HTC 8S in green or orange?

HTC 8S Windows Phone pops up in green and orange versions

The Dutch Windows Phone website has revealed something interesting. Orange and green versions of the HTC 8S.

We've seen the 8S in yellow, black/white, red, and blue but could this be an indication that more colors are headed to the HTC 8S rainbow? We haven't seen any new colors added to the various pre-order listings such as the one over at Expansys.

The green version is growing on me, but what do you think? Do the green or orange colors appeal to you more than the blue, yellow or black/white versions?

Thanks, Mark, for the tip!


Reader comments

HTC 8S Windows Phone pops up in green and orange versions


OMG... that orange and green phone looks so nice... 
Me want.. must stand firm with my Nokia Red 920... hope it arrives tomorrow.

They must do pink, for the ladies, and a chrome 8S... Imagine that with the high contrast mode enabled..

Really?  I don't like the way the hard buttons at the bottom are so disconnected from the rest of the case. Although you don't get as much of the colour on the front with the 8X I still prefer the overall finish.

Agreed best looking WP till now but its does fall short on the specs department. Looks+ cheap is what makes it different from the other windows phones.

What's odd is.. I think the 8x, 8s, and 820 all sport better designs than the 920. YET.. Im choosing to get the 920 over all of them. Goes to show how much Nokia has shoved their superior service, specs, and pricing down my throat to convince me to get it lol

I agree about the designs. The price, camera, and storage of the 920 make it a must for me although I prefer the other WP8 designs.

Who is selling the 8s. What carrier? Who cares about new colors if you can't buy the damn thing. My kid wants an 8s but no listings on who's selling it

Yay for green. That is a good look. I have always liked the look of that white one with the high contract tiles too. Just OK on the orange.

Lovin the green, awesome. If that bad boy is free when my contract is up, then its mine. Screw the 920, I use my phone to text, Facebook and the TheChive app, no need for a fancy wancy camera!

I agree with most others, the 8S I think is the best looking of the WP8 phones coming, but the specs just kill it. 

I love the orange! That is my main accent color for everything, too bad this is the 8S, a low end device. Wish the 8X or Lumia 920 got these two colors.

htc is simply a copy dude he first stole the lumia design now he stole l830´s coulor y shuld i like such a company?

I gotta say, if there was a green 920, that would be the only way I would get a phone with color. To each their own though... That green is saweeet!

C'mon htc..... That orange one is looking like shit.....and that dark green is just not nice to get impressed, i won't buy those colours even for free.....eeeeehhh