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UK Phones 4u showing Orange and T-Mobile Lumia 920 deals

While it’s not currently possible to check pricing and details of the Lumia 920 on website for both T-Mobile and Orange, it seems Phones 4u may have shed some light on things.

The Nokia Lumia 920, the flagship Windows Phone 8 device is an EE exclusive but will still be available to customers on Orange and T-Mobile. Of course, on standard 3g data plans rather than the brand new 4g plans EE want to push.

**Update** We have been advised by one of our readers (@littledictator) that after speaking with Phones 4u directly that they will only be stocking it in black. 


According to the website you can snag a Lumia 920 in red and black free of charge when you sign up to a 24month Panther 41 plan. That will give you 1GB data, 900 voice minutes and unlimited texts and will set you back £41.00 a month.


The Lumia 920 will set you back £99.95 upfront as long as you sign up to the 24 month ‘Full Monty’ unlimited plan. That gives you all you can eat voice, text and data for £41.00 a month. Again colours are red and black.

Phones4u are actually showing us more than either the T-Mobile UK website or even the Orange website in terms of pricing. On T-Mobile there is no sign of the 920 anywhere and the Orange website is showing the devices as “coming soon”.

We appreciate that EE are keen to leverage the Lumia 920 as a hero phone for their fledgling network but it would be nice to have some clarity on availability from T-Mobile and Orange customers benefit.

Source: Phones4u


Reader comments

UK Phones 4u showing Orange and T-Mobile Lumia 920 deals


Just been into Phones4u and the handsets will be arriving nationwide in shops tomorrow (black only, red/yellow are coming soon).
You can get a SIM free handset for £459 that is TOTALLY network unlocked.

The "totally unlocked" part of the story really seems to differ from a Phones4u to another. We'll only know for sure once people start having them in their hands.

I called up T-Mobile yesterday and upgraded to a 920 for £49.99, with a £36 a month full monty. 

I called Tmobile UK on Saturday and got the 920 full monty for £32 a month and £29.99 for the phone. ;-)

Haha, oh man and I thought I got a good deal! I guess it goes to show that your millage will vary when it comes to getting a 920, and it's worth checking around rather than snapping someones hand off just because they're able to offer them.
On a semi-related note, I don't suppose you were given a broader delivery estimate than 'As soon as possible'?

That seems to be the best solution... Curiously today, I called the EE store I preordered in and they recieved one handset in store. To be fair, they did offer it to me as I apparently was on of the first to pre order in that store (not sure how true that is) but I turned it down for the white handset I originally ordered. They still confirmed however that it would indeed be coming with the charger which was reassuring. "next week" was my definitive instore date.... Which was what they said last week..but nevermind... I wonder where the delay is, im starting to actually think this isn't EE's fault. Despite the avalanche of FUD they appear to specialise in. Is it Nokia themselves?

i can confirm this too.  i have 920 which doesn't work with either vodafone or o2 sims. going to see if the shop will exchange it for 8x tomorrow, £460 wasted today. they insisted in store it was completely unlocked.