Did Microsoft burt Rogers' bubble?

Microsoft Canada post announces Nokia 920 and HTC 8X coming to Rogers November 12, then gets pulled

After being avaialble for reservation since mid-October,  Facebook post by Microsoft Canada has revealed that Canadian carrier Rogers will be getting the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X on November 12.

The Lumia 920, which is a Rogers' exclusive, will fetch $99.99 with a three-year contract and $549.99 on a month-to-month plan. The HTC 8X's pricing, both for the 8GB and 16GB versions, has not been annouced yet. Also absent from the Microsoft post was any mention of Samsung's ATIV S, which was announced alongside the 920 and 8X back in October.

Interestingly, the post has since disappeared. One theory behind the post being pulled is that Microsoft may have jumped the gun in announcing the launch date before the carrier had a chance to. Another possibility is that the post was removed because the Lumia 920 pictured was red, which would be misleading to consumers because Rogers' 920 will be offered exclusively in black.

Whatever the reason, the information seems to be accurate, according to Rogers forum users who have reported being given the same launch date by Rogers representatives.

The Lumia 920 has had a very limited release on Rogers with some stores getting early but limited inventory--a "soft launch" if you will. The full launch is expected to happen very soon.

Update: Pricing for the 8X was also leaked: 8GB in Black $49 (3yr), $499 (month-to-month); 16GB in Blue $99 (3yr), $549 (month-to-month)

Source: Microsoft Canada (Facebook); Via: MobileSyrup; Thanks to UVSoaked and Joel R. for the tips!


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Microsoft Canada post announces Nokia 920 and HTC 8X coming to Rogers November 12, then gets pulled


The update says 16MB insted of 16 GB. Also, I'm almost certain that the 920 has been on sale in Rogers Canada for awhile.

The Lumia 920 has not officially launched on Rogers. Some people have been lucky to pick one up due to some early, limited shipments, but there are no promotions and most stores do not have inventory.

yup it has made it to select stores, but a very large majority of the stores you go to still have no idea about the phone, the cost or colours.  This is by far one of the worst launches, even the original Samsung Focus that they sold had more advertising.

What a mess... I guess after Elope fired the guy who screwed up the Lumia 920 launch, whoever that took over is even less competent.

Maybe it's just me, but the whole Rogers 920 rollout seems weird. First, they say they're only carrying the 920 in black for now (after Nokia has made such a big deal out of their bold colour schemes and was upset that HTC copied their look), then a few 920's were quietly sent out to select Rogers' stores for a few fans to grab, and now, with 4 days before the apparent official launch of the 920 at Rogers, there's no big splash about it on the Rogers site. It's referred to as "coming soon" on one page about their LTE superphones.  How hard can it be, if the launch is so soon, to advertise it a little and give some details, create some hype? I get the feeling that they are just adding as many LTE phones to their roster as possible to have bragging rights in the LTE battle with the Telus and Bell.
Much as I want to believe that Rogers is solidly behind the 920 (and WP8 for that matter) it sure doesn't look like it.

Aside from colours, it sounds like it may also be a supply issue or perhaps something with AT&T still messing with Rogers despite not owning them anymore...maybe they were able to get X amount early, but not enough to really do a nationwide launch of the phone.
Or AT&T wanted to be first in North America for a proper launch. 
Either way, i'm still holding out for more colours unless I win a phone somewhere.My Focus doesn't hit the last year of contract until next month anyway. 

I went to the rogers store in my city (there's just one), I'm with bell and I want to go with rogers ... not just for the nokia 920, but i'm over with bell. I was the FIRST to talk about this phone at the store.......... that can give you an idea of how good the piblicity is about this phone. Nobody know about this phone. 

They tell me that they'll reserve a phone for me ... maybe the positive thing about this. If rogers want to have an exclusivity and doing some money with it ... maybe the idea would be than EVERYBODY know about this phone .... 
with all the people in this city I was the only one to talk about it at the only rogers here ... WELLL ............

I'm not happy with any of this. Rogers not having colour choices is bad enough. I have called Rogers, dealer stores and even asked Nokia. No one knows anything or what they do tell me is prefab bulls**t. I still want a red 920... but this run around is very upsetting.

Yeah I won't be paying them anything until they release more colours. Releasing a Lumia phone exclusively with only BLACK is just brainless, but then again it's Rogers so I wasn't expecting too much

I apologise for going off topic but the more I see the Samsung the more I want it over the 920. The 8X is an immediate no due to lack of micro SD and only 16gb.

I was thinking the same about the Ativ.. The screen size to me on it is perfect. However its the cheap plastic feel of Samsung phones is what keeps me from buying the them. That and the fact that the app support from Nokia is #1. Along with a few other gimmicky perks too.

I agree as well it's the device I want.. but according to Samsung the ATIVs is not coming to North America Europe only. which if it's true really sucks.

That's completely false. It's already "coming soon" at the Telus website and under  "coming soon" LTE phones at Rogers. Rogers even announced it at their WP press release. Samsung has never, ever said a thing about its being limited to Europe.

I reserved my 920 a while back (reservation #25) and got it this past Friday. Typing this on it as a matter of fact. Local Rogers store I picked it up from said it was the first they'd seen. Makes me wonder if the odd one in stock that walk-ins could buy was a cancelled reserved one.

Okay good. I might just give in and get Black as long as that feature is present. I really want a colour though. Freaking Rogers man they really have to be the dummest carrier not to have colours. I would even do white.

Well in today's Toronto Metro Paper the Rogers Advertisement had a bunch of Android and all the new Windows Phone 8 devices in the add.  The 920, 900, 8X and Ativ S were grouped together in a shot with Android phones.  So I went to the store and of coures they had nothing nor did they know when they would get them.

I have called all of them within 100 km first week and last week of launch only major retailers in larger cities got them and they say they only got 2 or three. They told me they wern't ordered they were just sent to them and they sold out the day of receiving them. They aren't giving a run around they tell you, we dont have them, we don't knw when we're getting more.

There's just no point to get excited at this point for me, because I won't be getting this phone in black; so unless Rogers come to their senses and release more colours for 920, I won't be doing an upgrade. Probably just buy one at Pacific Mall or something..

Rogers stores have been sent a notice from Rogers headquarters that they won't have stock in western Canada til November 28th.