Verizon sets up Windows Phone promotion using Live Tiles for launch

Verizon Live Tile

Verizon is starting pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 822, the carrier exclusive version of the Lumia 820, and it seems the US network is gearing up for a Windows Phone push in the states. Photos have been published to Twitter of what appears to be a Live Tiles promotion set up for the platform.

Located in downtown Seattle, the Verizon Windows Phone 8 launch with the effort displayed already is a good sign of what could come from the carrier. We're expecting to see some effective marketing taking place.

Check out another shot below.

Verizon Live Tile

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Verizon sets up Windows Phone promotion using Live Tiles for launch


There's a sheet of glass on the right half of the photo with a frosted Windows logo on it. You can see some lights reflected in it.

My guess is there's a glass cube around the red...cube. But to me the fact the the Windows logo in the first picture isn't centred is what's throwing me off.

Awesome they're promoting WP. But with 822. Really? Would be even better if they had an unexpected announcement variant of the 920. On contract but will wait for in store demos before thinking of switching carriers for a preferred device.

I know! AT&T had better get with the program. Verizon is starting starting to show they mean serious business here.

Yeah I was going to say, no promotion but a killer price and bonus accessory.
AT&T has that "hello" commercial with the Lumia 920 but they conviently forget to mention the name of the phone or Windows Phone period.

The price may be good but the free wireless charger hasn't been promoted anywhere. The 920 isn't even on the front page of AT&T.  The 920 can't be a success without some innovative and aggressive advertising on AT&T's part. The commercial where its not even mentioned by name doesn't count to me.

Honestly , the 920 is a niche phone, for those who wanna make a statement...the 810,820 and 822 are the workhorses, capable of displaying both windows 7 and 8 apps flawlessly, sd cards for mass storage, killer glove proof screens and the Carl Zeiss lens...they are easily the best all around , inexpensive yet bold windows phones on the market...and that has honestly swayed me to get one over the 8x. ..they deserve a large push...

That is true. I'm pretty much sold on the 920 but I want to see the 820 in person just in case I go with it.

If it was expensive, the 920 would be niche, but at $99 you get something that outside of weight/thickness and app selection (sorry, it's true) destroys the competition. All at $200 less than the same storage unit of the iPhone 5.

I need to check the Verizon website its been awhile since I looked. Only go to pay my bill. Need to see what's out there for new WPs. (from Verizon, and how much)

This is nice and all, but neither Verizon phone is really all that appealing. Though I admit, I am biased against HTC.  Ive had a couple different HTC phones already, and just have had a bad experience with them. Currently on the Trophy and I cant wait to ditch it, but I wont be ditching it for either of these phones.

Neat.  I'm planning to pick up the 920 from the AT&T store a block aware from Westlake Center. I'll stop through their dog and pony show on my way home.

No, I haven't. Did you see them tonight? Just a minute ago, on a completely different non-tech site, I had ads that were for the 920 but when I clicked, they led me to the Nokia site. Very nice that they have started but AT&T definitely needs to start things up as well.

I was in London all this past week and there was a 920 ad on in every commercial bridge on tv...i couldn't wait to get home tonight and get ready to hit my AT&T store in the morning :-)

it could have been better with Tiles made of medium think glass that were able to revolve by itself OR use LCD's with pictures or logos of the apps. 

Try it again, I think they've finished fully updating the site. When I first checked it had Pre-Order buttons and a general combined WP8 page but not much else. Now each phone has a detailed product page and they are showing up when you go through the order process this time.

I'd be hit with a $200 early termination...they did offer me to keep me with an early upgrade option, but at $200 for another 2 yrs of uncertainty, I can't deal with that. I'd rather just pay straight up and if I decide to switch, I'll just use the 8x as a Zune player.

Verizon is about to lose me to the Lumia 920 on ATT.  The complete and utter lack of info on the Oddessy means I can't even consider how it compares to the 920.
I wish Verizon would stop worrying about distracting from it's Note 2 launch and just show us the Oddessy already.

I was convinced the Oddessey was a midrange Samsung sure to disappoint.  Recently I have seen it referred to as the Verizon Ativ S Oddessy so quite possibly there is hope that it is the top end Ativ.  I don't really know who they are attempting to woo with all of this secrecy.  It's not like the iphone that has legions hanging on their every word.  All they are doing is annoying us faithful Windows Phone users.