones, like the Titan 2 and the Venue Pro, it actually wakes up the device when you pause, rewind or fast fwd.
  • Pause/play is tapping the multifunction button in the middle once.  Double tap is fast fwd.  triple tap in under the first 3 secs of the song playing and it skips back a track.  If you do it past 3 seconds, it replays that track.
  • The music controls work on a limited basis with music apps.  play/pause works on apps like slacker or last.fm and grafitti.  So does volume up.  None of the skips work.  (With BT headsets, it's kind of the same thing but when you hit fwd or rewind, it replays that track in certain apps like grafitti, neat trick).
  • The cable that runs from the headset to the device is detachable and 2 came in the package.  One with the remote, one without.  Both had a mic on line though.  I've found no difference in quality between the two cables. 

Well put. I think they are excellent and I like how they fold down in the case they come with easy scratch free transport. I paid $200 in April and use them all the time.

I have these headphones and I have had no problems with the controls with Xbox Music, Nokia Music or Spotify. The are very comfortable on my ears, better than other on-ear models I have tried. The mic works very well. The sound quality is pretty good but not top notch. Highs and lows are decent but mid-range is a little thin. I have the Bose QuietComfort 15 which I like for active noise cancellation and sound but I find myself using the Purity headphones most of the time because of the controls and functional mic.